Top 10 Come Back to Me Songs

'Come back to me' songs are breakup songs where the message "come back to me" exists. Other versions of the same message are "one more try", "win you back again", "stay with me", and similar.

Not all breakup songs are also 'come back to me' songs.

This list was inspired by the incredible Uriah Heep song. I admit I did some research to find more songs about this topic and some songs are not my cup of tea but other people may like them.

The Top Ten

1 Come Back to Me - Uriah Heep Come Back to Me - Uriah Heep

Maybe this song has the power to win your ex back (vocals, music and lyrics are very convincing).
"Come back to me
Can't we try it one more time
What can I do to win you back again". - Metal_Treasure

2 Now You're Gone - Whitesnake Now You're Gone - Whitesnake

I can't listen to this without welling up :'( - Britgirl

"Maybe we could give it
Another try
One more time,
Baby, just one more time". - Metal_Treasure

3 Break It Up - Foreigner Break It Up - Foreigner

"Give me one more day
Let's get it straight
This is a big mistake
We better think about it". - Metal_Treasure

4 Whatever It Takes - Lifehouse
5 Wake Up - Three Days Grace

This song is about wanting a second chance or trying to get a second chance but never getting it (the lead singer said this). - Metal_Treasure

6 Come Back to Me - David Cook
7 I'll Fight for You - Foreigner

"I know that I hurt you, and I know that I was wrong
But I want you back, back where you belong". - Metal_Treasure

8 Come Back to Me - Janet Jackson
9 Stay - SafetySuit

"What can I do to make you say come back to me". - Metal_Treasure

10 Come Back to Me - Keith Urban

The Contenders

11 Come Back - J. Geils Band
12 That's All - Genesis
13 I Need You - Foreigner
14 Want U Back - Cher Lloyd
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Top Remixes

1. Come Back to Me - Uriah Heep
2. Now You're Gone - Whitesnake
3. Break It Up - Foreigner
1. Now You're Gone - Whitesnake
2. Come Back to Me - David Cook
3. Wake Up - Three Days Grace


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