Top 10 Online Flower Ordering Websites

Whether it's for a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday, or because you screwed up and need to try to make amends, flowers have earned a reputation as being a perfect gift.

Shopping for flowers, however, is not so perfect an experience. Sure, you could just grab a cheap bouquet near the checkout line in the grocery store and deliver a handful of flowers that looks exactly like you waiting until the last minute and grabbed a cheap bouquet at the grocery store. You could also go fight through the crowds of prom age high schoolers and other folks looking for the perfect gift at the local flower shop where the good value selections are already taken so you're left choosing between spending way more than you planned, or settling for something that looks like you picked it from a local field.

As an alternative, there are now a number of online flower shops you can use to order flowers from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever else you can access the internet. Plus, because you're not the one responsible for making the delivery, you don't have to deal with water sloshing around in a vase in your car.

Below is a list of the top websites for ordering flowers in the United States. If you have had a good experience with online flower shops, feel free to vote for the site you feel is best or add a new one if it isn't listed below.
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1 ProFlowers

I'm so glad I found this list, I was really looking for websites to order flowers from.

Cool options

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Arrangements designed and delivered by FTD florists. Same day delivery available in most areas.

It's good should be first

I use to work as a customer service rel in so far the best, but the ftd local florist are rude. Lol

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Possibly my personal favourite. Very good A-rated website.

Very beautiful website! I love flowers!

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4 GlobalRose
6 Teleflora
7 Flowers Fast!

They are pretty quick.


Very straightforward company.

10 Organic Bouquet
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11 City Flowers

I love this so much

12 Bunches UK
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