Top 10 Doctor Who Stories: The 9th Doctor

The Top Ten

1 The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

Just this once, everybody lives. This is one of the best stories in Modern Who.

Are you my mummy?! - Z14thdoctor

2 Dalek

The glorious return of the Daleks and one of the most morally questioning episodes in the series.

How Is this 4th it was brilliant

This episode quite literally made me cry. Unlike most whovians I am happy when the daleks come back

"You would make a great Dalek."
Hits right where it feels

3 Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways

One of my favorite episodes of all time - famsquad

4 Father's Day
5 The Unquiet Dead
6 Rose
7 The End of the World
8 The Long Game
9 Aliens of London/World War Three
10 Boom Town

Figures this episode would be last lol - famsquad

The Contenders

11 Retail Therapy
12 Only Human
13 Official Secrets
14 The Other Side
15 Weapons of Past Destruction
16 Winner Takes All
17 The Clockwise Man
18 The Bleeding Heart
19 The Window on the Moor
20 The Monsters Inside
21 Battle Scars
22 Night of the Whisper
23 The Stealers of Dreams
24 Doctormania
25 The Deviant Strain
26 The Oncoming Storm
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