Best Decades Since 1900 to Live In

What time did you live in want to live in or sounds the best.
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1 1980s

I was born in 1981 and growing up children played outside and answered yes questions with yes ma'am and no sir. It took a "village" during my childhood. Family was everything and loyalty was a must have. There were jobs and life was simple. Helping one another was the normal and we didn't believe in bullying. You got your butt whipped if you were caught picking on another child shortcomings and the same penalties if you allowed another to pick on you or your siblings. If there was a problem we met in the field after school at three and once it was over you never heard of again. Respect was a thing back then as well. Wow, things are so different.

I actually expected this to be #1 because of nostalgiatards who hate technology but they use it anyway and they only care about music, movies, and video games. People forget about the bad stuff that happened like the AIDS/HIV outbreak. Also, people were addicted to TV's just like how were addicted with iPhones in the late decades and phones have more importance than TV's and plus, phones and internet isn't really that bad even if it makes people socially awkward. I interacted with some people in the 2010's that aren't too addicted with phones. So get your head out of the past and stop complaining, complaining won't do anything anyway. Oh, and if you're a gen Xer who even thinks about insulting me, then I don't care, hate me all you want douches. Good day.

What do you mean the fashion was good, from what I've seen the fashion was awful. And the hair and makeup for women was absolutely clown-like. I like the modern application of 80's styles more than how they were actually used in the time period. As for individualism? What about homophobia? Dislike for everything considered nerdy? From what I've read the 80's had no more individualism than later generations. People who strayed from the norm were seen as outsiders just as much as they are today, more so it seems. However, since I didn't actually live through the 80's I can't for sure say what it was truly like, but I'm sure it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows like the kids in these comments seem to think.

I was born in the '70s and I have to say I love the 80's. to this day still some of the best movies and music ever across all genre's. It was a simpler time and kids could still play outside until dark. Strangers helped make sure kids were safe instead of... well... what we have to deal with today. Mixed tapes! I loved listening to the American top 40 and recording all my favorite songs. and finally, video games, Nintendo released and the gaming world was changed forever... still some of the best games ever made. Pop culture was booming, great clothes and maybe not know for the cars they did have some that looked really cool.

2 1990s

I was born in 1992 so I consider my childhood to have been from approximately 1995-2005. I've only had one childhood so it's hard to compare, but I think there are some good reasons why this was a great, maybe the best, time to grow up. A few that came to mind:

1. Pokemon. It was everywhere. Cereal boxes, T.V., and of course gameboy. Every kid was into it. This was the golden age of Pokemon and as far as I can tell, no other pop culture phenomenon has ever captured the kid imagination like Pokemon did. It was magical.

2. Enough technology but not too much. I think today most people have unhealthy technology addictions (especially cell phone and video games). I have to battle it myself, and force myself not to look at my phone too much, etc. In the 90s and early 2000s, we had phones and video games, but it was hard to get addicted to them. They just weren't as bottomlessly deep as they are now. Phones made phone calls and video games were fun until you beat the last ...more

Just a great decade overall. It was probably the most peaceful of any decade in the last 100 years. Everyone had money and everyone was (relatively! ) happy. We had mobile phones and the Internet but they hadn't taken over our lives yet and we got great movies and T.V. shows. Global relations were much better than how they are in 2017. The 80's were good too but there was more war and poverty in that decade. Also 90's culture was the best in my opinion: beavis and butthead, the Simpsons when it was good, fight club, the matrix was what we were watching while the bands were fantastic, nirvama, chilli peppers, u2, stone roses, Fatboy slim. The 90's was the - kids would wake up and eat sugary ass cereal for breakfast, chill in school which was better than it is now due to there not being social media, then go smoke with their friends at 420, enough said.

The 1990s were the best decade because it was peaceful and prosperous.
If you preferred music or movies from other decades you could still have it. If you loved sports there was Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith, and a host of baseball players.
Racial equality was making definite progress and the bigots were quiet, unlike this decade!
The Cold War was over, and fear of nuclear annihilation gone.
We had good times with friends at parties, on long drives, in the forests, national parks, on the beach, and at the bars.
But we were enjoying a cynicism that had us feeling smug, but the cost of that self gratifying feeling was a lack of appreciation for the blessings of peace that we took for granted.
If we could go back in time to live a decade over again, correcting our mistakes too, I would choose the 1990s.

