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Buying tickets to concert, theater, or sporting events can be a daunting task. Simply checking out prices is not enough as ticket brokers add on service charges and shipping fees that are not transparent until checkout. So with reference to all the extra charges, here are the top ten Ticket Brokers!

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1 TicketLodge

I never bought tickets to a concert online before and I have to say I was quite surprised how simple the process was. I needed tickets to a sold out Justin Bieber concert for my daughter and obviously they were sold out. I always thought ticket brokers were the equivalent of scalpers so I thought I would have to pay and arm and a leg. The Ticket Lodge had the Justin Bieber tickets I needed and they turned out to be way cheaper than they would have been had I ordered them from ticket master. I don't know how they make any money but my daugher was very happy. For anyone who has reservations about ticket brokers you really need to check these guys out!

I used to buy all my tickets at stubhub then I found these guys. Didn't realize that tickets brokers like the Ticket Lodge often have tickets below face value and cheaper than stubhub. They really have awesome prices on sports tickets. Unless you are looking for something crazy in demand they are almost always below face value. Got some Milwaukee Bucks tickets for $2... Yes, you saw that right... $2!

I have been getting tickets here for the last two bruins game.. They came fast and very trustworthy.. I ordered tickets for the sox game off of a site my friend had recommended me.. some like that my credit card was charged twice I never got the seats.. I called the number many times provided in the site no answer not able to leave a message totally ripped off.. I explained my problem to lodge here they game me a percentage off.. Thank you ticket lodge

Love these guys! Like many parents I had a overly-dramatic teenage that "would die" if she didn't get One Direction meet and greet tickets. You could buy a reliable car for the price some ticket brokers were charging for these meet and greet tickets. Fortunately I found these guys off a referral from Angie's List (highly rated by the way) and was able to get a passes for my daughter without going broke. Ticket Lodge literally saved my daughters life... Well probably not but you know how teenagers are!

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2 MetroSeats

Have used them several times over the years and always find them to have solid (if not the lowest) prices. Never had any issues with the tickets or delivery. Would recommend them and will use them again.

Order some Cincinnati Bengals tickets from them and was very satisfied. got them for about 1/2 of face value and received them in 2 days. Will be using them again.

Pretty solid ticket broker. Prices were competitive and felt safe using them. Got my tickets in 2 days and had no complaints.

Good prices and have used them in the past with success. However, Ticket Lodge was a bit cheaper and has very good ratings.

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3 VIP Meet and Greet Tickets

Site difficult to navigate. Very pricey

Yes, a little pricey but seem to have tickets that other don't (I.e. the real VIP tickets).

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4 Lucky Duck Tickets

Great prices for a secondary ticket seller. I got a better price than what Stub Hub had. I've been hearing some not so good things about Stub Hub and a friend referred me to Lucky Duck Tickets. Used them twice so far. No complaints! - JumpinJack

Prices were lower then other sites I checked and found a promo code that saved me more. Very satisfied!

Safe and secure! Great place to get online discount tickets... Cheap!

Great reliable people at great prices!

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I can't express the level of comfort I have at this point ordering all my events through and I have been buying tickets from every avenue possible, friends, scalpers, random ticket websites, and at on point or another these methods either let you down, over charge you enormously or don't have options! It has been 2 years straight that I have trusted this company with my business and they have earned lifetime customer, I have always received real tickets not fake stuff or anything I ever needed to question, I have always received the seats in plenty of time for the games or shows or whatever, I have used the 855-326-8149 number to speak with a live person about my order and have been pleased with the customer service they provide! If you are reading this and don't want to worry about anything when ordering your tickets online the I will recommend to you with no hesitation and Thank everyone at Finallyitsyours you have been a great source for ...more

I have been buying tickets online for over 6 years now and I can't explain how great it is finding this website! Finallyitsyours has everything I have searched for with great competitive prices and unbelievably fast shipping, this will be the 6th order I have made through this company and will not be going anywhere else for seats, Bye Bye StubHub / By By Ticket Lodge / Bye Bye TicketMaster you guys need to take some tips from this company! I would 100% Recommend To All They are a Safe and Trusted Broker

