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1 #FirstClassProblems

This was by far the worst episode in not just the series, but in dan schneider history! When Dice and Goomer got arrested, and Dice tried to explain what the timers were really for, but Goomer kept talking over him and using bad wording in his explanation to make it worse. Then they escape and put the airport on lockdown so after Sam and Cat get tortured by those bratty kids the entire time they're there, they can't even get on the plane because the stupid flight attendant didn't call first class on the plane first, and then the plane leaves with all those other people and not them. If this episode has a single pro out of all those cons, it's that Coco from Zoey 101 makes a surprise guest appearance at the airport, and we find out what happened to her after Zoey 101. Other than that one scene, somebody needs to find the tape of this episode and BURN IT!

2 #GettinWiggy

This episode was worse than #FirstClassProblems as a matter of fact because of how badly Cat treated a guy near the ending, when she attacked him in the head, thinking his hair was a wig, while it was actually his real hair, she even got arrested for that.

This episode is worse than #FirstClassProblems as a matter of fact and the worst of all episodes because of how bad Cat treated a guy not knowing that his hair was in fact a wig.

This was a horrible way to end the series and to be honest it DESERVED to have such a bad ending. It was a horrible series.

3 #PeezyB

The only good thing about this episode was that Kel Mitchell from All That and Kenan & Kell played Peezy B. Other than that, this episode was bad!

4 #KillerTunaJump

I liked that Jade, Freddie, and Robbie made guest appearances, but Cat was such a moron in this episode. I mean, she flirted with Freddie, locked Sam in the closet, tried to jump the tuna for her, and ended up putting Freddie and Robbie in the hospital! Sam did steal Robbie and kissed him, which is messed up because Tori already did that to her in victorious when she found out Cat was dating her ex-boyfriend, but she did it only for revenge. Cat should have thought twice before she stole Freddie in the first place!

5 #FresnoGirl
6 #BrainCrush

I hated this episode. I'm usually not that sensitive, but the birthday party and the Abraham Lincoln show was just sad. Plus, the part where sam caught her finger in the door was traumatizing to watch. This was one of the worst episodes in Sam & Cat. I think Sam & Cat would be better if the show didn't exist, but the ending was pretty funny.

This episode sucks. Everyone is really mean to Cat.

7 #Lumpatious

This episode wasn't bad. Pretty much the opposite of bad.

8 #RevengeOfTheBritBrats

To be honest I know how to do a British accent and thanks to this episode I feel ashamed of l learning how to do it

They make all British people look like jerks!

9 #SuperPyscho
10 #TheBritBrats

I just hate this one because cat doesn’t get Dice his 100, because she wanted some bibble. This episode made me hate cat, and I just feel bad for dice. Otherwise, this episode was okay.

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11 #MadAboutShoe

While cat was talking to dice where she found the shoe the computer behind her had the pacific coast academy website on it

This one wasn't TOO bad. Plus, Stacey Dillsen from Zoey 101 is in this episode! That's definitely a big pro for anyone who liked Zoey 101!

12 #OscartheOuch

This episode sucks. One, Oscar, a little boy, gets hurt all throughout. Two, the ending is super unsatisfactory. Three, the plot stunk. Pretty dull episode.

13 #DollSitting

This is actually the most decent episode they've ever aired, but it still sucks.

14 #BlooberEpisode
15 #WeStealARockStar
16 #KnockOut
17 #BlooperEpisode
18 #StuckinaBox

This sounded horrid. On a worst T.V. show episode list on deviantart it was number nine

19 #Twinfection
20 #TextingCompetition
21 #YayDay

This episode had a stupid plot, Cat making up a holiday that is basically Christmas but it's about presents (The Amazing World of Gumball did this plot better) but she calls it "Yay Day". Which is dumb within itself. And a subplot that no one talks about except a few is that they have a dehydration joke, yep, no one will not let Dice have water for 24 hours and he got so desperate he licked a rock, why? Because Nonna TOLD him to. And this is something not a mess with, dehydration is a serious thing, it causes health problems such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headaches, strokes, kidney failure, urinary tract infections, and heart disease and can lead to death. If Dice had gone longer than the duration of episode without water, he could've ended up in the emergency room and even worse, he's a child and denying a child of basic needs like water is child abuse, a woman didn't give her kid water for 4 days and the kid died and she went to jail for life. So, it's not funny and it's cruel and the joke is unwatchable and sadistic. Who in the right mind could think a child getting severely dehydrated is funny? It is not, sad and cruel!

22 #MagicATM

This episode kind of made no sense. But seriously, WHO writes these Sam & Cat episodes?

23 #Pilot

I like the starting more than ending 1 million percent!

24 #BabysittingCommercial
25 #FavoriteShow
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