I would love to start at my current age in 1990. Even though I have never lived in 1990, I would love to try it because good TV was still being made and there was no social media. My favorite TV show is the Simpsons and I would love to go through high school and college while it was big. I would also know what's coming next.

3 2000s

Decent time. Partly that I grew up then, but also that technology was embraced without taking over like today. Music was still music, and before the financial collapse people were more optimistic and wealthier, despite any setbacks. Of course the world wasn't fully at peace, but has it been or will it ever be? But generally this decade and the 90's were generally void of the mass of hate, worry, and constant terror threat that plagues us today. Not to mention it was political correct enough to stop discrimination seen in the 80's and previous decades, without the over enforced PC standards that make comedy and general conversation rather stale today!

Very underrated decade. At least there was no fortnite, tik tok, or PewDiePie. Most of you probably hate it because of Justin Beiber.

I always wanted to be a 2000's kid. Even though I was a 2010's kid. I would see all the typical stereotyped things for it, including the flip phones, the music was great (I think so), the clothes were... cool I guess. Today, the music is crap, the clothes are... interesting, and people spend too much time on their phones! Did I mention fortnite? As a collage student, I wish I was in high school sometime in the 2k!

Underrated because of 9/11 tragedy sadly.
But 2010s are like 1960s with war threats through the whole decade its been threats of a WWIII.
Snowflake just meant snow, the lack of in some places.
No words like Digital Zombies...
After being told and convinced that the world won't end, I just looked forward to the 2000s, even had a toy that went um something like "Happy 2000" and I think it burst out laughing.

4 1970s

I totally agree, life was simpler. You were allowed to be a kid, to dress and act like a kid. We used our imagination and learned to make what we couldn't afford to buy. Teachers were respected and we knew we were in school to learn. No guns in school kids fought one on one with their fists. But they always made up later not this garbage, go home get a gun and kill them. People mattered. I can go on and on.

Although we didn't have the advanced technology things seemed pure. When I say pure I mean someone had to literally get up and do something to get something done, similar to the previous decades. No Facebook, no call waiting, no internet. News papers and evening news is where we got our info. Potato Chip bags were full with potato chips and not just air in the bag. Transportation wasn't as complex, train, bus or car. And as much as I hate to admit it...the T.V. shut down after a certain hour there was no information overload like it is today. Also there was less childhood obesity because we had to be active, unicycle, bikes, skate boards, Roller Skating. The down side for us was the Vietnam War, the Iranian Hostage situation, the Blackout and the Son of Sam that fateful summer in '77. In the 60's the country was in turmoil with race riots and as previously mentioned war. The best music was spawned in the 70's...musicians actually played instruments we used record players and not ...more

Ah, the 70's, what a great decade it was, what a great decade to be alive and be young. The music was by far the best, there were so many great rock bands and solo artists active and the King Elvis was alive until 1977. It was a kinder more simple way of life then, there weren't all the fringe factions staging protests and forcing themselves into our collective conscience. We were by todays standards innocent and life was good and America was a great place live and grow. We held the promise of tomorrow in our hands and the prospect of endless days full of fun, love, romance, and adventure and everything just seemed right with the world. I miss the 70's and would give anything if I could return to those days of warm sun filled days and the sweet Summer nights of my youth, to me those truly were the good old days. Now gone forever and only the misty memories of that halcyon era remain, forever etched in my memories, I shall never forget them.

