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201 Shuji Suematsu
202 Shiva Mani

He is best in India and he is one of fast drummer with more instruments

V 1 Comment
203 Shannon Larkin

Are you taking the piss of me, Shannon Larkin #231? His playing is great, and when he unleashes his full energy, Joy of playing, potential, and unique style... it's unreal. I bet the half of the voters here didn't even hear Shannon playing what he is capable of and at his best. Definitely deserves to be way higher.AT #231? Shows why 99,99 % of voters here are dissing the list, LoL...But Seriously, His playing is great, as said unreal and Wicked... Definitely deserves to be way higher.

204 Ray Luzier
205 Scott Columbus
206 Joe Rickard


207 Jerry Mercer

Should be on this list

208 Alvaro Lopez

I think this guy can compete with anybody, he created his own style.

209 Buddy Miles V 2 Comments
210 Scott Rockenfield
211 Hal Blaine

Should be in the top ten. Probably played on most of the songs you attribute to other drummers.

212 Earl Palmer
213 Topper Headon

Yay, Topper Headon, heartbeat for The Clash! He was just right drummer for the said Clash; no other would do, in my view

214 Benny Greb V 4 Comments
215 Dale Crover

So underrated, should be a lot higher

Why is he so low? - Gruunge

216 Anandan Sivamani

Just YouTube about him

217 Earl Young

Drummer for the trammps disco inferno and the drummer behind all of that great music from Philadelphia international the sound of Philadelphia gamble and huff productions

THE best

218 Jon Fishman
219 Mickey Hart

Mickey should in the top ten. This guy invented instruments, won awards for new beats, and plays a style that cannot be replicated. He has left his mark on percussion, and is far from done.

Where does this Drummer fit in the list?

220 Bernard Purdie V 1 Comment
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