Top Ten Best Car Rental Companies

The top ten best rental car companies providing car rental services in the United States. Companies are to be ranked and voted on based on service, price, and selection.
The Top Ten
1 Enterprise Rent-A-Car

I have rented cars from Enterprise a number of time over the past few years and all but one time have been upgraded free of charge to a nicer model than I reserved. Driving around Maui in a new Jeep Wrangler convertible instead of the small compact we reserved was quite a treat. As was the Chevy Silverado we got instead of a mid-sized sedan.

I REALLY like this company- not the best prices though.
When I go to rent online- 9/10 x "Budget" comes up for availability, for returning it/car to another place & PRICE is usually better.
I PREFER Enterprise, but don't get to use them because of above situations.

First time car rental customer I am, and Enterprise has been extremely wonderful to me. I've never rented cars, so the price factor wasn’t really an issue b/c I used a website that factored in prices, plans, deals etc., i.e., Hotwire, Expedia, Travelocity.
And Enterprise came first on their list, out of all the other companies for best prices lowest rates etc. Enterprise has been just tremendously awesome especially When I only rented it for two days and ended up extending my rental every time it was due to be returned. They’ve never hassled me about extending every other day. (Had it over a month) Awesome vehicles by the way! Super clean too! One reason why I kept extending my rental was b/c of the crossover suv they had for me to drive and I fell in love with it! Enterprise even applied a discount to my rental extension without my knowledge and that alone was super awesome to even consider especially since I’ve never rented a car in my entire life. Enterprise definitely by ...more

I have used Enterprise on almost all my visits to Canada. I have found the cars clean, the counter employees courteous and above all their rental charges probably the most competitive.

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2 Hertz Car Rental

The prices are much lower than at Enterprise. The quality of service is the same, so why not to save money when you can.

Every time I compare rental prices from different companies Hertz turns out to be the most affordable. They also have tons of coupons available online, at any time of the week/month/year. THIS IS THE BEST car rental company.

I've rented from Hertz many times while having body repairs to vehicles. Unlike ENTERPRISE, they've never tried to charge me for repairs to the vehicle which were on it when I picked it up. They far outshined my experience with ENTERPRISE.

I recently rented a car while in Hawaii and Hertz's prices were FAR lower than all of the other rental car companies. The staff were friendly and efficient. I will stick with them when renting a car anywhere.

Being number two is no surprise, we're awesome, I work for Hertz, we rock! Best friendly faces, greatest smiles and amazing customer service. Friendly and kind and always willing to go the extra mile

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4 Avis Rent A Car

Never a problem regardless of state. Great prices and their customer service always does their best to work with you. Great vehicle selection as well.

We wanted to rent a Chevy sedan while we were in Florida, but instead they have us a Mercedes for the same price. I thought that they had made a mistake

Very good price - quality! Great customer service and clean cars.

Number 1 car rental company

5 Dollar Rent a Car

Great service in Las Vegas, low prices

6 Alamo Rent A Car

Friendly customer service and quality, clean vehicles, and competitive prices.

I don't own a car, I just rent one when I need it. A limo has never let me down!

7 National Car Rental

Good rental company for service and price. Rewards program sucks, cars are not as clean as they should be, but this is true with Hertz as well for twice the price!

After many years of experience with Avis and Hertz, my company switched to National. I'm glad they did.

Never had a problem over past 10 years. Like getting in car and driving.

We have always had top notch service at National!

8 Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty is amazing. Great service. Great staff.

9 Fox Rent a Car

Fox is Great! A fair company with a decent selection of vehicles. Great for a discount car rental company. They are opening more locations as well. They are popping up everywhere.

Rented a PT Cruiser for $19 a day in L.A. Not the best car in the world but for $19? That's incredible. It cost more to put gas in the thing than to rent it.

Fox is a really good company to rent from, they have always treated me very well!

I rented a ferrari at Fox for 5$ a week! Thank you fox!

10 Payless Car Rental

It is superb

The Contenders
11 Sixt Car-Rental

Sixt car rental is one of the biggest car rental companies abroad. They have some of the best car rentals to rent becasue they have the largest Car Rental Fleet with BMWs and Mercedes in it. Sixt should be included on this list somewhere.

Best that I have ever used. They have the best van to pick you up. Complete with a cooler with water or sodas. Best prices on the best cars. Super friendly service

They are great to work with you for special needs and have great rates, friendly service and free water!

I think that whatever the size, Sixt is the best considering the cars, locations and service.

12 Ace Rent a Car

In the Last Minute Ace has great deals there rates almost always stay the same... Great for holidays or last-minute rentals. Also at Ace I am always greeted with a smile. And most of the time they don't have any lines. Like the top rental car companies on this list. The drawback with Ace is there fleet consists of 3rd tier cars like for a minivan the top would be a Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna, but what they give you is a Kia Sedona, but still it's a rental car and it isn't mine so as long as the car is comfortable I don't care, and most of the time the cars have less than 10,000 miles on them which is pretty good.

Ace is one of the best companies I have worked with. Once I didn't like the headrests of the car and they gave me a FREE upgrade... Excellent

They have great rates.

13 Advantage Rent A Car

I heard Hertz sold them last year so I gave them a try on my annual trip to Orlando. They had the best rates and the service was better than most.

Always a pleasure to rent from

14 Europcar
15 Value Car Rental

St Maarten car rental

16 Midway Car Rental

I am using midway and it has perfect fair prices for you and the USA

17 Silvercar
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