Top Ten Ships From World War II

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1 Bismarck

Engineering brilliance at its best. Not rivalled one on one in my view. Even the later US ships or those Japanese monsters

Tied up a good deal of the Royal Navy searching for her in May 1941.

The ship the most powerful navy in the world, the British Royal Navy, feared, the Bismark. Bloody powerful ship

2 Yamato

Bigger, badder, and much stronger then the Bismarck. The Yamato had 18 inch guns, the largest in the entire war, with an armor belt and size rival to none along with a massive array of AA guns(150 to be exact). It was the literal definition of a floating fortress. It took the entire US carrier task force to sink, which included over 400 aircraft and eight carriers. There is a reason it was know as the pride of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

It was the best ship in size, damage, defence, so I think it should have been the best. It took up to 14 aircraft carriers to take it down ang only 3 was standing the end!

3 USS Iowa

As an obsolete class of ships, this was by far the best ever built and one of the few that saw its role as a support vessel. This is a no brainier, the Bismarck was a pile of junk compared to it on so many levels. Sick of hearing about the Bismarck and even worse the hood! All around, this class of battleships had no equal and would be the one a smart individual would want to serve on! Best guns, better then the 18" of the Yamato, by far the best anti aircraft protection, armor belt, speed, radar aiming, damage control and it just gives on. Not saying it could not lose but it's the ship I would bet on to Win! In fact, if not this class then my next choice would be the Dakotas over the rest.

4 Enterprise

This ship was once the only operational US carrier in the Pacific at one point in WW2. The Japanese reportedly sunk it three times but the ship just got repaired. This ship allowed the USA to just hold on until the Essex class carriers came out. So feared by the Japanese they nicknamed it the Grey Ghost. Also sunk at least 2 of the 4 Japanese carriers at Midway. Most decorated warship in US history.

I like the Enterprise because she participated in many battles, like the 1942 raid on the Kwajalein, escorting the her sister ship USS Hornet at the Doolitte raid, then at the important Battle of Midway, helping US planes at the battle of Guadacanal, then the battle of Santa Cruz and other battles.

5 HMS Hood

The Hood - in my opinion - was a beautiful ship. The battle of the Denmark Strait was incredible and the story of the battle between the Bismark, the Hood, The Prince Of Whales and Prince Eugen should go down in naval history. Not only was it an amazing ship, the propaganda involving it and the spur of the navy when it was sunk was magical. Also, the Trpitz was terrible compared to the Hood. People in Germany didn't make days out of seeing it and they CERTANLY didn't care for it much when it was sunk.

Lucky it got a quick death. Almost cried when I heard the story.

6 HMS Warspite

A truly legendary ship, without this vessel, the Royal Navy would have had no truly great option for the greatest ship of all time. The Bismarck and USS Enterprise only sank one ship each. The Warspite sank three, in one battle. She suffered over 300 hits in WW2 alone, but still limped on. She scared away entire destroyer flotillas just with her presence, and the fact that she WOULD NOT GIVE UP. She refused to get broken down, she refused to sink, she refused to lose. She scored the longest main battery hit on a warship EVER, at 24 km, or was it 26? Either way, her legend as a true underdog still lives today. An old WW1 clunker managed to sink a majestic sleek Italian vessel that had just entered commission. I don't care about the Yamato, Iowa, or Bismarck, these ships are remembered for their size and power, but none of them did anything really great in the war. Two of them got sunk quickly, and the other one just sort of was there. Don't get me wrong, they were great, but not as great as this beautiful ship. And yes, I am English, but I am not biased at all. I just truly appreciate this ship.

7 Tirpitz

One of the most unrecognized ships in the entire war but strength, thickness of armor and speed doesn't matter if your ship has a long range of 35km and excellent Anti-Air.

8 USS North Carolina

North Carolina is the most successful US battleship of WW2 but a lot of people don't know about the ship and instead they look at Iowa. Iowa class battleships are completely overrated as they didn't play an important role in any of the wars.

Washington's hit rate on Kirishima makes her a strong candidate. Had she not stopped firing as she did not know where SoDak was (let alone actually got any help from her), Ms. W could have crushed a fleet by herself.

9 HMS Rodney
10 Admiral Hipper
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11 RN Roma
12 Blücher
13 HMS Belfast
14 USS Essex (CV-9)
15 Scharnhorst
16 IJN Musashi

I feel like it's the Musashi because it's the sister of the Yamato which is large, but the Musashi is slightly larger and she was a great ship until she sunk sadly.

It's the sister ship of Yamato, the most powerful battleship ever built.

Its as badass as the Yamato it just sacrificed some AA guns for Secondary guns

17 USS Missouri

She has survived two world wars, both won, the Cold War, Korean War, Persian Gulf and Operation Desert Storm, and it sank the Yamato during WW2. With a total of 71 years of service, I have to say it is the most powerful of all

18 Shōkaku
19 USS Arizona
20 South Dakota

Should be on the list, nearly as fast and potent as the Iowas but within treaty weight limits.

21 USS Yorktown

This ship Took magior hits in Midway. And even stayed afloat Till after the battle and was sunk by an enemy sub.

22 Gneisenau

Although not the best Nazi made warship, the Gneiseau has always been overshadowed by the Bismarck and Tirpitz. She has great guns and even better secondaries. Her main batteries have 2 (in a single battery) 380mm guns. Her secondaries shread small ships like destroyers to pieces if they get in range. Let's also not forget she has torpedoes on either side of her. From what I know, she is the only battleship (other than her sister the Scharnhorst) to ever have torpedoes. She isn't the best looking ship but she does have the firepower seen on Nazi ships like the Bismarck.

23 USS Texas

This ship served in Normandy and the placific. Won multiple accuracy competitions.

24 USS Johnston (DD-557)

Battle off Samar. Sunk Two ships, forced Yamato out of the battle, was crippled, STILL engaged 4 destroyers, ect...

25 German U-Boat

This I have to go for I give credit to just because I'm German but I'm also Italian so I have no favorites.

The most superior sub in the war in europe.

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