Glen Power


Technically, musically, even lyrically (he manages that on the drums)... The kind of perfectionist who makes his intriguing rhythms look easy. That's when you know you've got a bit of a genius before you.

If you don't know who Glen Power is then you really need to go & see The Script perform live - this guy is a perfectionist as well as a performer. His drumming skills are exceptional & he is a well rounded musician as well. When you see him live he draws you in & you get the best performance from any band I have ever seen - they are totally in sync with one another & Glen on the drums is the icing on the cake!

Glen Power - the name says it all. His drumming performance is full of power where it's needed but also pure grace when he wants to accentuate the perfromance of the lead singer. If there would be a list of the most underrated drummers then he would sure be at Nr. 1. His drumming has nothing to do with simply hitting surfaces, it's like a whole choreography of passion. He's even able to play blindfolded like at the gig of the Script in Munich. And not to speak from his just as underrated talent in singing - his high notes are true killers. And Glen also plays the guitar and the paino... Need I say more?

You absolutely have to see Glen Power Live in action to appreciate the extraordinary talent he has. Due to his modesty and humility, and being happy to let other band members take centre stage, he is underrated as a drummer but his formidable live skills, dexterity and talent are what keeps his fans coming back for more! I love watching him in action!

Well there are some legends on this top ten but the difference with Glen Power is.. If you put him in a heavy metal band I'm pretty sure he would shine there too... Stuff it put him in the bloody orchestra (where they don't use drums) and he would make it work. He has a pure love for his talent and it shows

Glen Power is the best drummer I've ever seen in my life he gives everything to his drumming the passion shows in volumes he is always smiling and great with the fans he truly is the best drummer I've ever seen he lights up the room and you can see he must be exhausted he puts so much into his work drummers are hard worked but watching and listening to glen you would never know how hard it is to be a drummer he smiles all through it a true professional an inspiration to any up and coming drummers love his work so amazing

Glen Power is an unbelievably talented drummer, he is a versatile musician who can play a variety of music styles. He not only plays the drums perfectly but he also sings, plays piano and guitar and writes every song that he plays. He is such a brilliant performer and his skill on the drums can be heard clearly through every single The Script song

Please give him his rightful place at number one he is the best drummer I've ever seen in my life the passion is outstanding he gives it his all he is a truly amazing drummer never puts a step wrong amazing with all the fans he's just great to listen to and watch the hard work and his passion for playing drums the sound is amazing nobody like him that I've ever heard or seen

Glen is genuinely one of the most down to earth, talented and greatest men out there. He is part of the band The Script, and can play drums, guitar, piano and can sing. I can watch him play all the way through and listen to it and watch what he does. He can also play blindfolded!

Glen Power, the drummer of The Script, is the best drummer I have ever heard, he is so nice, he is present for the fans, he communicates a lot, he lives the music, he is funny, he is an amazing person, he is simple and pacific person. Glen Power deserves to be in the top ten

Glen as many talents, singing, and drumming being just to name a few.. He is so friendly when you meet him,.he puts everyone else before himself... He plays with a great group called the script whom I have seen live... Glen makes you feel alive when playing

Glen ist totally under rated! Recently he was playing blindfolded by his friend Danny's (The Script's lead singer) hand randomly and didn't miss a beat. He's got the POWER!

Anyone who has heard of Glen Power knows what a legend he is! He is so talented as he can play the drums, guitar and he sings so well! He is actually a bit shy but never shows it as he is on stage all the time, having the time of his life! I love Glen and as a member of The Script Family think he should be number 1!

Seen The Script many times and one of the things I love about them is they put their drummer to the front where they should be and not at the back so no one can see them, that's because he is amazing at what he does

He isn't just a drummer, beside his incredible talent he is such a kind and good lad. Always love his fans and interact with them when on stage. Beside the drumming he is singing as well and always trying to do more. He is a legend!

Glen Power is absolutely the best. The way he plays the drums is mesmerizing. While playing the drums, he still manages to hit amazing high notes while singing. He can't just play the drums, but also the guitar and the piano. He isn't just a great musician, he's also a great person, kind and talented... What more do you need to be the number one drummer? - Kathi

If you have never seen glen power then you have never seen a real drummer and I've seen a few in my time but nobody like him he is the most amazing drummer I've ever seen in my life he puts his all into his work and his fans he should be number one he deserves it love him lots best ever the passion shines from him

Glen power is the best drummer in the world nobody like him in the music industry and I've seen a lot of people my son is in the music industry he should be number 1 please get him up there as he is absolutely amazing best drummer ever he gives it his all never ever seen anyone like him

Glen Power is the best drummer in the world clearly not everyone has had the privilege of hearing and seeing the passion he's the best drummer I've ever seen in my life he is second to none he stands out above all drummers I've ever heard and with all that he has he truly is the best drummer in the business nobody and I mean nobody like him he is number one and should be number one

He's such amazing drummer with an incredible talent in him! He can sing, make a music, play piano, guitar gosh he got so many talents. The bonus thing bout him that he has a really nice attitude and lovely heart. He deserve to get more than 2 thumbs.

Glen is an amazing drummer! He always puts on a show and I find it hard not to stand in awe and watch him do his thing the entire show! I mean how many people can drum blindfolded and not miss one beat? Glen is the best

Glen is one of the kindest most talented men ever, his alien is endless and his dedication to the script and his two band mates Danny and Mark is just so beautiful, he's a brilliant guy and a brilliant drummer

Glen Power always amazes me with his incredible talent on the drums on every song, every time when I see The Script live he just makes me feel drawn to watch him. Like his name says, he defiantly has the POWER!

I know the rest of the guys are good but there's no one as good as Glen power he's the best drummer I've ever heard he is absolutely amazing best drummer ever anyone who has ever seen him will know this

I haven't seen him live in a gig but heard the way his play his things is amazing. Drumming and singing in the same time is beyond the words. His inner beauty comes out when he swings his sticks.