Top 10 Creepiest Courage the Cowardly Dog Villains


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21 King of Flan V 2 Comments
22 The Banana People

How are they scary? The most scariest part (which wasn't really scary) was when the banana people got eaten by the apes.

23 Eustace Bagge Eustace Bagge Eustace Bagge is a fictional character from the Cartoon Network animated series, Courage the Cowardly Dog.

This one ain't scary but is a great enemy of courage

24 Evil Weevil

He's a weevil. How were you supposed to know what a weevil was as a kid!?! That made him creepier in my opinion.

25 Schwick

If you're not a fan of bugs, Schwick's not your guy.

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26 Amazing Mondo

This guy's real form is so creepy that when I first saw him I got the shudders

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27 The Big Brain

Little brain is funny. "Car broke, phone yes? "

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28 Mime

This guy scares me more than Satan's uterus.

29 The Chicken from Outer Space

This guy wants to remove Courage's head, and stick it on his neck. That alone is disturbing

Wow, surprised this guy isn't any higher

They should've ate him. Good villian though, reccurs a few times.

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30 The Bullfrogs
31 Benton Tarantella
32 Demon In the Mattress V 1 Comment
33 Dr. Vindaloo

Not scary, but not helpful usually.

I know he's not a villian but he should be.he's always shaving his body hair.And you never see his eyes and even if you do his eyes are yellow.i'm starting to think he's Doctor zalost's son.also every time I see him I can't help but look behind myself.he's just creepy!

34 Conway

He looks so ugly that I cannot sleep at night

35 Witch

I saw a image about her then I got scared ps I'm a boy and I'm really scared right know

36 Dr. Gerbil

Some don't like the song during the chase scene

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37 Big Bayou

A python that embodies all forms of pride, and utilizes forbidden swamp magic to enslave innocent creatures. On paper not to scary but if you count that has his slaves stuff his shed skins (then have them displayed all over the bayou) and not afraid to use his lethal venom.

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