DuckTales Review - Season 1 Episode 8: The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra! (SPOILERS)

MegaSoulhero I should’ve posted this review on Halloween but oh well. Anyway, the Living Mummies of Toth-Ra is the episide to air after the Mark Beaks one which I wasn’t a fan of. But I’m gonna tell you right now that this episode is MUCH better than the previous one!

Scrooge, Launchpad, and the kids go on a trip to Egypt to find the tomb of Toth-Ra. It’s great that we get to see them go on another adventure. The previous episode was just them trying too hard to appeal to this generation! And they failed miserably! While in the pyramid, Dewey is hoping that they will see an army of mummies. Huey, being the genius that he is, tells him that it’s unlikely since mummification was an expensive process. This kind of foreshadows later events in the episode. Scrooge then opens a door and we expect something to be behind the door, but there’s nothing. Then in a clever surprise, they fall through a trap in the sand. And this causes them to go sliding down through different sides. Huey, Dewey, Scrooge, and Launchpad slide through the left side and Webby and Louie slide through the right side. And this leads to two different plots which I thought was very well done. Scrooge and the others hit the ground and discover mummies. And this is already better than the recent Mummy remake. Which isn’t saying much since that movie was garbage. Anyway, it turns out that they aren’t mummies and they just dress like mummies to worship their leader. One of them is voiced by Cree Summer. A very great voice actress. And I really like her character in this episode. Her name is Amunet and she is the leader of the descendants of the servants of Toth-Ra. Their families have been serving the pharaoh for years. And they have been in that pyramid all this time and aren’t allowed to leave. And seeing what they’ve been doing in their the entire time, it’s kinda sad.

After Scrooge wonders where Louie and Webby are, we see the two in a room filled with treasure. Which Louie becomes obsessed with. And Webby reads a prophecy that says something about a curse and being trapped their for all eternity. And yeah. Webby’s able to read it because of course she is. I love how Louie pretty much acts like Scrooge in this scene. He’s basically swimming around in the gold coins. I thought that was pretty funny. Meanwhile, Amunet shows Scrooge the temple of Toth-Ra. Scrooge tells her to take him to him since the other two kids are trapped. Once the pharaoh showed up, they gave him an offering and he rewards them by opening part of the pyramid very briefly which shows them the sun. And since they never go outside, this is a big deal for them. And that makes me feel even more bad for them since that’s the best reward they’ll get. Huey explains that the pharaoh can’t actually give them the sun to which Amunet replies by saying that Huey isn’t the sharpest sickle in the shed. BURN!!!! Also, I actually looked up what a sickle is since I’ve never heard of it until now. Webby and Louie are still in the treasure room and Webby tells Louie not to touch anything because the stuff might be cursed. This kind of reminds me of the Cave of Wonders scene from Aladdin for some reason. Obviously, Louie doesn’t listen to Webby and tries to grabs some gold as well as a jar that has a kidney in it. Louie is disgusted and Webby is fascinated. That was pretty funny. I just love how Webby is so interested with these kinds of things. It’s another reason why she’s an enjoyable character.

Unfortunately for them, one of the guards finds them. Then Scrooge attempts to get in there to rescue them. But anyone who enters the pharaoh’s chamber never returns. So Scrooge and the others try to convince Amunet and the other servants to rise up against Toth-Ra. But they don’t want to since they have everything they want in that pyramid and they don’t care about going outside. That is until they see Launchpad eating a burrito and they become fascinated with it. I don’t blame them since burritos are delicious! So yeah. That was enough to convince them to rise up against Toth-Ra. The power of the burrito! Webby and Louie got tied up for intruding and are being sentenced to death. But Webby buys them some time by telling the guard that there has to be a ceremony first. They escape and while hiding from the guard, they find a hidden passage. Louie was the one who pointed out the pictures on the wall and Webby was the one who noticed that it didn’t make sense. Team-work! Scrooge and the others try to come up with a plan to go up against Toth-Ra. Each of them contribute somehow. Dewey tells some of them to act like mummies, which of course is a bad plan since Toth-Ra is a mummy; Huey comes up with a strategy of sneaking, which Amunet says won’t work; and Launchpad teaches them how to wrap burritos. Because why not? While Webby and Louie are still escaping, they end up in the same treasure room where they started. Lol. But this time, they get a visit from Toth-Ra. Which means certain doom for them.

The servants start charging up to the temple, but they have second thoughts about it since they’ve been serving Toth-Ra for years. And then Launchpad gives them a speech about burritos. Seriously, this episode making me hungry! While Webby and Louie are talking to Toth-Ra, it’s discovered that he is just a giant puppet being controlled by someone from behind. Yep! That is a flat out reference to Wizard of Oz! The thing with the pharaoh turned out to be a con so the guard can keep the offerings that the servants bring to Toth-Ra. Scrooge and the others make it into the temple. Louie then pretends to be Toth-Ra and tells the servants to lock up the guard. How did Louie learn how to control the puppet in such a short amount of time? Scrooge reads the last part of the prophecy that Webby was reading earlier. It says to beware all those who cross Toth-Ra past a seal. Louie accidentally causes Toth-Ra to fall past that seal and he comes alive. This leads to such an epic battle sequence! I said it once and I’ll say it again, it is far more entertaining than the recent Mummy remake! There’s also this one funny moment where Dewey and some of the servants are doing the Thriller. That was hilarious. Toth-Ra chases after Louie while he’s carrying some of the treasure, Webby blinds the mummy by opening part of the pyramid to reveal the sun, the servants wrap him up in a tortilla, and they put him back across the seal which causes him to go back to sleep. This entire scene was extremely great! These characters manage to come up with great strategies! They make it outside, they all get burritos, and Louie promises to listen to Webby more and won’t “pull a Louie”. We all know that’s not true. Amunet gives Launchpad a khopesh as a reward and the episode ends with Scrooge trying a burrito for the first time. Wait. In all the years Scrooge has been living, he has never had a burrito until now? Poor guy.

This episode is great! Seeing these characters go on adventures is always entertaining to watch! The scenery even looks amazing! They did an excellent job at capturing the feel of being in a temple! And that scene where they’re fighting against the mummy was really cool! Definitely a great episode!

Score: 8/10