Simply the greatest company EVER! Upgraded my seats! Thanks so much, BUY HERE THIS COMPANY APPRECIATES IT'S CUSTOMERS! I have been buying tickets online for as long as I can remember and never once has a company taken time to help me out until now! I order my seats from the owner directly a man named Matt and I explained I was tight on funds but wanted to bring my son to Frozen on Ice and I received upgraded tickets in the mail with a not for Mat saying Enjoy the show! I will enjoy the show my friend your company is amazing and I can't thank you enough for me and Brandon, you have made a family's dream come true and I can't express how much me and my wife appreciate this! I will tell everyone here and all family and friends is the only place for seats

All people reading this should know I was 100% satisfied and will be recommending this company to other! I hate to leave reviews and honestly felt that was worth taking the few minutes to type how glad I was to find this company. Like you I have bought tickets for every place I can to get a deal and usually it's a huge hassle and very time consuming, and I like things direct and simple! Not only have I always found the seats I want through these guys I have they ordered within minutes and always get them hassle free. So If you want to buy form a real company try! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

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7 StubHub

The tickets I bought for a concert were misrepresented on the StubHub website. The description stated a specific row and seat numbers, but the tickets turned out to be standing room general admission tickets. StubHub offered no help with the problem, and I got stick with expensive standing room only tickets. I will never use StubHub again.

Stubhub is a little expensive (15%) but I felt that they were absolutely awesome when dealing with issues. I recently had an issue where I accidentally sent one instead of two tickets and stubhub straightened it out in under five minutes. Then when one of my tickets didn't pay right the Customer service rep. Literally said "Okay it's fixed" and I saw the paypal payment. They are awesome!

Sellers beware. Read the agreement carefully before you list tickets. Wait until they tell you that the tickets you purchased from the venue and sent electronically to them were invalid. No money, no game or performance. Maximum rip off. They can and will do it. Read carefully. Sell on Tickets Now or Avoid StubHub like the plague.

Bad experience. Bought tickets here and just 2 seconds after purchase realised I had the wrong game date. Talked with customer service and they indicated there could be no refunds. Totally terrible service. completely unfair as these were an xmas gift and did not have money to repurchase. No heart in this company. I would spend my money elsewhere.

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This site has by far the cheapest ticket prices. I've compared their prices with many of the large sites, however, this site doesn't spend a lot of money on advertising and this way they can keep their prices low.

Just ordered Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets from these guys - and I already received the PDF file via email to print the tickets. I spent a lot of time online shopping for the lowest prices and this site has phenomenal prices! Way to go!

Hands down - ALWAYS - the cheapest prices here - don't even bother shopping for your tickets any place else. Their customer service people are very helpful too. One tip - use the Instant Ticket Option and you can save on shipping - you just end up printing your tickets out at home!

Been buying my tickets here for years.

Decided to give into my daughter and bought her tickets to see Justin Bieber - I already received the email with the downloadable tickets. I've been ordering from this site for years and we have always received our tickets promptly. Their call in center is also incredibly helpful and pleasant!

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9 Vivid Seats

The WORST customer service on the planet. Bar none. The review below speaks volumes.
Tickets purchased in June 2018, concert Maroon 5 October 7. Promised tickets would be delivered UPS, but no dates given. Then told they would arrive day before show. Problem was I was out of town and needed to change delivery. As show got closer, sent 5 yes 5 emails, all of which were unanswered. Customer chat not working three days, then cutting customers off without answers. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee means NOTHING to them. Had I not made one more call on day of event (four hours before show), I would not have gone to show (with substitute tickets that they somehow could e mail me. Former loyal customer bought thousands of dollars of tickets without any problem. NEVER AGAIN. Not hard to see why they are rated 9th in ticket brokers

Vivid Seats is unreliable, undependable, untrustworthy, and to be quite frank, liars! I was promised by Vivid Seats that my tickets would be overnighted to me via UPS on September 2nd, 2016 (concert is September 11th). I called on September 2nd, to of course, verify. I was then informed there was nothing about the tickets being mailed to me on September 2nd. I was cut off of their live chat with agents twice, because they didn't want to deal with me. I placed four phone calls to Vivid Seats the same day and was given the proverbial run around. Now, I am told that they will be overnighted September 6th to me. I am sitting on pins and needles hoping that I get to attend this concert. Do not ever do business with Vivid Seats, you will spend hours and hours trying to obtain your tickets and, in the process, be given the run around and be lied to!

