James The Rev Sullivan


Jimmy the rev sullivan should be the best drummer on this list. he has some of the most complex drumming rhythms I've ever heard. listen to beast and the harlot or natural born killer (even though mike portnoy played the track, jimmy wrote it originally). those are the most intense double-kick beats I've ever heard. and he's not just a drummer, he's a pianist, guitarist (slightly, did write some riffs from almost easy) and vocalist. he even had a side band called pinkly smooth. this guy deserved to be the number 1 drummer
R.I. P James Owen Sullivan or Jimmy The REV Sullivan

He has nowhere near the recognition he deserves. His talent on the drums is second to none. I think the reason he is often overlooked is because the people who are often placed ahead of him were part of much bigger and more popular bands. I mean just look at Ringo Starr, he couldn't do any complex pieces and often stuck to simple, bland beats. If he wasn't part of the arguably biggest band of all time, I don't believe he would even be mentioned. The Rev, I believe stands at least in the top three of all time it's just a shame that people don't know who he is as Avenged Sevenfold aren't exactly a household name

He was a beast and probably the fastest drummer I've ever seen. When I met him, he was the sweetest thing, just so nice to the fans, I know that's neither here nor there, but he was even nice when he was playing? He'd smile and wink from behind the set to the fans that go to every show in that area; just a salt of the earth sort of person. He was crazy (in the most wonderful best of ways) and if it weren't for him befriending everyone else, then we might never have had Avenged Sevenfold.

Rock In Peace. :')

The Rev is pretty epic. Don't think so? You haven't heard their album "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet". He was what? 18 when they made that? Darkness Surrounding's drum solo. Give that a shot and say he doesn't belong at #1. And don't think these votes are sympathy votes. He just has a lot of fans who know his talent. His skill while drumming and singing is absolutely phenomenal. Plus he wrote the majority of the songs so yeah. These votes aren't sympathy. They are pure fan votes.

He to me is definitely top 3 drummers of all time, vocals, timing, speed, everything. I just wish he had not been taken from us so early. But, Avenged Sevenfold is doing the right thing, they're not replacing him, instead they just have drummers perform for the songs. Watch the music videos, no drummer. Its the right thing, A7X will never be the same without him. But they are still an amazing band. Keep rocking' up in heaven REV!

He past away with dignity and talent, and ye he played for the greatest band. But it doesn't mean that he should be 3rd, he should be above that. Avenged Sevenfold couldn't make it without it but all these messes up bands get credit for ameture playing. James was the best and still is.

James Owen "The Rev" Sullivan was one of the greatest MUSICIANS to ever live, not only the best drummer of all time. No one can duplicate his double ride move and by age 10 he was covering Lars Ulrich (Metallica). The Rev also played piano and wrote some of A7x's most popular songs including "Afterlife". The man was a great drummer and not many could compete with his speed and NO ONE can compete with his precision.

I don't have a idea of who is Yoshiki Hayashi, but I'm sure of one thing : Jimmy was the best drummer of his generation. He was a pure genius not just as a drummer but in everything he touched.
He made, with Avenged Sevenfold, a wonderful work and he deserve to have the title of "Greatest drummer of all time".
Love you foREVer Jimmy.

I love Jimmy, I grew up just like he did, and I idolize him for that, He has touched me in so many ways with his drumming. Honestly, Jimmy should be #1 in this vote. He has so many fans, and so many people love him not only for his talents, but for his personality. Jimmy The Rev Sullivan, you will be remembered foREVer!

Of the drummers I've heard, I think The Rev was the best. I love his style and his dedication to his band. He was an inspiration person and will be in our hearts foREVer

A lot of people say he was ordinary. That is from the people who never thought to see them live. He is ridiculous! Plays just about all of his songs live with one hand while busy spinning his stick with the other. Agreeably not the best drummer in the world but I would put him up there for individuality

Jimmy put his heart and soul into his drumming. No matter what condition he was in he would always drum. I don't understand why he isn't higher on the list because he was and always will be a great drummer no matter what. He will be in my heart foREVer and whenever he is up for an award I will vote for him.

The Rev NEEDS to be #1. He's possibly one of the most multi-talented drummer ever. I honestly wish I could have gotten to A7x while the Rev was still alive, because that would have been the best thing in the world. I loved the way he made his own beats a really did create his own way of drumming.

He is the best drummer in the world not matter what you think. I don't know of very many drummers that can play piano, sing and play drums at speeds that put people in shock. The Rev is being cheated. You need to revise your lineup here. He deserves a higher position than third.

No one is givin him sympathy votes you idiots. Rev was one of the greatest drummer. Have you even heard his music? and he's used techniques shannon leto hasnt even heard of. Have you seen rev's drum set? What we are doing now by voting for him is honouring him.

the rev is simply a beast just listen to blinded in chains or listen to critical acclaim, he's the one singing in the chorus try to tell me what other drummer can play the drums insainly and play the double bass insainly and sing amazingly all at the same time - a7xfan69

Sorry, but its gotta be The Rev! From the first time he play the drum till the day he couldn't, he never failed to impress! Just an outstanding amazing guy who was very passionate and loved what he did.. And did it WELL!

His drumming is fast enough to kill lightning, hard enough to shatter a diamond and so perfectly executed that it becomes so engrained in your mind that it takes over the neurons that control involuntary breathing. Good luck breathing while sleeping - Synester

listen to the stuff the rev plays in his song it goes so well with the most talented band of our time and he still outplays em. he's lightning quick when he has to be but subtle and supporting when he needs to be. rest in peace rev, you're still the greatest.

Jimmy was so much more than a drummer. He touched everyone fortunate enough to know him. His vocals were solid. Chapter Four, Beast and the Harlot, the list goes on. He should have lived longer. I remember December 28, 2009 more vividly than 9/11 due to Jimmy.

NO DRUMMER can play with the speed of Jimmy and be able to SING BEAUTIFULLY at the same time. He was one of the most remarkable musicians that the metal world had ever seen. What a shame we lost him but he's still regarded as a brilliant drummer 9 years after his death - A7X3DGBB

Travis Barker should be number one followed by Dave Grohl and then Phil Collins all you Avenged Sevenfold fans are out of you Damn trees and the only reason why he is so far up on this list is because everyone's got a hard on for him because he's dead. If you voted for him over Travis Barker Phil Collins Dave Grohl or Ringo Star you're tapped and don't know music. You should also probably kill yourself as you most likely suck at life and are either still in junior high or living in your mothers basement.

The Rev is 6th. What is wrong with this list? This man had unparalleled technique and insane speed. Shame he had to die so young but as they say - 'The brightest always burn out too soon'.

Nobody will understand quite how Jimmy did his drumming style other than he uses every drum on the kit, as M. Shadows would say people can stand on the sidelines and talk but you won't experience Avenged Sevenfold unless you REALLY get into the band and not just the band but the lifestyle too. I'm intrigued on how Jimmy viewed life too. He could take any bad situation and make you laugh at it.

Cried when he died I like all of his vocals he could of been a singer in a7x he was in pinky smooth he is a little better than shadows love A7x he is all so good at piano and guitar but him being the singer takes away his amazing drumming rip the rev