Cities With the Best Music Scenes

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21 Miami

Great music, electronic and rock, I see musicians almost everywhere I go in Miami, and they don't want to get rich or famous, they just want to play music, and that's what it should be about... Love the music scene

22 Melbourne

Get out of your North American head space, see the world and then visit Melbourne... Nothing more to say.

23 Paris
24 Philadelphia
25 Liverpool

Does not matter what any other city does, EVER; Liverpool's impact will always be remembered.
Imagine checking out the club scene there in 1962!

26 Vancouver
27 Kansas City

The birthplace of modern jazz. Need I say more? Charlie Bird Parker, Count Basie, Eminem, Pat Metheny, Benny Moten, Big Joe Turner, Burt Bacharach, Melissa Etheridge, Oleta Adams, Walter Brown, Jessica Harp, Pete Johnson, Jay McShann, Chely Wright, David Cook (American idol), Gene Clark (The Byrds), etc...

28 Milan
29 Girdler, Kentucky
30 Stockholm
31 Gothenburg
32 Santiago
33 Amsterdam

Dance capital of the Netherlands, country with the best DJs and dance producers of the world.
I.E. tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Fedde le Grand.

34 Karachi
35 Richmond

Municipal Waste; also home of Lamb of God and Gwar though I'm not a fan of those two.

36 Provo, Utah

Utah actually has musicians and bands everywhere! I'm suprised it's not even on the list

37 Las Vegas
38 Baltimore
39 Jacksonville
40 Leeds
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