Best Hotel Brands

We at least need a good hotel to keep ourselves in while traveling. Here's a best hotel list for you.

The Top Ten

1 Hilton

Fun facts:

In Las Vegas:
-The Flamingo used to be called the Flamingo Hilton from the 70s to the 90s.
-The Las Vegas Hilton is now called Westgate Las Vegas. Before that, it was called the International Hotel.

Hilton is great.

Target, I need Clorox, my little sister's an artist. - Trollsfan536

Spacious rooms

2 Marriott

Hello, random people viewing this comment. Have a nice day :).

My mother used to work for them. - PerfectImpulseX

3 Best Western
4 Days Inn
5 Country Inns & Suites

Why is Marriott even on this list? - ButterBoy

6 Choice Hotels
7 Starwood Hotels

Best hotel

8 Ramada
9 Holiday Inn
10 Super 8

The Contenders

11 Motel 6

Hate it

12 Four Seasons

Awesome hotel, very luxurios.

13 Ritz Carlton


Very luxury chain

14 Wyndham
15 Hyatt

Best service ever.

16 La Quinta
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