What a nightmare! I was trying to purchase 2 tickets in the max $200 price range. I believed that I was purchasing tickets from a reputable company associated with the DCU Center in Worcester. I haven't bought tickets for a concert for years, so I was caught unaware.

The website is very unclear and I ended up buying 3 tickets, not 2, because I didn't notice the "small print" which listed the number of tickets. (Granted, I was on an old computer with a not so great browser at my school, so things were not that clear, but I've read many reviews which confirm that the Vivid Seats website is unclear and misleading.) So, I clicked "Buy" and it showed a price of $800.00! I have read several reviews which claim that the website setup is designed to not show a total price until you click the button which makes the purchase final! I nearly had a heart attack! I immediately contacted the managers of the site, however, they gave me the "party line" that the ...more

Terrible scam artist... Scalpers gone hi tech!

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10 TicketsNow

15 Service Charge
$14.95 Shipping

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The Contenders

11 RazorGator

10 Service Charge
$17.50 Shipping

12 Ticketmaster

As someone else said, Ticket Master works alongside the event. Most of the time, while buying tickets on the official site, I am directed to Ticket Master. Yes, you can get it cheaper, but this a reliable and trustworthy site were officials actually sell you the tickets. A lot of other sites are random people who buy the tickets and sell them to you, and I would only need it in case of an emergency.

I am quite satisfied with Ticket Master, it is 100% safe, secure and reliable. I honestly prefer using sites like this if I am not in a rush, considering that many hockey games I see actually work alongside ticket master. A bit more expensive, I would only use other sites in case I really need sold out tickets.

This site found the cheapest tickets by far than all of the other sites for my event. More than half the price of the other places.

Yes they have good tickets, but it's a pain in the rear to get through the process

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13 Ticket Samurai

A solid ticket broker I have used in the past that wasn't on the list.

14 TicketNetwork

They have a call center which is helpful when you need to talk to a human.

Good site for last minute tickets. Fees are steep

15 Ticket Liquidator

Avoid this website. This site gave me tickets for a different price (higher) on a different date after checkout. When I called them, they told me all sales were final and refused to correct their mistake. Completely fraudulent.

Worst business ethics ever. No customer service and a shady website.

15 Service Charge
$15.00 Shipping


I don't want to blame other sites. I tried many websites to buy tickets online. Personally I feel Tickethub is better than others. Very simple, easy to search, fast open. I think Tickethub. Co is different from It is also depends upon the ticket I am looking for but my first choice is Tickethub. Co.

Its amazing website and provide tickets at best rates

TicketHub is new website with pretty reasonable prices and great website.

Great website and have almost every ticket with better seating options

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17 Live Nation

Best service of all ticket purchase.

Great selection amd easy to order
I always use Live Nation. You can also set up monthly emails to see what shows are coming up.

18 Barry's Tickets
20 Vip Ticket House

10 Service Charge
$14. 95 Shipping

21 Ticketfly

Excellent service, no hidden charges. Rates are low when compared with other sites.

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24 Gametime

Came across this app and found unbelievable last minute deals on Red Sox tickets. Everything's done on your phone too, so you never have to print anything out. Great experience.

Great app! Get cheap Giants tickets all the time!

