Top 10 Most Difficult Songs to Play on Amplitude

Amplitude was basically the protype kind of Rock band made by Harmonix. In the game you shoot notes and some songs are harder to play than others.

The Top Ten Most Difficult Songs to Play on Amplitude

1 Spaztik - Cosmonaut Zero

The most difficult song in the game.

2 Synthesized - Symbion Project

Very... difficult.

3 Push - Game Boyz

Self explantory try playing the song yourself in the game and chances are you'll get angered.

4 King of Rock (X-Ecutioners Remix) - Run DMC

One of the more difficult songs in the game.

5 Everyone Says Hi (Metro Remix) - David Bowie

So difficult I don't know where to start.

6 Respect - P!NK

Very difficult.

7 Urban Tumbleweed - The Baldwin Brothers

Difficult for the most part.

8 Dope Nose - Wheezer

Kind of difficult to a extent.

9 Baseline - Quarashi

Somewhat hard.

10 I Am Hated - Slipknot

Especially when it gets faster... then good luck.

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