Best Color Episodes of the Andy Griffith Show

Best episodes after Don Knotts left and the show began broadcasting in color. The color episodes are widely regarded as inferior and/or less funny that the black and white seasons but there are still a few gems worth watching and rewatching.

The Top Ten

1 Dinner at Eight

Black & White or Color, this show was an amazing bit of Americana that is still appreciated today.

George Lindsey's (Goober) favorite episode. - HighWiredSith

2 The Return of Barney Fife

Funny and bittersweet as the series says farewell to Thelma Lou. - HighWiredSith

3 Otis the Deputy

Hal Smith reprises the role of Otis Campbell one last time. - HighWiredSith

4 Eat Your Heart Out

Flora, Goobers off and on then off girlfriend, makes her debut in Mayberry. - HighWiredSith

5 Malcolm at the Crossroads

Last appearance of Ernest T. Bass and Malcolm Merrywether. - HighWiredSith

6 The Cannon

Though disliked by most fans, this is one of Warren Furgeson's best funniest episodes. - HighWiredSith

7 The Wedding

Howard finally breaks free from the bonds of his overprotective mother and tries to live the life of a bachelor with mixed results. One of Emmet's best episodes. - HighWiredSith

8 The Darling Fortune

Final appearance of the mountain musician family, The Darlings. - HighWiredSith

In another episode, Andy forms a little country band, one of the members is Clerence White, later went on to become a member of the legendary band, The Byrds.

9 Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting

Barney's last appearance, funny stuff. - HighWiredSith

10 Look Paw, I'm Dancing.

Andy's attempts to dance those new, teenage dances, make this episode memorable. - HighWiredSith

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