The best decade by far. Tech wasn't great but it was good enough that life was still easier than previous decades but nowhere near overboard. You still could feel like you could accomplish things on your own and not rely on a computer to do it for you. They had easily the greatest music and cars and you could still trust the large majority of your community. Things where still made here in the USA and people who put in an honest days work made an honest days pay.Yes Vietnam was ongoing in the early 70's but outside that it was an era of peace and just the right balance of conservatism and progressiveness. Woman still had mostly traditional roles but it was no longer out of the norm for them to have careers. African Americans where finally beginning to be viewed as equals by the standards of law and society. The older men where hardened from ww2 and Korea and still could teach their sons to be tough and caring men who provided for their family. The lifestyle was one of freedom and ...more

5 1960s

My first decade with memories and it was by far the best, people were still in communities, sharing and helping one another. Politicians were older and wiser, we may of been poorer but life had a cadence to it.
Music was natural and real made by musicians with proper talent. loved every minute of it

Oh my, the 60's. I love everything about it! It all looks so cool (as in retro), just hanging out w/ your friends outside, that kinda stuff. Phones weren't a thing, so everything was just fine!

I am frankly disappointed with the rankings. The 80's? Are you joking?! I have one word- basic. 60's is fire. You disrespected the Beatles so I'm not letting it be. We had a few probs but they rolled on out.

In 60's you had Stanley kubrick and Alfred hitchcok making films.
Pele playing. Along with him Eusebio,Lev Yashin,Di stefano,Garrincha etc playing football.
You had Bobby Fischer Playing Chess .
You had the magic of Elvis Presley
The magic of Beattles.

You had like most of the best players of football playing and best filmaker making films and the best era of Music

6 2010s

If you hate no foreign wars, humanity progressing to its highest point, no terroist attacks, no ISIS, no hate groups, and good movies, then I guess it's a bad decade. Also, why is 1990's number 2? That had the Rwandan genocide, great leap forward, and the Oklahoma city bombing, which were all just as bad as all world wars combined.

This has to be like the most overhated decade out of any decade, many people hate the 2010's music, cartoons, movies, etc. Yes I know there were some trashy shows like TTG but we also had good shows like Regular show, I can't say nothing about music (I need to take a look), there was The Walking Dead which I liked. The 2010's aren't as bad as people say it is.

This decade is when humanity progressed to its highest point. No wars, no virus, nothing. This is only hated because of music/video games that should be irrelivant.

I was born in 1990 and remembered some of the 90s. Honestly, the 2010s has been a very good decade economically and with some political setbacks. As with the 2000s, people thought it was a horrible decade at the time and now it's at number 2! Once the 2020s come, this decade will be in the top 5. I know most middle aged adults complain about social media and phones etc but think of be other things this decade has - amazing healthcare, a stable (compared to most other decades) world, a strong and wealthy population, a decrease in poverty rates and a large increase in life expectancy. I feel this decade brings the benefits that no other decade has.

7 1950s

1956-1965. Although not a "decade", it is a ten year span than created a lot of good stuff. Morals were still high, economy boost of post-WWII, cars were getting faster and sleeker before the crazy fins of the late 60s. Civil rights and equality were gaining a lot of ground (a long way to go to be sure, but it was finally acknowledged and something was being done about it). A fist fight usually solved a dispute without someone pulling a knife or gun, and without going to jail. Music and entertainment exploded. Technology made life better but didn't rule our lives (you could get away from the job without being tethered with a pager or cell phone). Education boomed, but a student still had to do actual research. A lot of norms were questioned with honest intent to enhance society, rather than just to stick it to the man. I think this was the best time period since the 1900s.

To live in the United States, the 1950's was an amazing decade! WWII was over and US citizens benefited greatly from this victory. The dollar stretched far & wide, the cars looked tough and were super affordable. In the 50's, the Electric Guitar (invented in the 30's) had evolved music into modern day rock n roll: 1) Elvis Presley 2) Little Richard 3) Chuck Berry 4) Jerry Lee Lewis 5) Fats Domino 6) Buddy Holly 7) Chubby Checker 8) Bobby Darin 9) Richie Valens; all of these artists paved the way/influenced The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, etc. Drive in Burger joints, (like modern day Sonic) where all your friends would meet on a Saturday night with their radical cars and have clean fun. In the winter, the lakes were frozen enough to skate on, in the summer, beach houses were affordable enough to purchase (if that's your thing). Innocence still remained for most and family life was story like.
I'm sorry I missed it.

