Top Ten Most Dangerous Foods


The Top Ten

1 Packaged Diet Snacks
2 Ranch Dressing
3 Ketchup

I agree with Pony. Ketchup isn't bad. It's healthier than ranch. - Pegasister12

Um, how is ketchup bad? - Pony

4 Salty Snacks

Too much salt gives you high blood pressure, you get a heart attack, then you die.

5 Fast Food
6 Mechanically Produced Hamburgers

I would definitely eat lab grown meat! No death, no destroying land, no pain, no antibiotics, no added hormones, no carbon dioxide emissions...

But... Mechanically made burgers? Is that the same thing? Not sure... Factory farmed, maybe? - keycha1n

Taking every comment with pride. This had a source link and was meant to be a objective list. - SwagFlicks

7 Frozen Pizza
8 Packaged Cereals
9 Packaged Cookies
10 Pufferfish

The only item currently on the list that's truly dangerous, but that will change...

If this isn't prepared right-you can forget about dessert.

Its only legal in Japan?
Do not eat just keep them in the sea, aquarium.

The Contenders

11 Sodas

I was a former soda drinker. Then I nearly got diabetes from it. Ever since then, I have eliminated all soda from my diet.

We still drink soda everyday. We can't avoid it. - Pegasister12

I don't drink soda because I don't like fizz.

12 Mushroom

Store-bought mushrooms are okay, but DO NOT eat the wild ones! They can be very dangerous and some, like the appropriately named Death Cap, can kill you. - Supergameplayer

13 Ackee

Dangerous fruit that can kill you if not prepared correctly. And I want to play Plants vs Zombies 2 now...great.

14 Carolina Reaper
15 Ghost Pepper
16 Hard Boiled Eggs
17 Cheesecake
18 Pork

God forbid us to eat pork...

19 Water

Water is healthy but if you drink too much you could die from water poisoning

20 Energy Drinks
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