Best Hotel Brands

We at least need a good hotel to keep ourselves in while traveling. Here's a best hotel list for you.
The Top Ten
1 Hilton

Fun facts:

In Las Vegas:
-The Flamingo used to be called the Flamingo Hilton from the 70s to the 90s.
-The Las Vegas Hilton is now called Westgate Las Vegas. Before that, it was called the International Hotel.

I love the Hilton hotels, the rooms are nice and clean, and the service is pretty good as well.

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Spacious rooms

2 Marriott

My mother used to work for them.

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great points/rewards membership program

3 Best Western
4 Days Inn
5 Country Inns & Suites

Why is Marriott even on this list?

6 Choice Hotels
7 Starwood Hotels

Best hotel

8 Holiday Inn
9 Ramada
10 Super 8
The Contenders
11 Motel 6

Hate it

12 Four Seasons

Awesome hotel, very luxurios.

13 Hampton

Hampton Inn is the best.

14 Wyndham
15 Ritz Carlton

Very luxury chain

Uh why is Hilton first


16 Hyatt

Best service ever.

17 Atlantis

There's 3 of them in total: one in the Bahamas, one in Dubai and one in Sanya.

18 La Quinta
19 Mandarin Oriental
20 The Peninsula Hotels
21 St. Regis
22 Shangri-La
23 Sleep Inn
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