25 TicketHalo


There's a Great new Site for buying Tickets from coast to coast it's call They have the most available seats when other sites don't must check it out


Ordered Radio City Christmas Spectacular tickets and was thrilled with the service I received - seats were great and very affordable. Will buy again from - JoshDugan

27 Captain Ticket

This company has been around for over 30 years. They have been in Covina California since the early 80's. The best thing about them is the guys running the place have been to so many events you can ask for their opinion on where to sit for a game or a concert and get a valuable idea for what you pay because they actually know what they are talking about. I also like that they always quote the full price for their tickets. We don't go to as many events as we used to but if I need tickets I call Captain Ticket or buy them on their web site. It is easy to use. Hope this helps.

I've tried other ticket brokers and am not always happy. I've been using Captain Ticket for a while now and am never let down. Fair prices, no extra fees ever, and GREAT service!

You can't go wrong here, their prices are more than fair, their website is awesome, they are very helpful and full of great advice, and the tickets are delivered fast - what more could you ask for?

Huge selection, great prices, no service fees or any other hidden charges - this is the place to go for great deals! - Droxjr

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28 Gruvr

Great place to buy super inexpensive sports tickets, especially baseball.

Good price no problem everything went fine

Always a great deal, well, three times that I used them 😊

31 Coast To Coast Tickets

I've been buying my tickets from this site for several years - they always seem to have very low prices and I always get my tickets very quickly. Found amazing deals on Hamilton tickets here too. - JoshDugan


Great broker for last minute tickets

Bought Ariana Grande tickets at Barclays for 6/14/19. Got quick e tickets at a pretty good price for sold out tickets.

I recently bought last minute tickets Billy Joel and was happy with the price and location of the seats. I chose the location! Also, the service charge was very competitive.

I checked the total prices of tickets for concerts, sports, theater and other events. offers better prices when you consider the price of the ticket and the service charge. Just compare!

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Great tickets! I have used websites to order in the past but this made ordering so simple and my seats arrived very fast :) Thanks you guys are a great company

Great website


This site creates competition. All of the big boys are advertising on They want to sell you tickets, and only the lowest prices get purchased.

I found discounted Atlanta Braves tickets for only $4.00.

I found Tickets to the Tennessee Titans Game for only $15.00

36 FromThisSeat

Allows fans to read seat reviews before purchasing their tickets to NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB games. Fans can also see the view from their seats, purchase tickets and parking ahead of time, find hotels and sports bars near the stadium, etc.


Take a duck toenail and swallow till Easter eggs pop through nostril

Worked great for me.

No Fees. User Friendly.


Ordered 12 tickets for my daughter's 16th birthday from They were the cheapest that I could find online when using the promo code they offered on their Facebook page. Excellent service and super fast shipping.

Compared tickets on other sites and found TicketProcess had the cheapest sports tickets online. Shop around for promo codes.

Just ordered Boston Bruins Tickets for this years 2nd round. Decent Site.

Very simple to use, got my electronic tickets 5 minutes after my order.

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Use them all the time. Great ticket selection and no fees. Tickets usually get delivered very quickly

I found these guys when I was looking for Knocks tickets. They had tons of tickets and the interactive map was very useful to get decent seats. What was great was the no service fees

I have used them 3 times. I always get the tickets pretty fast and I really like that all the cost of the tickets is shown before your go to checkout. They also always seem to be a little cheaper than anyone else

Yeah these guys are good. Great Tickets no Fees!

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I never knew about until now and the experience was great. I really thought the prices were AWESOME and the delivery of the tickets was very QUICK! I know that I will revisit this site again, and I definitely will recommend others to use. "

42 Denver Ticket Company

Denver based ticket broker providing tickets to concerts, theatre and sporting events in in and around Denver, CO


It is really friendly

It is really good

45 PlatinumPasses

Tixbag is one of the best site for buying concert & theater tickets as well as provide tickets at great price. They also provide occasionally promo codes to get more benefits to customers.

Most Recommended For concert & many other events tickets.

47 Dazzling Deals Tickets

Love this site. Always the lowest prices.

49 My Box Office Tickets is a pretty solid place for sold out events or if you want better seats. Their prices seem to be on par with Stubhub and ticketmaster resales but it comes with a guarantee and you know you are buying from a licensed broker and not some john doe!

50 Ace Ticket

Great experience

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