Cars 3 Teaser Trailer Thoughts

MegaSoulhero THEY MADE ANOTHER ONE!? Cars was an ok movie but not something that deserved a sequel. But they gave it a sequel anyway and it turned out to be horrendously bad! And now they have given it another sequel that literally NO ONE asked for! And Pixar just released a teaser trailer for it so I'm gonna share my thoughts on it.

The teaser trailer is only 50 seconds long, but it is very dark! We see a race going on that Lightning McQueen is competing in but unfortunately, he loses control and he crashes, causing him to be badly damaged. Kind of like what happened to Doc Hudson back when he was a racer. Honestly, watching McQueen crash like that made me kinda sad. McQueen is my favorite character in the Cars franchise. And the animation looks so realistic that it looks like a real legit car crash! Man! The animation has REALLY improved! A lot of people hate Cars 2 and claim it as one of the worst animated films of all time if not THE worst, but Cars 3 actually looks like it might be good! From what I've read online, it will be about Lightning McQueen retiring after that accident and he will train another racer. So basically it's going back to the route (no pun intended) of the first Cars movie! Which is great because I have no idea why they decided to make Mater the main character of Cars 2! I'm just glad John Lasseter isn't directing Cars 3! This movie looks like it's going to be more emotional than the previous 2 movies. There are people who still aren't excited for it, which is understandable since Cars 2 was Pixar's worst movie!

I honestly have a little more faith in Cars 3 than I ever did! The animation looks awesome and it gets you right in the feels! So I might end up checking it out! But I am still mostly excited for Incredibles 2!


The Time Where People Bash Cars Is The Time I Like To Bash Finding Dory, But I Can't Do That Anymore because I Don't Hate Finding Dory Anymore, Besides Cars 2 Is Still Better Than Ice Age: Collision Retarded Stupid Gay Course - VideoGamefan5

Yep. - visitor

Lol that title you gave Ice Age. - visitor

YES I was hoping someone would talk about that trailer. That's something Pixar should've done a long time ago. Still, Incredibles 2 is gonna STOMP EVERYTHING. - Mcgillacuddy

I LOVE the first cars movie and it is one of my top 3 favorite animated movies of all time! I don't have a problem with cars 2 as I found it enjoyable.I am so excited for this one - Triceratops

Good post, the movie I want to see in theaters now is Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. - Skullkid755