Top 10 Reasons Why Nu Metal Isn't Metal

Nu Metal despite it's name is not metal. Here are ten reasons why. I don't hate this genre but it generally should be called something else. I'm not making this list to offend or anger people I'm just being honest.
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1 Rap and metal do not work together

It's funny because all the arguments on here are not even valid. They are easily counterable. Just because you have a preconceived notion of metal doesn't mean it's not what it is, preconceived and limited. Metal is way more than its base elements, and its boundaries can be pushed further, like any genre. Nu metal may be faraway from traditional metal, have eclectic influences, and all the like, that doesn't mean it's not metal if it keeps at least part of the base elements.

Rap Metal techinically doesn't exist in all honesty. Rap itself is focused on rhyming and rhytmn. While metal is influenced by classical metal and focuses on melodies. The two cannot mix or coexist for this very reason.

Rap and metal are very different, nu-metal bands either are mostly rap or mostly metal but suck either way because they are not focused on a particular genre

2 Just because there's heavy guitar riffs and screaming doesn't make it Metal

I think it's pretty obvious that punk or rock mainly consists of heavy riffs and screaming like a maniac. Metal music might have screaming in it to a extent but just because you can scream doesn't make you metal.

What a convoluted, over-parsing, ultra-fine point-making, pile of elitist BS.

3 Being aggressive and angry doesn't qualify as metal

Again this doesn't make anyone metal at all.

4 The overall sound is a mix of rock, punk, electronic and rap there's no metal in the sound

This explains itself.

5 Most of the riffs are either punk based or alternative

I'd like to think of Nu Metal as being a sort-of successor to 90s Grunge. There's a lot of similarities between Grunge and Nu Metal, including instrumentals, lyrical themes and vocals.

I kind of consider Slipknot metal to some extent. Linkin Park, Korn, and Evanescence are clearly not metal bands. They're still pretty good though.

However, my only problem is that Pantera has plenty of blues-style riffs, yet they're in the metal archives.

6 The vocals are rough, agressive and gritty but not melodic

Just because the vocals are aggressive and angry doesn't make them metal.

7 Metal vocalists generally focus on melodies and nu metal vocalists don't

I'm not saying Nu Metal doesn't have any melodies but it generally focuses on aggression and isolation which again doesn't make it metal.

8 The lyrical themes aren't something that is sung in metal songs

This isn't really a good reason though; yes, you're more likely to hear fantasy, political, or violent lyrics in real metal, but metal is mostly defined by sound. I can make a power metal song about sex, drugs, and rock n roll, yet it's still a metal song because power metal is clearly metal.

Their lyrical themes aren't bad but "I'm one step closer to the edge and I'm about to break! " isn't something you'd hear in a metal song anytime soon.

9 It doesn't have any metal elements

There's no metal elements in the genres or songs. And no Heavyness doesn't count as a metal element considering how bands like Skid Row can be heavy and it's generally more of a rock element.

There is the slightest trace of metal element, but no, that doesn't make it metal.

Some bands do have some metal elements. Just not enough to be in the archives.

10 The influences are mainly rock and rap there's no metal influences at all

Not only is there no metal influences there's nothing metal in the sound in general.

Not true actually, Slipknot, who was Nu Metal in the early 2000s, were inspired by bands such as Metallica, Black Sabbath

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11 Sounding very heavy and having some metal influences doesn't make it metal since nu metal fits into the hard-rock/punk category
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