Best Decades Since 1900 to Live In

What time did you live in want to live in or sounds the best.

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1 1980s

What do you mean the fashion was good, from what I've seen the fashion was awful. And the hair and makeup for women was absolutely clown-like. I like the modern application of 80's styles more than how they were actually used in the time period. As for individualism? What about homophobia? Dislike for everything considered nerdy? From what I've read the 80's had no more individualism than later generations. People who strayed from the norm were seen as outsiders just as much as they are today, more so it seems. However, since I didn't actually live through the 80's I can't for sure say what it was truly like, but I'm sure it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows like the kids in these comments seem to think.

The 1980's for sure. There was a sense of patriotism from teenagers up to the elders. The vast majority of the people loved and respected Ronald Reagan (He won 49 out of 50 states). The clothing and hair styles may look corny now, but every decade has its style and do we really want to go back to striped bell bottom pants and afros? America was respected by our allies and also our enemies. It was the decade in which the PC and Cell Phones were created. Most of the things we enjoy today started in the 80's. Great movies and great music. We beat Russia in Hockey and the Cold War. It was just an all around great decade.

The culture and entertainment rocked, and we had more peace and more prosperity for much of the decade. There was more human contact. There was a sense of optimism in all age groups. We didn't live in the George Orwell book that was set in this decade. - TangyTiger

I think the 1990's were the best. The music, movies, and culture was great. The Internet was in it's infancy so we actually had to talk to one another rather than text. I just wish I had been older during the 90's.

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2 1990s

Just a great decade overall. It was probably the most peaceful of any decade in the last 100 years. Everyone had money and everyone was (relatively! ) happy. We had mobile phones and the Internet but they hadn't taken over our lives yet and we got great movies and T.V. shows. Global relations were much better than how they are in 2017. The 80's were good too but there was more war and poverty in that decade. Also 90's culture was the best in my opinion: beavis and butthead, the Simpsons when it was good, fight club, the matrix was what we were watching while the bands were fantastic, nirvama, chilli peppers, u2, stone roses, Fatboy slim. The 90's was the - kids would wake up and eat sugary ass cereal for breakfast, chill in school which was better than it is now due to there not being social media, then go smoke with their friends at 420, enough said.

The economy was booming, Clinton kept us out of wars, the budget was balanced, the rock and roll was second to none. Life was good. In my opinion, the 90's died on september 11th, the age of fear and the endless unwinnable war on terror started.

90s or 00s.

Being a teenager today sucks, and I blame social media and smartphones.

Come on! 90s is the best decade. Limited amount of technology unlike the 2000s and 2000s because of social media!

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3 2000s

Even though all the flaws, 2000-Early 2007 is a lot like an extended 20th century. Still a nice decade growing up if you were a kid.

The 2000s were great, kids had great childhoods and they had good music and cartoons.

Dude the internet exploded during this time.

Disney was so lit

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4 1970s

Although we didn't have the advanced technology things seemed pure. When I say pure I mean someone had to literally get up and do something to get something done, similar to the previous decades. No Facebook, no call waiting, no internet. News papers and evening news is where we got our info. Potato Chip bags were full with potato chips and not just air in the bag. Transportation wasn't as complex, train, bus or car. And as much as I hate to admit it...the T.V. shut down after a certain hour there was no information overload like it is today. Also there was less childhood obesity because we had to be active, unicycle, bikes, skate boards, Roller Skating. The down side for us was the Vietnam War, the Iranian Hostage situation, the Blackout and the Son of Sam that fateful summer in '77. In the 60's the country was in turmoil with race riots and as previously mentioned war. The best music was spawned in the 70's...musicians actually played instruments we used record players and not ...more

Plenty of work living was cheap massive wage increases and no political correctness. And still plenty of cool 50s and 60s cars to drive, and no one whinging that its not fair and believing you are owed something. People got off their backsides

The 1970s by far had the best music. I'm sorry Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Rush, David Bowie, Bob Marley, and many more! - RogerWatersfan1999

I think this is the best decade not the 1980s

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5 1960s

The 60's music was by far the best, but otherwise that time was not that great.

