Top 10 Early Metal Songs with the Best Solos (1970-1979)

While I don't like lists with similar items in the top 10, I couldn't avoid this here for several reasons:

1) Obviously Ritchie Blackmore was the best and most prolific metal soloist of the 70s (Rainbow, Deep Purple)
2) There weren't many metal bands in the 70s to choose from
3) Even the bands that created some metal songs didn't have many metal songs
4) Not all metal songs of the 70s have impressive solos

The Top Ten

1 A Light in the Black - Rainbow

A criminally underrated metal song and solo. This solo has everything needed for the #1 spot - speed, intensity and technicality. And it's like 2 minutes long. Oh, and there's a crazy keyboards solo.
Also, to me this is the most advanced, the "most metal" song of the 70s, taking into account all its elements - guitars, vocals, drums, speed, epicness, composition. - Metal_Treasure

2 Stargazer - Rainbow
3 Highway Star - Deep Purple

I will never be able to choose between Highway Star and Child in Time solos. But I put Highway Star solo higher on this list for 3 reasons:
1) Highway Star is a "more metal" song; 2) its solo is a "more metal" solo (it's classically inspired, J. S. Bach); 3) this solo was more influential towards the metal solos in the future. - Metal_Treasure

4 The Wall - Squadron

The songs is from 1979 and it's a very developed metal solo - very fast, 50 seconds long and neoclassical. - Metal_Treasure

5 Child in Time - Deep Purple
6 Beyond the Realms of Death - Judas Priest

A song with 2 solos - I have a soft spot for the 1st solo: it's very emotional, especially its last notes are very sad (a solo by Glenn Tipton). - Metal_Treasure

7 Kill the King - Rainbow
8 Stallions of the Highway - Saxon

A 1979 song with 2 fast solos: the 1st one is about 35 secs long, the 2nd solo is short but the whole song is under 3 minutes and the solos are like 25-30% of the song. - Metal_Treasure

9 Gates of Babylon - Rainbow
10 Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath aren't known for their solos but I like this solo - it's not very long (25 seconds) or very very impressive but it's faster and more technical than the typical Black Sabbath solos. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Burn - Deep Purple
12 Tyrant - Judas Priest

Not very long (30 secs) but a good solo. - Metal_Treasure

13 Eyes of the World - Rainbow
14 Stained Class - Judas Priest

This is a relatively short solo (23 seconds) but it's very good. It sounds very Ritchie Blackmore-esque. - Metal_Treasure

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