Top Ten Criminal Minds Characters That Tick People Off


The Top Ten

1 Jack Vaughan - 3rd Life

Why in the name of all that is holy did they have to go and revisit his story this past season? That one episode with him way back in season 3 was enough!

2 Bobbi Baird - Open Season
3 Derek Morgan - Main Character
4 Chris Crawford - The Fox

Kind of wondering why George Foyet( the Reaper) isn’t on here.

5 Erin Strauss - Supporting Character
6 Maggie the Prostitute - Legacy
7 Maeve Donovan - First Half of Season Eight

The opposite gender version of oneself as a romantic partner thing only works in cartoons. In a show like this, it's just pathetic- not to mention a bit creepy.

Please, that whole thing with her was preteen fanfic garbage! Her death wasn't even sad!

8 Kate Callahan - Main Character
9 William Hightower - To Hell and Back
10 Eric Miller - Main Character

The Contenders

11 Ashley Seaver - Main Character
12 Elle Greenaway - Season 1
13 Luke Alvez - Main Character
14 Aaron Hotchner - Main Character
15 Tara Lewis - Main Character
16 Stephen Walker - Main Character
17 Beth Clemmons - Seasons 7 and 8
18 Spencer Reid - Main Character
19 Monica Kingston - Hope
20 Jennifer Jareau - Main Character

Didn't mind her- actually liked her a lot- at first, but when they brought her back in season seven they REALLY over-compensated for having fired her.

21 Matt Simmons - Main Character
22 Savannah Hayes - Supporting Character
23 Joy Montgomery Struthers - Supporting Character
24 Meg Callahan - Season 10
25 William Reid - Season 4

Honestly, this coward of a man abandon his son with his mentally I'll mother (his wife! ) and when he meets him again (seventeen years after! ) he acts like nothing's chanced. Like the fact that he googled his son makes up for everything. And then just disappear again. That's first spot on my list.

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Top Remixes

1. Maeve Donovan - First Half of Season Eight
2. Kate Callahan - Main Character
3. Erin Strauss - Supporting Character
1. Jack Vaughan - 3rd Life
2. Bobbi Baird - Open Season
3. Derek Morgan - Main Character


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