I wanted to be a teen them - Cartermd

Best music cool cars


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6 2010s

Terrible music, but we have YouTube to find better stuff

As much as people are unhappy these days, people have always been unhappy and always will be. On the whole, living conditions and social attitudes have improved dramatically since past decades. - Torchpost

Kids don't act like kids anymore instead they act like they're a bunch of adults with boyfriends and iPhone 6s, the 2010s sucks

A couple of weeks ago I saw 10 year olds kissing in a park, I'm sorry I know the 2000s get a lot of hate, but at least I don't remember seeing kids of that age making out back then. - RogerWatersfan1999

The 80s weren't as good as people say it is was, most of the songs sound the same, there was an AIDS and HIV outbreak, technology wasn't as advanced and people were addicted to T.V. just as they are addicted to smartphones now but smartphones are more useful that T.V.'s. Cars from the day they were invented to the 2000s were unsafe tin cans say what you want but the main purpose of a car is to take you to your destination safely and this is coming from a car guy. Medicine in the 2010s is the best it has been and people are living longer and healthier lives. People hate music from this decade just for the fact it is from this decade and they unfairly judge it, as a person that didn't grow up in the 80s I think 80s music is overrated and has its ups and downs just like music now. All in all in my opinion the 2010s is probably the best decade in human history and the 2020s can be even better, lets just hope our world leaders don't mess it up

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7 1950s

To live in the United States, the 1950's was an amazing decade! WWII was over and US citizens benefited greatly from this victory. The dollar stretched far & wide, the cars looked tough and were super affordable. In the 50's, the Electric Guitar (invented in the 30's) had evolved music into modern day rock n roll: 1) Elvis Presley 2) Little Richard 3) Chuck Berry 4) Jerry Lee Lewis 5) Fats Domino 6) Buddy Holly 7) Chubby Checker 8) Bobby Darin 9) Richie Valens; all of these artists paved the way/influenced The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, etc. Drive in Burger joints, (like modern day Sonic) where all your friends would meet on a Saturday night with their radical cars and have clean fun. In the winter, the lakes were frozen enough to skate on, in the summer, beach houses were affordable enough to purchase (if that's your thing). Innocence still remained for most and family life was story like.
I'm sorry I missed it.

Just a amazing,easy time to live in with the economic climax, and everyone was fun and safe plus family values.

We had everything we needed by then. I wish I were in my 60s right now.

8 1920s

1920s! The time when everybody wore suits and dresses, people had so much class. They were very polite. Like bro. I'd give second to the 70s and third to the 90s. Then the fifties.

The Roaring 20s! Men were men and women were women. It would be nice if the world got back to wearing suits and ties and skirts and heels. Romance and chivalry weren't dead.

I agree, it was classy and men were men and women women. The flappers were pretty cool too. I wish people were as elegant nowadays.

I agree the fashion back then was amazing I would love to experience at least 1 day of it or have it all be like that now.

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9 1900s

1900 - 1913 to me kinda look like the Late 1800s much like how 2000 - Early 2007 kinda look like the Late 1900s. For the start of an up and down century until the 40s, The 1900s actually looked like a pretty okay start for the century ( outside of McKinleys assistantion in 1901 of course ). Far from the best but this decade looked better than the horror that was the 1930s or WWI throughout the 1910s ( 1910-1913 and 1919 looked okay though ).

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10 1940s

Even during the horror of war, this decade was calmer; slower-paced. The people stuck together; helped each other. The music reflected life during this era: softer; gentler; selfless people. I was born at the start of the Punk age when everything changed. I'd gladly be elderly in this age if it meant I could have experienced life during the 40s, 50s and 60s. I've always felt a little out of place; wishing I could crawl back to a time I have never and will never experience. - Britgirl

Why would anyone call this a good decade to live in? It had WWII, 11 million innocent people were killed by the holocaust, and Russia had Josef Stalin who killed around 14,5 million people.

Yeah, probably not the best time period to live in if you were German, Jewish, Russian, British, Polish or Chinese...

If you mean after the war.

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11 1930s

Watch O' Brother Where Art Thou? And you'll understand what I mean.

(Well, maybe not for the African American population. ) - higgsboson2142

Well yeah,30s was a hard time for Afro-Americans living because of flood of racism and possibly Hitler teaching of racial superiority. - CerealGuy

Great Depression Time so I think it's good it's not up top...

12 1910s

I'd probably say the 1930s is the worst but this is the 2nd. Kinda a scary time as WWI was one of the deadliest wars in history. 1910-1913 looked okay as well as 1919 but 1914-1918 must've been horrid at the time.

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