Top 10 Chatbot App Development Companies

Here are some top chatbot development companies that have carved a name for themselves by developing chatbots that often outrun humans in virtual assistance.

The Top Ten

1 Pandorabots

Pandorabots, Inc. is an artificial intelligence company that runs a web service for building and deploying chatbots. Pandorabots implements and supports development of the AIML open standard and makes portions of its code accessible for free under licenses like the GPL or via open APIs. - davidaliasmichael

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2 Contus Bot

Contus Bot is a readymade solution that can be used to engineer an AI chatbot from scratch. It is equipped with features for NLP, advanced messaging, ready-made templates and multi-lingual abilities that can add intelligence to routine conversations. - davidaliasmichael

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3 Motion AI

Build, train and deploy AI robots to do almost anything imaginable - from taking food orders and accepting payments, to running customer service chats and diagnosing patients. - davidaliasmichael

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