Top 10 Worst People to Work with in a School Group Project

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1 The dilly dallyer

What the Dilly Dallyer does is...well, mostly anything besides what you're supposed to be doing. They sing annoyingly, have off-topic conversations, draw on the table, etc. They are extremely annoying to be in a group with!

I'm that person, but I then get the work done and become the smartest one in my group. (I'm so smart).

They are usless! PS if someone like this is working with you on a project tell the teacher because your doing all the work and they won't get a mark

2 The stuck up popular girl

The stuck up popular girl does not care about her team or her work! Instead, she only cares about herself and touching up her makeup.

Yeah,a lot of popular kids in general can be rude I've had friends who were popular but now I have very few friends in my new school.-DarkBoi-X

3 The complainer

This one is quite self-explanatory. All the complainer does is complain about how they have to do the work and how boring it is.

4 The blamer

This one is also quite self explanatory! The blamer always causes chaos somehow in your group, and then blames is on someone else.

That's if the blamer has anybody left who even wants to be in a group with them.

5 The “ew”

This is my least favorite kind of person to be in a group with! They always tell gross/inappropriate jokes, and everyone finds it hilarious, but I hate it so much! That's why I put them at #8 because other people seem to enjoy having this person in their group.

Unfortunately these kids are common in 5th and 6th grade.I can confirm because I am in 6th grade now.-DarkBoi-X

6 The BFF

What the BFF does is only talk to their best friend, no matter if they're in the same group as them or not. They also yell across the room to their friend, it's quite annoying.

7 The prankster

The prankster always finds ways to prank their group! Some popular pranks are setting food/whoopee cushions on people's chairs, putting clear nail polish on pencils and erasers, and replacing the correct answers with wrong ones!

8 The know-it-none

What the know-it-none does is...well, they just don't know anything! Sometimes, they are dumb on purpose just to annoy their group. Either way, it is extremely frustrating.

9 The copycat

Some people love being in a group with the copycat, because they get free answers. But the people in my class seem to only copy the least smart people in class!

10 The music fan

What the music fan does is just listen to music for the whole class. They never listen to their team because their earbuds are turned up all the way!

They are like those televangelists. They always want to talk about their music, but never listen to your taste of music

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11 The bossy person

I hate these kind of people! There was this guy in my group who bossed us all around and barley did anything. When we called him out, he started accusing us of pointing fingers, and for starting a problem. In reality, he was the one pointing fingers and creating chaos. He's so delusional omg.

12 The one who does nothing but disagree and judge your ideas

I hate these kind of people! It's one thing to have different opinions, but to act like your opinions are better, is really unnecessary. In a group project, you're supposed to listen to everybody's ideas. Not just one person disagreeing with everybody and only choosing their opinions.

13 The clingy one

I cannot stress how annoying these people are. They somehow manage to find where you hang out with your friends and worm their way into your friend group. They always follow you around and talk about their lives while they don't even listen to YOUR stories. They think that them asking you how your weekend was means that they can now talk about how they had diarrhea and went to the hospital over the weekend. This is especially annoying if the person is of the opposite gender; they look so annoyed when you talk about your guy friends (it's kind of creepy because it makes them seem over-possessive).

14 That one kid who brags about their grades

Yeah like we get it. You're good at math. So am I. Stop talking about it so much.

15 The SJW
16 The one who can't take a joke
17 The angry smart kid
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