Top Ten Brainpop Movies

Some of these brainpop movies can be really funny and shocking sometimes. But they tend to be really educational. I felt like sharing my favorites.
The Top Ten
1 Elvis Presley
2 The Beatles
3 Solar System
4 Fire

This movie was funny. It did talk about the principals of fire, but it also had some exciting scenes like Moby jumping into Tim's arms after he heard the explosion word. And he also leaped into the air putting up the fire.

5 Bullying

This was one of my favorites. It really helped me thinking about how to stand up for yourself I case a bully tries to attack you. But this movie was ironic to. Tim was talking about some kid named Craig bullying him, but he came up to him and said "hey Tim."


This was a serious movie. I like how Tim mentioned that people from fifteen years ago are living longer and healthier.

7 Scientific Notation

It was a nice movie. It had all the information that my math teacher told my class. It was pretty funny how Moby saw an alien.

8 Reproductive System
9 Winter Holidays

I usually watch this movie during Christmas time. The quiz is pretty easy if you paid attention to the movie. It was ironic of how Tim told that the holidays are not an excuse to play video game. But he was about to play.

10 Civil Rights Movement

This was both educational and impactical. Because of this movie, I have a lot of knowledge of the civil rights movement. in first grade, when I knew abou Dr king because of this, I became known as nerd boy.

The Contenders
11 A Wrinkle in Time

Full of science fiction, it is awesome. Great movie if you want to learn and have fun.

12 Bridges

This to mewas impactical. I didn't know about all kinds of bridges until watching this movie. When I mention it to anyone, they will be tired.

13 WW1

I actually liked this movie because it tells the same information my teacher saids. It was funny at the end when Moby was wearing a war mask to scare Tim.

Super funny. but I love the clefs and time signatures as the best

14 Bass Reeves

At the end, Moby becomes a cowboy.

15 Jane Goodall

It's funny the whole video. I recommend this movie to anybody with humor.

16 Computer Programming

It was so funny and it Tim had control over Moby. That sounds good.

17 Credit Card

Loads of information a tons of tips. A great movie to watch!

18 Flight

At the end the pilot does a nosedive and afterwards tim throws up.

19 September 11th
20 Hearing

During the entire video, Moby had headphones on. It is revealed that Moby was listening to a ridiculous recording of Tim saying things like "I have a giant rock in my head instead of a brain."

21 Hiccups

I liked this in 2 ways: is educational that we know how to get rid of hiccups;open a box of the powder of the remains of the bolivian aquatic centipede
2: is that when you get hiccups las vegas inside is being irritated.

22 Robots
23 Internet Safety
24 Reconstruction

This was new actually. I watch this 3 days ago. You should check it out. If your in 8th grade, you can see that it has the same words your history teacher covered.

25 Outer Solar System
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