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Buying tickets to your favorite concerts, plays, or the big game shouldn't feel like a battle. Ticket prices alone are enough to make you sweat, but then those sneaky online brokers hit you with a pile of hidden fees right at checkout.

To help you navigate this crazy world of ticket buying, we're laying out the best online ticket brokers. We're talking about the ones with the most reasonable fees, the best guarantees, and the widest selection of tickets. After all, you want to spend your hard-earned cash on the experience, not on some company's inflated service charge.

But here's the thing, we need your help. Your experience matters. Have you used an awesome broker with rock-bottom fees?

Scroll down and cast your vote for the brokers you think deserve the top spots. It's your chance to help fellow fans make the smartest choices and get the best deals.

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1 Ticket Lodge Ticket Lodge offers a robust selection of tickets for sports, concerts, and theater events. They have a user-friendly platform and focus on providing a secure and transparent ticket-buying experience.

I had never bought tickets to a concert online before, and I have to say, I was quite surprised by how simple the process was. I needed tickets to a sold-out Justin Bieber concert for my daughter, and they were obviously sold out. I had always thought that ticket brokers were the equivalent of scalpers, so I assumed I would have to pay an arm and a leg. However, The Ticket Lodge had the Justin Bieber tickets I needed, and they turned out to be much cheaper than if I had ordered them from Ticketmaster. I don't know how they make any money, but my daughter was very happy. If you have reservations about ticket brokers, you really need to check these guys out!

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2 MetroSeats

Have used them several times over the years and always find them to have solid (if not the lowest) prices. Never had any issues with the tickets or delivery. Would recommend them and will use them again.

Ordered some Cincinnati Bengals tickets from them and was very satisfied. Got them for about half of face value and received them in 2 days. Will be using them again.

Got me some Chicago Blackhawks tickets for the 2013 Stanley Cup finals! Prices were great, and they were $50 less than StubHub. If you need a discount code, try "GOVIP."

Go Hawks!

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3 StubHub StubHub is one of the largest and most well-known ticket marketplaces. They offer a vast selection of tickets across various event categories and have a strong FanProtect guarantee for buyers.

StubHub is a little expensive (charging 15%), but I felt they were absolutely awesome when dealing with issues. I recently had a problem where I accidentally sent only one ticket instead of two, and StubHub sorted it out in under five minutes. When another one of my tickets didn't process payment correctly, the customer service representative literally said, "Okay, it's fixed," and I saw the PayPal payment go through. They are awesome!

I have bought lots of tickets through StubHub and never had a single problem. I would definitely buy from them again!

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Got my Pink concert tickets today for the show at Prudential Center. This show sold out almost instantaneously, and when I went to Ticketmaster's "partner site," I found that the ticket prices were ridiculously expensive. had tickets for Pink at about 20% less than Ticketmaster's "partner site." I've purchased tickets from this site before and have never had any issues.

Hands down, always the cheapest prices here. Don't even bother shopping for your tickets anywhere else. Their customer service people are very helpful too. One tip: use the Instant Ticket Option and you can save on shipping. You just end up printing your tickets out at home.

I've been buying my tickets here for years.

5 Ticketmaster Ticketmaster is a primary ticket seller for many venues and events. They offer a wide range of tickets and often have access to presales and exclusive offers.

As someone else said, Ticketmaster works alongside the event. Most of the time, while buying tickets on the official site, I am directed to Ticketmaster. Yes, you can find tickets for cheaper, but this is a reliable and trustworthy site where officials actually sell you the tickets. Many other sites involve random people buying the tickets and then selling them to you. I would only resort to these sites in case of an emergency.

I am quite satisfied with Ticketmaster. It is 100% safe, secure, and reliable. I honestly prefer using sites like this if I am not in a rush, especially since many hockey games I attend actually work alongside Ticketmaster. While it is a bit more expensive, I would only use other sites in case I really need sold-out tickets.

6 Vivid Seats Vivid Seats boasts a massive inventory of tickets and a loyalty rewards program. Their platform provides detailed seat views and comparisons to help you find the best options.
7 Fandango Primarily known for movie tickets, Fandango has expanded to offer tickets for concerts, sporting events, and other live experiences. They often have bundled deals and promotions for specific events.
8 Eventbrite Eventbrite focuses on smaller events, independent shows, conferences, and festivals. They are a great resource for finding unique and local happenings.
9 Live Nation Live Nation is a major player in the live entertainment industry, operating as both a promoter and a ticket seller. Through their platform, you'll find tickets to many popular tours and events, often with access to presales and special offers.

