Top 10 Worst Times to Fall Asleep at School

It's a universal experience - we've all felt the sting of sleep deprivation during a particularly long lecture or struggled to keep our eyes open while studying. But, trust us, some moments are far worse to catch some z's than others.

Vote on the scenarios you believe deserve the top spot on this cringe-ladder of ill-timed snoozes. And hey, feel free to add your own unique moments to this growing catalogue of unfortunate nap times.
The Top Ten
1 During a test

Once I fell asleep during my spelling test I had 4 answers out of 12 and the 4 answers were spelled wrong as well then I got a 0% mark, my parents were not impressed, I had to rewrite the text the next day got a higher mark

Once I fell asleep during my spelling test in grade 5 I got 0%, I had to rewrite the test on monday since the test was on a friday, I remember getting 1 wrong that time

Hey congrats you failed on your future planning ahead schedule bu-bye!

2 While at recess

Well not sure how kids fall asleep at such an early age, but okay I guess sleep on the cement or grass as you wish.

Then you miss the only good part of the day!

How so you sleep at recess?

3 During a fire drill

During a real fire would be a billion times worse.

Then no one can go back in until they find you.

Well it is just a drill

4 During dodgeball

Imagine and bam you got a worst kind of wake up call.

That would be the worst if I fell asleep during a dodgeball game

5 While in the bathroom

Then there's a detention for you in store for staying in the bathroom too long.

Not sanitary snoozing conditions!

6 When sitting next to your crush

Some kid did that, and this class has desks really close together. So the kid was drooling and snoring in his crush´s face.

That would be the worst, I never got to sit by my crush, but if I did and I fell asleep, it would be odd

I guess someone likes their crush so much that they fall asleep just looking at them

7 When the teacher is giving you instructions

There is this one student in my class and he falls asleep so easily when the teacher is teaching a new lesson. Nothing wakes him up. I mean, some students were talking so loudly and he was still sleeping. When he falls asleep, the teacher ends up calling his name a few times and he still didn't respond. Then the teacher walked up to his desk and rubbed him and luckily he woke up. Because he falls asleep in class, he sometimes doesn't know what to do for tests.

Once this happened to me on a monday morning, I didn't know the instructions, my teacher also got mad when she woke me up

Then you won't know what to do.

8 When the bell rings

It's pretty much an alarm going off as you doze off.

9 During class presentations

I mean I'm like half asleep for other people's presentations. And I don't really mind. If anything it would probably make me less nervous than I already would be.

I wish to be in a coma when these projects I dread them so badly.

Hello everyone, I'm Lia and welcome to my presentation on... zz *snores*

10 While at lunch

You need food is it possible to someone pass out from less famine?

That would suck to fall asleep at lunch and worst if you miss time eating

The Contenders
11 When picking partners

Congrats you failed the task to participate.

Then you might have to end up with your enemy.

12 When you're using the saw in woodshop

I'm in woodshop. If you're operating the band saw, and your asleep, you might get your FINGERS cut off.

Nurse! Sleepy head is cutting himself again!

Would you fall asleep standing up?

13 While in a play

Curtain call! Take a bow and then, don't fall to the ground and bring the line down with you

Oh Romeo... Why do you sleep beneath my presence?

14 During a lockdown drill

Especially a real life situation that would be a very bad decision.

15 While swimming

You Could Drown and no one is watching you.

Drowning to your death yikes!

16 During soccer
17 During passing periods

Can he make it, passes out while the door shuts.

18 During an assembly
19 During a real lockdown
20 While sitting in the front of the class
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