Top Ten Private Labelled Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants

This list contains the Top Ten private label Restaurant Online Ordering systems.
The Top Ten
1 GloriaFood

Again, a lot of free quality features from these guys, also for white-labeled setups.

Has a functionality to hide the branding.

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2 MenuDrive

The MenuDrive people have been terrific to work with. They respond quickly to questions and make it easy to get set up.

Works great for my customers at an affordable price and good service.

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3 RestoLabs

Best online ordering system for restaurants at a much more reasonable price.

They are cheap and have many features. What else do I want?

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I started with four different systems in each of my restaurants. I use iMenu in ALL of them now. Simply the best system I have found. Low price, GREAT features, easy to use (both for my customers and me), and exceptional support!

iMenu360 is by far the best in so many ways that you just have to look at it to understand the value! Coupons, discounts, feedback, reliability, cost, control, customer service... You have to try it! I have NEVER regretted it!

SO much cheaper than the portals I was using! My customers only see MY restaurant and can't order from my competition. Also, iMenu360 gives me complete control of my customer database! Outstanding product!


Built for restaurant owners who want to accept orders online, is an online ordering system that allows customers to place orders from any device. Unlike GrubHub, Seamless, and Eat24, you will have full control over your online system without having to pay outrageous fees. finally gives you, the owner, the all-in-one online ordering solution you've been looking for.

Customer service is fast and knowledgeable. My business has increased, and they have helped it grow!

Very easy to use, and they have a lot of great backend features for boosting sales. Great job, guys.


The best online ordering system for restaurants, offers a beautiful website builder, an integrated table booking system, and marketing tools. UpMenu has everything your restaurant needs to sell your menu online.

7 Clorder

Once you reach this team, you are all set to start your online ordering in very little time, as they have different teams to coordinate and complete the task at the earliest. The quality is high, and they customize to our best convenience. The head of this organization is very friendly and understanding. Now, more than just software service providers, they are our very good friends too. I would surely recommend Clorder.

Never thought setting up an online ordering system on my website would be so easy and customer-friendly until I got the Clorder team to help me with this task. Now I have orders coming in all day long, and I am happy to hire a few more people to work for me to manage the orders flowing in. Thanks, Clorder. I am always grateful!


Really easy online ordering system from a phone, PDA, computer, or landline. You can order from restaurants listed locally or nationwide. Beat the line. Order online.

It's really great to order when on vacation. Easy navigation to set up an account with the sister site for easy, safe ordering without giving out your financial information.

9 Open Dining

Open Dining provides a complete online ordering system that can easily be white-labeled and embedded in a restaurant's website. It's easy to set up and affordable for restaurants.

10 BigHoller

BigHoller offers a wonderful product for restaurant online ordering. We compared BigHoller with other online ordering services and found them to be the best by far!

Not only do they have a great product, but their customer service is second to none. I recommend BigHoller to all of my restaurant friends.

The Contenders

eDeliveryApp is the only online food ordering system for restaurants built with a mobile-first approach. It includes web, native Android, and iOS apps with an admin panel.

With the ubiquity of mobile devices, having mobile apps for your business is now a necessity, not a luxury. The web part is built on PrestaShop. You can choose from more than 10,000 modules and ready-made themes and templates, allowing you to customize your system in any way you want. Mobile apps offer multiple design themes to choose from, and custom design is also available.

12 ehungry

Provides your restaurant with the ability to offer online ordering for your customers!

13 ChowNow

It's hilarious that ChowNow isn't ranked number one on this list. I've tried nearly every one of these services, or at least heard their pitch. I worked with Blizzfull (awful support! 48-72 hours to get a call back, no way dude!), iMenu360, and MenuDrive, which were also awful with support after the sale.

ChowNow I've used for 3+ years, and it gets better and better. One thing I noticed that's really important is that they keep improving the system in ways that make a difference. Apple Pay and Android Pay, delivery powered by Google, redesigned ordering for my website, a partnership with Squarespace, and more. Who knows what they'll do next? But what's most important is that they are ALWAYS able to answer my calls when I have questions, and the system doesn't go down ever.

14 RealTimeOrdering

RTO is a technology company servicing the hospitality industry with online ordering solutions that cater to their individual needs. RTO is an experienced provider of corporate and franchise solutions and is an industry leader in creating customized, integrated websites that match each restaurant's unique flavor.

Our focus on seamless transactions and complete customer service places us in the top echelon of online ordering providers.


The only ordering system I have seen that is mobile-friendly by default, and you pay only once. Every other system has ongoing or subscription costs. With this one, you buy it once and you're good to go.

It is the only system where the source code is actually provided, so that you can have full control over everything in the system.

The only system that you do not have to pay for forever. It's also the only one that can work in literally any way you want it to.

16 NetWaiter

They were very helpful with the entire process of setting up our online ordering system. Since we made the switch to NetWaiter, orders have been through the roof from online sources.

They made us a mobile site (which is pretty slick) for no extra fee. While looking at our options, it was clear they were better than the two others we researched.

17 Advancedchef
18 PlaceBag
20 MyMozo
21 Blizzfull

Blizzfull offers a premium branded online ordering system that allows restaurants to build their own custom websites. It includes digital web and mobile menus, as well as digital marketing tools that publish a restaurant's web presence across many popular channels like Google, Bing, Yahoo, YP, Foursquare, Menuism, and many other networks. The prices are very inexpensive, allowing restaurants to avoid costly online ordering hubs.

I love feeling like I have the same tools that the big brands use, but at a price I can afford. The system is easy to use, fast, and reliable.

22 is saving my staff from having to spend time on the phone. It gives customers another gateway to conveniently place orders. I see a bright future with, and all restaurant owners should embrace this technology as soon as they can.

Ha Nguyen, Owner of Kanata Noodle House provides the tools and technology restaurants need to succeed and grow. It offers a complete online ordering system, along with internet marketing services, allowing restaurants to build customer loyalty, maximize brand power, and increase revenue.

23 CloudWaitress
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