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Neil Ellwood Peart, OC (born September 12, 1952 in Hamilton, Canada) is a Canadian-American musician and author, best known as the drummer and primary lyricist for the rock band Rush. Peart has received numerous awards for his musical performances.


Buddy Rich was the ultimate master of the quadruple paradiddle with step overs.

Keith Moon, the master of explosive-effortless fluidity.

John Bonham, the ultimate exponent of the driving single bass drum with explosive triplets

In fact, every other drummer on this list exceptional in their own ways, it is only Neil Peart who has the all round ability to equal each and all of them in the areas where they were singularly exceptional.

Neil Peart can play pretty much every style, Jazz/Big Band, Rock/Metal, I could go on extoling his virtuosity, but words fall to the level of poor poetry.

Every drummer on this list is great and I can think of a phalanx of other truly outstanding drummers and percussionists who merit the title "Great", but He is the master! Unquestionably, the greatest of them all.

Overall, probably the greatest drummer who ever lived... Loves playing 3/4 time over 4/4 signatures... Can play off beat with pedals while driving 16 notes and 17/9 on snare and toms... Older drummers would probably be intimidated from neils various styles and techniques, but what really puts him way above anyone else is that he can play any genre of music with no problems at all... Some drum magazines when having contests have omitted his name on purpose because he would be a shoo- in to win every time...

Neil Peart is the best drummer ever and ever and will remain there for eternity. Nobody could beat the old drummers. I don't listen to much to THE WHO but what I heart about him fascinates me. My favourite band is Led Zeppelin and that's why Plant is my favourite vocal, Page is my favourite guitarist and "Bonzo" my favourite drummer. But I must be realist and say that they are in top 3 on what are they doing but not on the 1st place. Greetings from Romania. See my top 10 guitarist. - Cesterika

Neil Peart is undoubtedly the Best of all thats all that needs to be said. But wether your just a listener or a drummer yourself Know this. There are good drummers and there are great drummers some of wich have been overlooked on this list. Ian Paice(DeepPurple), Alan White(Yes), Carmine Appice has played in several Bands, a very solid Rock Drummer. Billy Cobham Jazz Drummer arguably as good as Peart. I think you young punks need to do some more listening. - Wolf

If you don't have Peart at number 1 clearly you never lisened to a Rush song, a band that has a top 5 guitarist, the best bassist of all time, who happens to be one of the greatest singers ever, and the drummer stands out more than anyone else in the group, and by a mile, you have to realize he's pretty good, this guy can rip solos like it's a joke, he makes it look effortless, he literally can play 4 diffrent time signatures at once, there is 4 men in the world who can do it, and he is one of them, his ability to have the foot pedals going and not have a single complication with his insane drumming, I think he earned a name that no drummer will ever have, Neil Peart was Rush's lead, he was their best player, a band that good and they still have a stand alone great... There is so much more you can say about this guy, but I'll leave it at he's the GOAT

There are many great drummers, but none of the others have the pure talent as a total percussionist of Neil Peart. The way that he manages all of his percussion instruments (drums, cowbells, wind chimes, etc. The list is endless) and hit every note to almost exacting quality every time is unequaled by anybody else. He has continually lived up to his nick name 'The Professor'. I have only been fortunate enough to see Rush play live once in my life and watching him work his magic was an experience.

You can watch numerous drum solos by numerous, fantastic drummers yet no one seems to even come close to the skill and -almost as important- variety of Neil Peart. Make no mistake, this is not what he is all about either as anyone who has heard the likes of Tom Sawyer and the beginning of the spirit of radio amongst many many others will tell you. Oh and just for good measure he writes all the lyrics for one of the greatest rock bands ever!

Neil is, without doubt, the best modern drummer nowadays, even though I would give Buddy Rich the number one on this list. What people must understand is that, ok, you can work hard and perform nearly with perfection what Neil has already composed, but it is the pioneering at drumming composition that made him so great throughout the years, since the 70s until today. Take La Villa Strangiato, which is a drumming benchmark, and the brilliant introduction in Armor & Sword from Snakes & Arrows as some examples of stupendous combination of skill and precision, matching what Rush has proposed as progressive rock. I bet another drummer like him happens once in a generation.

Neil Peart is clearly the best. Not even close, as a matter of fact. Replaces an entire African tribe, played the most difficult drum solo of all time, has showed the most skill, has the most complicated, well written drum beats for his songs, and the best drum fills. He can cover any song or solo ever made, and is way better the John Bonham, who is maybe the 40th best drummer of all time. - maggot-104

The Professor, but modest enough to want to be seen as a student. His drumming provides not one, but two extra instruments - rhythm and atmosphere. He is astonishing live, and must be one of the rare musicians who can not only reproduce exactly what was laid down in the studio, but improve on it! Just glad to have lived through his career, seen him live and grown up enjoying a Neil Peart beat to my life.

