Top 10 Best Ducktales Episodes

DuckTales is a 1987 American animated television series centering on Scrooge McDuck and his three grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie on various globetrotting adventures in search of treasure and fortune.
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1 Master of The Djinni

Scrooge and Flintheart Glomgold both get their hands on the magic lamp Aladdin and to decide who becomes the rightful owner of the lamp the Genie Djinni decides to hold a race, but realizing that no matter who wins he'll be a servant again no matter who wins Djinni sends both back in time to prevent wither from winning.

The final clip in the opening comes from this episode

2 Earthquack

Scrooge discovers that the recent series of earthquakes are caused by rolling creatures competing in a game of Roll and Crash and Scrooge has too put a stop to the games before his Money Bin gets destroyed.

One of the most iconic episodes

3 The Golden Goose

It's a King Midas story in which Scrooge finds a statue that can turn anything into gold. It's emotional and heart wrenching, especially when the nephews are turned into gold. As the series finale it ends with a bang.

4 The Treasure of The Golden Sun: Too Much of a Gold Thing

The fifth part of the 5 part pilot Scrooge the boys, Webby and Mrs. Beakly finally arrive at the valley of The Golden Suns and discover a whole temple filled with gold Scrooge gets gold fever and opens all the doors causing the whole temple to melt and rise all while dealing with El Captain who's also after the gold they nearly escape Indiana Jones style, though they fail to get the gold Scrooge does get a gold painted plane and set off to another treasure hunt.

5 Armstrong

Gyro creates a super powerful robot Armstrong who can do anything even fly a plane, Launchpad challenges Armstrong to a race and loses Scrooge is so impressed he gets Armstrong to work for him and of course Armstrong becomes too smart and takes over Scrooges Money Bin locking Scrooge and Gyro up with Launchpad having to come to the rescue and best the machine.

6 Micro Ducks from Outer Space

Always makes me hungry for sugar

7 The Treasure of the Golden Suns: Don't Give Up the Ship

The series pilot. It might as well have been released to theaters, because it's so epic and cinematic.

8 Where No Duck Has Gone Before

Love the William Shatner reference

9 Down and Out in Duckburg

In the episode Scrooge acts like a total jerk after raising the rent on one of the business and refused to help the poor or give money to someone to fix the their ship and ends up getting a taste of his own medicine after an old family debt causes him to lose his fortune and house to Fritter O' Way leaving Scrooge and his family out on the streets and suffers the wrath of the people who he refused to help strangely enough one person does end up helping him get his fortune back and Scrooge learn the valuable lesson of the real golden rule of treating others the way you'd want to be treated.

10 Home Sweet Homer

Scrooge and the boys get sent back in time to ancient Greece while searching for a lost city and helps Homer sail back home and defeat the evil sorceress Circe from taking over his kingdom.

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11 The Curse of Castle McDuck

Scrooge, the boys and Webby travel to Scrooge's ancestral home of Scotland and get involved in a mystery involving castle Mcduck, druids and a ghost dog.

I repeated this episode a lot of times @

12 Catch as Cash Can

"A sea monster ate my ice cream! " LOL

13 The Good Muddahs
14 The Duck in the Iron Mask

It's just as captivating and emotional as the film it's based on

15 Sir Gyro De Gearloose
16 Once Upon a Dime

Scrooge's origin story. Anyone who worked for the American Dream can relate to Scrooge as he struggles to pull himself by his bootstraps.

17 Duck to the Future

Scrooge gets sent to the future and finds it no taken over by Magica De Spell after stealing his number one dime and his nephews have been turned into greedy business men and Scrooge with help from his future friends has to get back in time and prevent the disastrous future from happening.

18 The Money Vanishes

The Beagel Boys spring out of jail and steal Gyro's new invention that allows them to transport things from one location to another and use it to steal all of Scrooges money and Huey, Dewey and Louie have to stop the Beagel Boys and return Scrooges money and of course hijinks ensues.

19 Raiders of the Lost Harp
20 The Treasure of the Golden Suns: Wronguay in Ronguay
21 Back to the Klondike
22 The Treasure of the Golden Suns: Three Ducks of the Condor
23 The Treasure of the Golden Suns: Cold Duck
24 Super DuckTales
25 Hotel Von Schnabel

Deserves to be higher. One of the best Ducktales episodes.

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