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Buying tickets to concert, theater, or sporting events can be a daunting task. Simply checking out prices is not enough as ticket brokers add on service charges and shipping fees that are not transparent until checkout. So with reference to all the extra charges, here are the top ten Ticket Brokers!
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1 TicketLodge

I had never bought tickets to a concert online before, and I have to say, I was quite surprised by how simple the process was. I needed tickets to a sold-out Justin Bieber concert for my daughter, and they were obviously sold out. I had always thought that ticket brokers were the equivalent of scalpers, so I assumed I would have to pay an arm and a leg. However, The Ticket Lodge had the Justin Bieber tickets I needed, and they turned out to be much cheaper than if I had ordered them from Ticketmaster. I don't know how they make any money, but my daughter was very happy. If you have reservations about ticket brokers, you really need to check these guys out!

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2 StubHub

StubHub is a little expensive (charging 15%), but I felt they were absolutely awesome when dealing with issues. I recently had a problem where I accidentally sent only one ticket instead of two, and StubHub sorted it out in under five minutes. When another one of my tickets didn't process payment correctly, the customer service representative literally said, "Okay, it's fixed," and I saw the PayPal payment go through. They are awesome!

I have bought lots of tickets through StubHub and never had a single problem. I would definitely buy from them again!

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I have been getting tickets here for the last two years. They always arrive quickly. The company also has great customer service and is safe and trustworthy. I once ordered tickets for a 50 Cent concert from a site my friend had recommended, called The Ticket Lodge. My credit card was charged twice, and I never received the tickets.

I called customer service numerous times, trying to have the charges corrected. I was told that they accepted no liability for what happened. They are only a broker, not the ticket reseller or holder. They said that when I bought the tickets, I accepted those conditions of sale.

Then I called and spoke with a gentleman named Matt. I told him about my bad experience and why I was now ordering from them. Matt comped me the tickets to the 50 Cent concert at HOB Boston. Thanks again, Kyle Kaplan.

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4 Ticketmaster

As someone else said, Ticketmaster works alongside the event. Most of the time, while buying tickets on the official site, I am directed to Ticketmaster. Yes, you can find tickets for cheaper, but this is a reliable and trustworthy site where officials actually sell you the tickets. Many other sites involve random people buying the tickets and then selling them to you. I would only resort to these sites in case of an emergency.

I am quite satisfied with Ticketmaster. It is 100% safe, secure, and reliable. I honestly prefer using sites like this if I am not in a rush, especially since many hockey games I attend actually work alongside Ticketmaster. While it is a bit more expensive, I would only use other sites in case I really need sold-out tickets.

5 Vivid Seats
6 MetroSeats

Have used them several times over the years and always find them to have solid (if not the lowest) prices. Never had any issues with the tickets or delivery. Would recommend them and will use them again.

Ordered some Cincinnati Bengals tickets from them and was very satisfied. Got them for about half of face value and received them in 2 days. Will be using them again.

Got me some Chicago Blackhawks tickets for the 2013 Stanley Cup finals! Prices were great, and they were $50 less than StubHub. If you need a discount code, try "GOVIP."

Go Hawks!


Got my Pink concert tickets today for the show at Prudential Center. This show sold out almost instantaneously, and when I went to Ticketmaster's "partner site," I found that the ticket prices were ridiculously expensive. had tickets for Pink at about 20% less than Ticketmaster's "partner site." I've purchased tickets from this site before and have never had any issues.

Hands down, always the cheapest prices here. Don't even bother shopping for your tickets anywhere else. Their customer service people are very helpful too. One tip: use the Instant Ticket Option and you can save on shipping. You just end up printing your tickets out at home.

I've been buying my tickets here for years.

8 Fandango
9 Eventbrite
10 TicketNetwork

They have a call center, which is helpful when you need to talk to a human.

Good site for last-minute tickets. Fees are steep.

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11 AMC Theaters
12 SeatGeek
13 TicketsNow
14 Event Tickets Center
15 Ticket Liquidator
16 Cinemark
17 Songkick
18 Live Nation

Great selection and easy to order. I always use Live Nation. You can also set up monthly emails to see what shows are coming up.

Best service of all ticket purchases.

19 RazorGator

Great place to buy super inexpensive sports tickets, especially for baseball.


I don't want to blame other sites. I've tried many websites to buy tickets online. Personally, I feel TicketHub is better than others. It's very simple, easy to search, and fast to open. I think is different from It also depends on the ticket I am looking for, but my first choice is

TicketHub is a new website with pretty reasonable prices and a great website.

Great source. No extra service fee.

22 Tickets Pronto
24 Ticket Mania
25 FromThisSeat

Allows fans to read seat reviews before purchasing their tickets to NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB games. Fans can also see the view from their seats, purchase tickets and parking ahead of time, find hotels and sports bars near the stadium, etc.

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