From one point of view, the '50s was economically and socially one of the best decades of the past century. From another point of view, the '50s were full of nothing but death and destruction, despair and anguish. As a white man, the '50s may have been the best decade to grow up in. As a black man, the '50s easily ranks at the bottom of the list.

Rupert Bear was on the best seller's list. Hollywood had greats. People had home grown vegetables and local beaches were empty

8 1920s

Personally everyone says it was worse back than but lets be honest with society today this country has lost the foundation and truth it was found on and I am majorly disappointed about it. I say that any decade before 2010 is a good decade.

The Roaring 20s! Men were men and women were women. It would be nice if the world got back to wearing suits and ties and skirts and heels. Romance and chivalry weren't dead.

1920s! The time when everybody wore suits and dresses, people had so much class. They were very polite. Like bro. I'd give second to the 70s and third to the 90s. Then the fifties.

Best decade for partying, classiness, disease, speakeasies, rich people, gun violence, and abuse overuse of alcohol! What a fun decade it was!

9 1900s

1900 - 1913 to me kinda look like the Late 1800s much like how 2000 - Early 2007 kinda look like the Late 1900s. For the start of an up and down century until the 40s, The 1900s actually looked like a pretty okay start for the century ( outside of McKinleys assistantion in 1901 of course ). Far from the best but this decade looked better than the horror that was the 1930s or WWI throughout the 1910s ( 1910-1913 and 1919 looked okay though ).

The very beginning, hardly anything to pass time on.

Ted Roosevelt is all I can say.

10 1940s

Even during the horror of war, this decade was calmer; slower-paced. The people stuck together; helped each other. The music reflected life during this era: softer; gentler; selfless people. I was born at the start of the Punk age when everything changed. I'd gladly be elderly in this age if it meant I could have experienced life during the 40s, 50s and 60s. I've always felt a little out of place; wishing I could crawl back to a time I have never and will never experience.

Why would anyone call this a good decade to live in? It had WWII, 11 million innocent people were killed by the holocaust, and Russia had Josef Stalin who killed around 14,5 million people.

Yeah, probably not the best time period to live in if you were German, Jewish, Russian, British, Polish or Chinese...

This wasn't a very good time because of WWII with millions killed. If you mean the 2nd half then it was good I guess...

The Contenders
11 1930s

Terrible decade! Worst than the 2010's, the great depression happened and WWII started in 1939. Do you people seriously think bad cartoons, movies, and music are worst than war? Grow up.

Great Depression Time so I think it's good it's not up top...

Good decade. The time of Hollywood's golden age

Watch O' Brother Where Art Thou? And you'll understand what I mean.

(Well, maybe not for the African American population. )

12 1910s

I'd probably say the 1930s is the worst but this is the 2nd. Kinda a scary time as WWI was one of the deadliest wars in history. 1910-1913 looked okay as well as 1919 but 1914-1918 must've been horrid at the time.

Worst or second worst?

13 2020s

I propose it will be a decade of prosperity in both material wealth and human ignorance. There will be world peace, but people will hate each other more and more. I see divisions, but I can also assure that this decade will be better than the 2010s, because to be worse is an impossible task.

My first decade of total adulthood, during 2010's I was 9-18. I'm very hopeful for the future spawning ahead of me, but I'm scared. Hypocrisy is bigger than ever. We like to think that we live in advanced civilisation and that we are cleverer than previous generations... but it;s a lie. Society became oversensitive and very hateful. Everybody thinks that they are experts and judge each other publically on the internet, crossing the line all the time. Comparing to all the previous decades from 1960's this was probably the worst beginning- burning Amazonia and Australia, Covid-19 pandemic, American-Iran quarrel, "Black lives matter" protests... I don't know what to say, I was born in 2000 and...I just wanna go back to 2000. It was only 20 years ago and I didn't really live in these times but I could without hesitation jump blindly to time machine and tell that it was more normal and better time to live. Times we live in are better than everything that was before 1960's, but 2010's and ...more

Hopefully, this decade will be better than 2010s. If not, then I'll be so disappointed because the previous decade lost our humanity

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