Top 10 PHP Frameworks

PHP being the default language to develop websites today, has spawned many frameworks which build on its features to develop websites. In this article, we take a look at 10 best PHP frameworks available right now.

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1 Laravel

Great. Clean coders surely prefer this framework.

There are many frameworks with which you can build a PHP website. But Laravel is easily the best among them. Firstly, it is easy to download and use for beginners. You can set up a laravel project by just downloading a zip file directly from the web. With RESTful routing, ARTISAN, nice repositories, and a blade engine for templates laravel is exactly what you call a ‘perfect’ tool. - david-miller-ny

2 Symfony
3 CodeIgniter

Want to build your PHP website in the shortest time? Well, CodeIgniter is what you need then. It makes you do your work faster by providing libraries for all your common tasks thereby minimizing code. It tops this with a simple logical structure as well. It doesn't need a template language and with almost zero configuration, your website can go live in a whiff! - david-miller-ny

If you're new to PHP or just want a super easy to use framework, this is the one.

No external dependencies. Easy, powerful and lightweight.

Simple, Easy, powerful and lightweight

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4 Zend Framework
5 CakePHP

CakePHP is an Open Source PHP development framework, built on the MVC approach. It follows Ruby-on-Rails and uses many of its concepts. A simple framework with flexible units requiring little to no configuration and an active developer community, it is definitely a great framework to rapidly build your PHP site. - david-miller-ny

6 Yii Framework

An Open Source PHP framework built on OOP concepts, Yii does the job for you regardless of whether you want a simple or a multiple-functional website. Yii lets you model database objects as objects and also has built-in authentication support with Ajax-enabled widgets. Add automatic code generation and documentation to it and you get a complete package! - david-miller-ny

Excellent, modern and fast framework

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7 Phalcon
8 FuelPHP

A simple, flexible PHP framework with a router-based approach, FuelPHP boasts of many great features such as RESTful implementation, template parsing, vulnerability protections and a caching system. If you are a beginner and look to build a PHP website, FuelPHP should be one framework you must consider. - david-miller-ny

9 Aura

Aura is a set of high quality decoupled libraries for PHP that you can use with any codebase. With dependency injection container and content negotiation tools, Aura can also be used as a full stack framework. If you are looking at a multiple-functional, top-quality website for your business, Aura should be your natural choice. - david-miller-ny

10 Yii 2

The Contenders

11 FlightPHP

A simple, RESTful framework for you to build your web application. Installing it is as simple as downloading an extension for your browser. Easy, lightweight and secure, FlightPHP is a nice framework to start your journey in PHP. - david-miller-ny

Simple, powerful, Flight is one of the best MicroFramework PHP you should use.

12 Slim

Slim is a PHP micro framework that helps you quickly write simple yet powerful web applications and APIs.

13 PHPixie
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1. Zend Framework
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1. Zend Framework
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3. CakePHP
1. CodeIgniter
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3. CakePHP

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