Great selection and easy to order. I always use Live Nation. You can also set up monthly emails to see what shows are coming up.

Best service of all ticket purchases.

10 Tickets Pronto

I've been buying my tickets from this site for several years - they always seem to have very low prices. I always get my tickets very quickly. Found amazing deals on Hamilton tickets here too.

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11 TicketNetwork TicketNetwork is a large ticket exchange with a broad selection of tickets for various events. They provide a price comparison tool to help you find the best deals.

They have a call center, which is helpful when you need to talk to a human.

Good site for last-minute tickets. Fees are steep.

12 Songkick Songkick is primarily a concert discovery platform that alerts you to upcoming tour dates for your favorite artists. They also integrate ticket-buying options, making it a convenient way to find and purchase tickets for shows you're interested in.

I don't want to blame other sites. I've tried many websites to buy tickets online. Personally, I feel TicketHub is better than others. It's very simple, easy to search, and fast to open. I think is different from It also depends on the ticket I am looking for, but my first choice is

TicketHub is a new website with pretty reasonable prices and a great website.

Great source. No extra service fee.

14 Ticketliquidator Ticketliquidator offers a wide range of tickets and often has competitive prices. They specialize in finding last-minute tickets for those in a pinch.
16 Ticket Mania
17 From This Seat

Allows fans to read seat reviews before purchasing their tickets to NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB games. Fans can also see the view from their seats, purchase tickets and parking ahead of time, find hotels and sports bars near the stadium, etc.

18 combines all three sides of the ticket marketplace in one place. It signs up venues like minor league baseball teams, offers no-fee tickets, and allows you to create and market your own events for free. You can also check out and publish content on the magazine that covers pop culture, sports, and music. It does everything within its power to keep ticket prices as low as possible so that shows are accessible to everyone.

19 StubOrder
20 קופת BRAVO!
21 Capital City Tickets
22 StubZero
23 Ace Ticket
24 Captain Ticket

This company has been around for over 30 years. They have been in Covina, California since the early '80s. The best thing about them is the guys running the place have been to so many events. You can ask for their opinion on where to sit for a game or a concert and get a valuable idea for what you pay because they actually know what they are talking about.

I also like that they always quote the full price for their tickets. We don't go to as many events as we used to, but if I need tickets, I call Captain Ticket or buy them on their website. It is easy to use. Hope this helps.


Excellent service, no hidden charges. Rates are low when compared with other sites.

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What are the benefits of using an online ticket broker?

Online ticket brokers offer a level of convenience that's hard to beat. Instead of waiting in lines or trying to snag tickets during limited box office hours, you can browse and purchase tickets from the comfort of your own home, at any time of day. These brokers also act as aggregators, pulling ticket listings from various sources. This allows you to easily compare prices, potentially saving you money.

Additionally, online brokers often have a wider selection of tickets than the venue itself. This can be a lifesaver for sold-out events or if you're hunting for those hard-to-get premium seats. If plans change and you can't make it to the concert or game, some brokers even allow you to resell your tickets through their platform.

What are some things to look for when buying tickets from an online ticket broker?

Before you purchase from an online ticket broker, it's crucial to do your homework. Investigate the broker's reputation by searching for online reviews and ratings from other customers. A reputable broker will also be transparent about all fees involved. Make sure you have a clear breakdown of service fees, delivery charges, and any other costs before hitting the purchase button.

It's also wise to choose a broker that offers guarantees. These could include guarantees of ticket authenticity or refunds/exchanges if the event gets canceled. Look for a broker that prioritizes responsive customer service with options like live chat, phone, or email support.

Lastly, always ensure the broker uses secure payment processing to keep your financial information safe and protected.

Are tickets through an online broker more expensive than buying directly from the venue?

Sometimes yes. Online ticket brokers often add service fees on top of the ticket's face value. However, brokers can sometimes offer competitive prices, especially if you're searching for last-minute tickets or tickets to sold-out events. The key is always comparing prices from multiple sources, including the venue and reputable brokers.

Can I find hard-to-get tickets through an online ticket broker that might be sold out elsewhere?

Absolutely! One of the significant benefits of online ticket brokers is access to a wider inventory of tickets. They often have tickets to sold-out events because individuals or other resellers put up their tickets on the broker's marketplace. However, keep in mind that hard-to-get tickets on broker sites might have higher prices due to increased demand.