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The need for data entry services has grown worldwide, with increasing digitization of documents and generation of data in various forms. It has become vital for businesses to ensure the accuracy, reliability and quality of data for critical business decision making. The day-to-day management of huge volumes of data, generated from invoices, documents, fax, bills, receipts, purchase orders and others, is a challenge for all businesses, needing long-term and cost-effective solutions.

Data entry outsourcing, especially offshoring, has emerged as a popular measure over the years. This provides a cost-effective and reliable way of ensuring that data entry is carried out with the highest attention to accuracy. SMEs find that outsourcing/offshoring/nearshoring their bulk volume data entry requirements can help them achieve tremendous improvements in business productivity, significant cost savings, increased customer satisfaction, reduction in risks, shortened time-to-market and BPO efficiency. There is a wide variety of experienced data entry outsourcing providers. These provide customized data entry services tailored to the requirements of different industries.

Below are the list of top ten data entry companies, whom we strongly recommend for your data entry requirements.

The Top Ten

1 ARDEM Incorporated

They have been great every time we have used their services!

Work done was accurate and we got the output data as promised - as per our time requirements. - pavilal

Great service and on-time delivery

Great service. Accurate data work and completed on time.

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2 Invensis

Invensis is a leading IT-BPO company, specializing in providing data entry services, with offices in India and the US. Invensis has been successfully processing millions of documents for many companies since 2000, across various industry verticals such as healthcare, logistics, real estate, insurance, chemical, manufacturing retail, education, telecom, oil and gas, and automobile. They have been consistently delivering efficient, accurate, and reliable offshore data entry services for large, medium, and small companies in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and many other countries. The services include online and offline data entry, image data entry, document processing, forms processing, document conversion, pdf, e-book and data conversion services, OCR services, data extraction and data cleansing. Hiring Invensis for data entry requirements will cut costs by nearly 40 % and boost business productivity and efficiency. The use of advanced technology such as OCR and ICR guarantees greater ...more - kumarravi

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3 DataPlus

A data entry outsourcing company, specializing in providing outsourced data entry services. Besides data entry, they also provide document scanning, database programming, data handling, and data reporting as part of their set of services. - kumarravi

This Projects is nice. - Badol

I want this project. Can you please contact me on 9953474879 or

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4 Axion Data

Company provides a wide variety of data entry services and as well as other kinds of data management services such as form processing and document scanning. - kumarravi

I want data entry work for my office
Kuldeep chauhan 9654581157
Please send me detail

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5 Rely Services

A US based data entry company. It has experience serving many industry verticals. Data entry is one of the core functions they fulfill. - kumarravi

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6 Portway

A data entry service provider in the US, which specializes in efficient information management. They assist companies in managing their document management. Their repertoire of services include data entry services, data indexing, document imaging and scanning, mail and payment processing as well as document destruction. - kumarravi

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7 Lake Data Center

A data entry service company in the US. It is a premier data entry provider for companies in Cleveland and North America. It provides data entry and processing services including forms processing, database data entry, document conversions, time-sensitive data entry services and insurance forms among others. - kumarravi

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8 Statco

US based established data entry services company providing data entry services for both government and private clients it provides high fidelity and accurate data entry services for repetitive forms, customer data, surveys etc. As well as a complete suite of data processing services. - kumarravi

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9 SaivionIndia

Extensive customer support and quality work are pillars of this organization.

I agree with your views about this company!

What an impressive service records has this company! wonderful service at the reasonable cost.

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10 Coleman Data

A data entry service provider in the US, which specializes in efficient information management. They assist companies in managing their document management. Their repertoire of services include data entry services, data indexing, document imaging and scanning, mail and payment processing as well as document destruction. - kumarravi

I am really Interested to do work with this company. I have 10 computer & 25 Skilled Operator. Please let me know in details via for getting work order from you.

Wait for your kind reply.

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The Contenders

11 Am Aswini from Reach Out company it is located in TamilNadu. We are looking out for some Data Entry projects for working. We assure you that we will provide work with QUALITY and QUANTITY basis perfectly.

Work done was accurate and we got the eCommerce data as promised - as per our time requirements.

12 DataEntryOutsourced

SunTecData is one of the best Data entry service providers. Not only this, SunTecData holds extensive experience working for clients across all the major industry verticals industries including Medical, Finance, Real Estate, Legal, Marketing Companies, Universities and Non-Profit organizations.

SunTecData is an amazing company which has given me tremendous growth opportunities. During my tenure with SunTecData, I got many opportunities to learn and excel.

Best Data Entry service providers. It was a good experience to work with them. - AnubhavGarg

Best company for data entry needs! - mikewilsonn

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15 Om Data Entry India

I need work

Om Data Entry India is a trusted outsourcing company that offers excellent services along with high precision and fast TAT.

The experts at Om Data Entry India work on various data entry projects with full allegiance and have achieved 100% customer satisfaction.

They offer data entry, data processing, transcription, web research services at very cost affordable prices to clients from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc., across the globe.

If you want to try their Free Trial Run, contact them at - GaurangKhatavkar

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17 Hi-Tech BPO

With all the tasks I have passed onto Yogesh I have been very pleased with the outcome of work. Tasks have never been misinterpreted I am able to contact the team conveniently. The services with level of quality & zero complaints have been very useful for our company. Keep up the good work, I would be very grateful. - Will

Hi-Tech believes in direct connotation between leadership team of an organization and its success. Directors, complimenting the leadership team at hitech, shoulder the responsibility to provide sovereignty and foresight with regards to strategic planning of operations and management.

18 Data Outsourcing India


19 Perfect Data Entry

A data entry outsourcing service provider based in Florida, US. It provides quality data entry services with guarantees of assured confidentiality and data security. It has delivery centers in the US and in India. - kumarravi

20 eDataIndia eDataIndia eDataIndia is a leading and professional India based data entry services provider company. They offer reasonable data entry services for all formats of documents. Look at below: - more.

Grab, Sort, Divide, Perform then deliver, this is the way eDataIndia works. One of the best digital marketing solution provider Company In India.

Excellent company, dedicated team, friendly working environment and nice place for beginners.

Client Success is main aim of this Company. "Client Success is Ours" motive of the company

Great company

my personal experience was so good

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