Best Doctor Who Episodes (2005 Version)

Choose your best episode from your favorite british sci-fi show.

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1 Blink

This is the best episode out of the ten to choose from. Blink was an ace episode. Other good ones are Midnight and The Waters of Mars. Where are they. My Fave though is Human Nature and The Family of Blood 2 parter

This actually really freaked me out - nic1997ps3

AAAH! So freaky I'm gonna faint!

2 Doomsday

Ten years ago today this episode first aired. And it was the first episode I caught a glimpse of all those years ago. - IronSabbathPriest

Doomsday was awesome - 2storm

You idiots the episode is doomsday. Not the monster from dc comics

The Episode does not actully contain Doomsday. -_-

3 The Girl In the Fire Place

MY favorite is blink but I'm sure it will remain 1st this is an incredible episode one that will leave you heart in pieces and want to scream DAMN YOU MOFFAT! - Rodriguezjames55

4 The Stolen Earth

Pure brilliance and everything you want from a doctor who episode squashed into 45 minutes of bbc airtime: the daleks, planets, an impossible mission and to top it all off it ends on an intriguing cliffhanger.

A truly remarkable episode! Everything you would want with plenty of the companions returning since 2005! Extraordinary episode!

One of the most epic and tense episodes to date, truly some of RTD's best work.

Best. Episode. Ever.

It's got to be my favourite: all the Daleks, Davros' return (at last! ) and, of course Rose's return. Beautiful, pure Doctor Who.

5 The Doctor Dances

BEST Episode ever! The Doctor is amazing, the gas mask zombies are frightening, Jack is hilarious, Rose is fantastic (of course) and it's great!

6 Dalek

This episode was awesome! I literally CRIED when that Raleigh killed itself. Daleks are now my favorite villains (besides the Master... )

For the first time, Daleks aren't evil destructive monsters. You actually feel sorry for the most dangerous creature in the universe.

This is truly a beautiful episode. An episode where you feel bad for a Dalek. You also see how much the Doctor hates the Daleks. You feel that the Doctor has lost everything to the Dalejs.

7 Forest of the Dead

I love how it foreshadows River being the astronaut. When we first see her she is in an astronaut suit. That was one of the two things that I predicted correctly in the new series (River being the astronaut that "kills" the Doctor). I also correctly predicted that the ghosts in "Army of Ghosts" were Cybermen. - mister83e

I honestly love this one because you get to see a bit of who river song is. And at the beginning of this episode you are wondering what the gel is gonna happen because donna is on T.V. and he monsters are coming! Great episode!

The awesomest, no better way to put it. I really like blink too, but forest of the dead is just amazing

Better than every other episdoe

8 Vincent and the Doctor

I thought the acting was great. Just the emotion of it made it so real, so heartbreaking and filling at the same time. The monster wasn't that great, but I loved the fact that this episode focused more on giving hope to people rather than taking down an evil force. I loved the part where they said something along the lines of "Maybe we did make a difference after all" and it showed the "For Amy" painting. I mean sure, yeah, the monster too, but it just shows the humanity of it, that you can't always fix everything, and sometimes you have to learn to accept it.

Tony Curran is excellent in this one - dcsjmanche

I loved this episode so much!

9 The Pandorica Opens

The cyberman when he fights amy is amazing wow everyone vote fot the pandorica opens the cybermen are the best monsters in the world everyone vote them.! Bv

10 A Good Man Goes to War

I thought this episode was great because it showed that however alien the Doctor might be, he is still (somewhat) human-like; it showed his triumph, his downfall, and his anger, and seeing the Doctor angry is scarier than most of the monsters in this show. It's dark, and honestly, I really enjoyed it.

The Contenders

11 Heaven Sent
12 The Empty Child

Mummy are you my mummy best line made easy

13 Human Nature/Family of Blood

Superb acting. Well written. Showed the darker side of the doctor in the end. Full range of emotions! Tenant is fantastic/brilliant!

We asked for SILENCE! - IronSabbathPriest

14 Silence In the Library
15 The Impossible Astronaut
16 The Eleventh Hour

Nothing gets much better than Matt at his finest. Although not the best Doctor, this episode is the best opening story for a Doctor, ever.

Awesome. 7TH - WillSparrow

17 The Satan Pit

Awesome CGI and story

18 The Doctors Wife

I love this one! It's so sweet for the Doctor to finally meet the Tardis in real life!

The tardis, the doctors companion till the end

Doctor: Do you have a name?
Tardis: Seven hundred years, finally, he asks
Doctor: And what do I call you?
Tardis: I think you call me... Sexy.
Doctor: Only when we're alone!
Tardis: We are alone!
Doctor: Oh. Come on then sexy!
Best episode ever!

19 Midnight

For me this is the best Doctor Who episode. There's so much that adds to the episode and makes it great. This is the one episode that actually scared me. I was impressed. The dramatic buildup is excellent by the way. WATCH IT.

The best episode no matter what any say. Tension like a Hitchcock thriller, acting as superb as you'll find in any classic, and a masterpiece in writing. My number one.

20 The Angels Take Manhattaan
21 Fear Her

Why is this ahead of Human Nature/Family of Blood

I really do love this episode. A lot of people just glance over it, becase it isn't too important with regards to the underlying plot of series 2, but it's still a perfectly good episode. A brilliant one, in fact.

'This episode is stupid.

Hate it.

22 Journey's End
23 The Beast Below
24 Listen
25 Dark Water/Death in Heaven
26 The Parting of Ways
27 The Day of the Doctor

I just watched it. Very important episode. David Tennant comes back!

28 The Next Doctor
29 The Zygon Invasion
30 The End of Time

SERIOUSLY?! 20?! I absolutely LOVE the Master in this (he's so evil and insane) and I almost cried when David regenerated. It had a cool storyline and I think it's hugely underrated.

31 The Impossible Planet
32 The Big Bang
33 Victory of the Daleks
34 Asylum of the Daleks
35 The Waters of Mars
36 Voyage of the Damned
37 The Girl Who Waited

I think that this is one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever! Karen Gillan as Amy Pond is just unbelievable. This episode shows what it's really like with the Doctor - that it's not all fun and games and kill the villain. It shows how much of a pain it can be, and the trio are excellent in the episode!

38 The Runaway Bride
39 42

This episode was really underrated. The episode brought its usual sci fi brilliance and added emotion and drama whilst keeping the intensity of the count down. It's got all you want from a doctor who episode: a space ship, a villain with a catchphrase well developed sub- characters, drama with a hint of romance and an impossible mission against time.

40 Rose
41 The Sound of Drums
42 Aliens of London
43 The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe

The seventh Christmas special since the show's revival in 2005.

44 Love & Monsters

This was a totally fresh view at the Doctor. He's not just an alien time traveler, he's more of a legend. It explores the mystery around the Doctor and his companion, emotions and it's also very funny

So many people hate on this episode,
But I really like it. It was very moving and Shirley Henderson was awesome. It also had one of the best quotes ever. I'll leave u 2 figure out what it is!

45 Amy's Choice
46 School Reunion
47 Deep Breath
48 The God Complex
49 Army of Ghosts
50 A Christmas Carol
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