Top Ten Cheesiest Queen Songs


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1 Bicycle Race

cheesy and randomm, but anyone who can write a song about a bycicle and make it a hit is awesome, LONG LIVE QUEEN! - Papoose196

Apparently they were high and half asleep when recording...

Coke I say Cain
You say john I say Wayne.

I want to ride my biCYCLe - Pony

2 Flash

Still one of my favourite movie themes ever, though. Hell, it's better than the movie itself. - truckturner

3 Fat Bottomed Girls

Fat bottomed girls don't make the rockin worlds go round... Guns N roses, AC/DC, THE BEATLES, Styx, Journey, and all the other classic rock bands you can think of do! But hey, fat bottomed girls do help...

I agree with the other guy QUEEN YOU MAKE THE ROCKING WORLD GO AROUND good song but corny

4 I'm Going Slightly Mad

COME ON, NOW PEOPLE! I don't really understand what you mean by cheesy. Because I don't think any of Queen's songs are cheesy. Just... Awesome.

No, this isn't a list of cheesy Queen songs. It's a list of awesome Queen songs. Every song here is awesome. Just like Queen, just like Freddie Mercury.
SO, I think there has been a title mistake. Somebody change it.
Long live Queen. Long live Freddie Mercury. By the way, I love this song.

5 Radio Ga Ga

This song seems a bit cheesy but I love it anyway. It's a bit like this because it was a remark from Roger's really young son...4 or 5 years?
And how is Innuendo cheesy?

6 Bohemian Rhapsody

Is this the Real Life, Gaillieo

Best song of all time? no. But top 10, still pretty cheesy.

7 A Kind of Magic

Possibly my fave Queen song when I was a kid lol.

8 Innuendo
9 You're My Best Friend

It is sad how you've put one of Queen's best on. It ain't cheesy-- it was for John Deacon's wife!

Cheesy doesn't automatically mean bad, the song is definitely cheesy, but it's also a pretty great song - kempokid

10 Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

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11 Now I'm Here
12 We Are the Champions

I'm shocked this isn't ranked higher - don't even Queen fans find it to be really corny?

13 Don't Stop Me Now
14 The Invisible Man

This song is so corny. The video doesn't help either. Also it rips off the Ghostbusters Theme.

15 Princes of the Universe
16 Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon - Queen
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