Anyone who doesn't think that Neil Peart is simply the best rock drummer of all time obviously doesn't know a thing about the technical drumming. He is a genius in both creativity and in performance. Sure, Bonham was amazing as was Moon, but neither of those guys could pull off with precision the many mind-blowing solos and fills that Peart puts together. He is a god among men in drummer's world!

No one touches him. All the other use double bass drums to get the sound Neil gets with one. He is the most prolific and technical drummer anywhere. The other drummers here are famous but not better. Bonham was a power hitter with good songs to back him up. Moon was sloppy but well known. I think Taylor Hawkins is an awesome drummer. I saw Portnoy on that metal show and he looked lost in his solo.

Good god it doesn't take an autistic drumming prodigy to know that neil is the best guys. Bytor and the snow dog, yyz, main monkey business, natural science, digital man, and don't forget his drum solo, the the best drumming performance ever exhibited by anyone ever and most likely to come. This list is terrible, I used to like this website.

I spent my life believing Neal was the drum god. Then I found out I was wrong. Buddy Rich is the drum god. Watch a video of him on YouTube. If this statement shocks or offends you take it up with Neal Peart or any other drummer on this list. They will tell you Buddy Rich is an inspiration, he was phenomenal.

When you go to post a comment it says "Thanks! Please share your opinion. " there is no opinion when assessing music. Neil Peart can play more difficult things then any other drummer, that is a fact. Opinion would be if you like the way his drum solo sounds, or if it is pleasing to you. His skills have nothing to do with that

Neil peart is clearly the best drummer of all time. he can play everyone of buddy riches songs and has played the best drum solos of all time (R-30, Buddy Rich Memoriol). he could play anything that Craig MacIntyre and Yoshiki Hayashi can play, period. listen to yz and la villa strangiato - tonses

The best technical all around drummer of all time. No one else even comes close to this man. Listening to NEIL PEART play the drums just leaves me simply amazed at how great he truly is. He is the undisputed champ of his profession bar none. Long live RUSH and NEIL PEART.

In most categories, it's difficult to pick an all time best ever. But for me, if I was given the chance to start a band and hand pick any musician in their prime, Neil Peart is going to be my drummer. I never understood the Bonham worship from rock fans. Separate Bonham from all the Zeplin hits and he's a good basic drummer. Peart can fit more (perfect) licks in a simple fill then any drummer in their best solo. Ginger Baker or Buddy Rich would be my second and third choice.

Who the hell has Shannon Leto influenced? On the other hand, who the hell has Neil Peart NOT influenced with regards to drumming?

Strangest list I've seen in my life... It's a bit like saying Hulk Hogan is a better actor than Marlon Brando...

If anyone questions why I think Neil Peart is hands down the best drummer of all time, I tell them, among other things, that he is so great people pay homage to him in car commercials. When Volkswagen has a guy air drumming to "Fly By Night, " you know that nobody else holds a candle to him.

By far the best! I have been listening to Rush since the late 70's and I am never let down when it comes to his precision and creative playing. He is not flashy by any means but Professors seldom are. His knack for fitting many styles into one song is unmatched as is his uncompromising attention to detail!

There is just no comparison. He has the best technique of anyone in the world. He has the ability to play almost every style of music while most people are just really good at playing one style. Not only does he have variety, he is probably better at every variety than most of these people as well.

Neil Peart is an incredible drummer, I am not a musician so I can only judge him as a fan. I've seen countless video clips over the years of some pretty famous drummers who swear Neil is the best. They have praised this mans style, ability and dedication to his art.

Neil Peart is the best and where the hell is Mike Portnoy he is number two. Lars should not be on here, but if you go by ego he should be beyond number one. No Jimmy Chamberlain either, this list sucks.

To the people who was like saying you never heard of Rush or this Rush song if you do not put Neil Peart at number one. Lololololololollololo you people need to shut your mouth. You people who are saying that must be fantards. The drummer of Blue Cheer Paul Whaley is better and should be at number one. Paul Whaley plays the drums all over. Other drummers are not like that and a lot of them just keep like a steady beat and are like have a more clean beat. Neil Peart is like that/too neat too. Listen to the drum solos on the tracks Second Time Around and Parchment Farm to know how great Blue Cheer is. I would rather play like Blue Cheer over Neil Peart. Blue Cheer makes the best music. This also goes to anyone who says rude, not nice and jerk things over the fact just because people liking this drummer the over the other. - BlueFuse