Best Identity Theft Protection Companies

Having your identity stolen is a miserable experience that unfortunately happens to far too many people. Even if you get your money back, there is a feeling of violation and uncertainty. A dread that the ordeal is not yet over.

And that is best case scenario. Victims of identity theft may find that their good name has been severely tarnished. It is not uncommon for the activity of identity thieves to show up on your credit report in the form of applications for credit, missed payments, and collections accounts. In fact, many people do not realize their identity has been stolen until their credit reports start getting hammered and their credit score takes a dive.

Identity theft protection services are designed to help prevent your identity from being stolen in the first place, quickly detect fraud so you can mitigate the damage if necessary, and assistance restoring your identity. Here is a list of the top identity theft prevention and protection companies in the U.S.
The Top Ten
1 LifeLock Visit Website
2 TrustedID Visit Website
3 AllClear ID Visit Website
4 Identity Guard

Best service ever! They provide more protection than Lifelock or the other folks. You can get your monthly 3-bureau credit reports and 3 scores, computer antivirus and other stuff which you can't get elsewhere.

I am very happy with my Identity Guard service. It is good to know they are watching out for me and protecting me!

Definitely the most honest and comprehensive company of the bunch.

5 Identity Force
7 ID Watchdog
8 IDStrong
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