Top 10 Data Annotation Companies in 2024

Data annotation involves categorizing and labeling various types of data. This process aids machine learning and AI applications. The annotated data is used to train AI models. These models can accurately identify both structured and unstructured data.

Experienced data annotation companies assist businesses. They leverage technology by designing and developing customized solutions. Here are the top 10 data annotation companies leading the industry.
The Top Ten
1 Hitech BPO Hitech BPO is an award winning, ISO certified company, delivering business process outsourcing solutions since 1992, recognized by Dun & Bradstreet as a top BPO Company for four years in a row.

Hitech BPO, a division of HitechDigital Solutions LLP, is an award-winning, ISO-certified BPO company. Acknowledged by Dun & Bradstreet, it has been a top-ranked BPO company for four years running.

They specialize in data annotation and labeling services, aiding the deployment of AI and machine learning models for various businesses.

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2 HabileData HabileData is a leading provider of data entry services, document processing, and business process outsourcing solutions for Fortune 500 companies and other large business organizations across the industries.

Founded in 1992, HabileData is a premier provider of outsourced back-office solutions, offering services such as data processing, data entry, and graphic design. They excel in data annotation, emphasizing speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.

By leveraging human intelligence, they deliver precisely labeled training data for machine learning and artificial intelligence companies.

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3 Label Your Data

Label Your Data offers top-tier data annotation services tailored to machine learning and AI projects. They prioritize precision and efficiency, ensuring expertly labeled datasets that improve model accuracy for businesses in diverse sectors.

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4 Ask Data Entry

Ask Data Entry is a leading provider of outsourced data annotation services, offering comprehensive solutions including semantic segmentation, polygon annotation, 3D point cloud annotation, and bounding box annotation.

5 HiredSupport

Transform your machine learning projects with HiredSupport's precise data annotation services. From meticulous image labeling to comprehensive video annotation, they empower your algorithms to learn with accuracy and efficiency.

6 Innovatiana

At Innovatiana, their data labelers are expertly trained in image and video annotation techniques. They play a crucial role in preparing extensive datasets, serving as the foundation for training supervised machine learning or deep learning models.

7 Macgence

Macgence is a proficient data annotation and labeling company. Their objective is to train, test, and fine-tune your algorithms, enabling seamless comprehension of language by AI/ML systems.

8 Annotation Box

Annotation Box continues to innovate and provide data annotation services. With a highly skilled workforce and cutting-edge tools, they deliver top-quality labeled data for your machine-learning models.

9 Sunix AI

Sunix AI stands as a premier data annotation company, offering top-tier input data and detailed annotation services to streamline AI algorithm training, ensuring increasing accuracy over time.

10 Indika AI

Indika AI specializes in revolutionizing AI models through cutting-edge data annotation techniques. By seamlessly combining human feedback and programmatic methods, they ensure precise and high-quality annotations that drive advanced AI capabilities.

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