Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn't Hate School

Why do so many children complain about school!? Yeah, it can get annoying, but that's where you LEARN!
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1 You learn

School teaches you to deal with stress, pressure, and jerks. It teaches you math, so you can calculate how much those cool shoes would cost if they're forty percent off. It teaches you history, so you can learn not to repeat the mistakes of the past. It teaches you science, so you can understand the natural world around you and not be in the dark. It teaches you English, so you can make sense of what people are saying and say your own meaningful things. It teaches you music, so you can communicate with people across the globe no matter what language they speak. It teaches you new languages so you can connect with others across political barriers. It teaches you responsibility, work ethic, humility, kindness, and that life isn't always fair. It teaches you everything you need to know to succeed in the big, bad world of business and jobs and hard work. Important lessons, don't you think?

2 School is where you make friends

Yeah, that's a good reason, but what if you are an outcast? What if you don't have friends? You see other people copy the homework of their friends and you're here, having to do your homework to study on your own, just to realize that others have better grades than yours.
Having no friends means you're eating alone at lunch every single day. Having no friends means you're bored during pauses. Having no friends doesn't mean you're bullied, but having no friends means that everyone else in the school will see you as an outcast, and thus no one will talk to you.
If you're happy with being alone for more than 5 years, I don't know how you think this way. Having no friends at school is horrible.

3 Education qualifies you for a larger variety of occupations

Haha, last comment- but we don't choose what we learn, and because we learn a lot of stuff not related to our future career, we tend to forget stuff that isn't practical to the extent where many adults who don't have complicated maths as a part of their career, have the maths knowledge of ~ grade 5 level.
Plus, all that rubbish about 'mental maths, because you won't have a calculator with you every day' is untrue- we have smartphones with calculators.

Yeah but there's a lot of useless things that the government requires you to learn

4 Memories

This sounds rather geeky but I kept most of my old school work but I hated school. I was bullied at school but I just forget about that and just remember learning. I remember finally getting to sit on the benches in year 6 instead of the floor. In assembly singing "He's got the whole world in his hands". The uniform who hates school ties? the clip on ones in primary where better. I remember toy day in primary school, sports day even though I hated it and rounder's. I hated school showers. Remember turkey twizzlers 90s kids!

5 School turns you into a harder worker

It actually made a lot of people lazier because school cares more about how well you remember rather than understanding and enjoying learning.

True, I often want to achieve something but just proctastinate too easily, for school though I always do my work. I get 'inspiration' from school about working hard.

More like gives you depression for life.

6 You get out more often

You sit your butt in a chair all day. Most of the day anyway. The only time you get to walk/run around is recess and P.E., and recess is only 15 minutes and P.E. is 30 minutes, but like 15 minutes of P.E. time is spent on the P.E. teachers talking to us, giving out precautions, and lecturing the people who were talking, and explaining the game. It's pretty boring for us who weren't talking to sit through the lectures.

Er what I know you sit down all the time.
But it means kids get outside more often.

HA! No! You sit on your butt all day. Totally going out more often.

7 Summer becomes a miracle instead of just a season

Summer becomes a celebration when changing from one grade to another. If you were to just sit at home, all day long, the seasons wouldn't really matter much, and all things would kind of just string together.

Or, Summer becomes something you hate because school isn't around.

This is the only accurate item on the list.

8 You can become disciplined

I say CAN because there are some idiot adolescents who decide that respecting authority isn't cool enough and choose not to behave.

They teach us to become rebels. That's how I became one. So basically, you become a rebel.

Their kind of discipline teaches us to become rebels.

9 You discover hidden talents

Hey look at that! Who knew you were such a good writer? Or tennis player? Or trombonist?

Ah, yes. I discovered my hidden talent of doing all my homework at the last minute.

Hey look I can find X and read some useless Shakespeare plays!

10 It's fun to watch kids get in trouble

At my school, it was lunch time and a grade 1 kid peed his pants and he got yelled at by the teacher. The teacher was asking him, "Where's the washroom? ", Then after a while, another student put a wet floor sign and the janitor mopped it up. Then one of the class helpers took that kid to the bathroom. Luckily he brought an extra change of clothes. Then another helper told the teacher that somebody should watch this child. When the incident happened, the teacher told us not to laugh about it and then me and my friend counted five kids that laughed. I was also laughing because when I see someone else laughing it makes me laugh. Then the teacher was asking me "Why are you laughing? It's not a laughing matter. You know better than that." It's just that laughter is contagious. Then I faked the situation and said that I was laughing about a comedy show and not about the incident.

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11 Getting up so early

I hate waking up early, so I would like to speak to the numbskull the put this on this list.

Why the heck is this thing on the list?

No, that's a reason kids should hate school.

12 People in poorer countries don't necessarily get it
13 You don't experience culture shock as much
14 Helps you get the jobs you actually want

I want to be a Youtuber..Does school help me become a Youtuber? Nein
Rather than helping me, school creates more stress to help me lose my insperation
School gives me pointless homework so I could have less time making videos
Bullies beat me to death, so I have to lie down at home, unable to make videos
Teachers keep me after class, keeping me from making videos
Extra Classes take most of my time, unable to decline "education"
Mom found out about your low grade at school, bans you from using the PC
What a nice surpirse, school isn't that great after all, I wonder who is the creator of all this, I think we can all agree on taking some revenge on school and it's so call "education" that we will forget the following year, all you need is a grade 5 education and that's all you need to get the job you want, of course, school prevent that from happening so they can absorb more money from us.

15 Watch kids get tackled because they throw Gatorade bottles at another kid.
16 School will make you stressed for life

Stressing is bad though. Are you saying you want us to suffer?

Stressing is bad so what is your point?

17 Lots of Homework

I'm not even in a regular school, but my parents give me so much homework that less than half of the time between my dinner and bedtime is free time for me (one night I got only 5 minutes on the computer because I had so much homework).

Oh yay an additional 2-3 hours of stress every day as if school wasn't enough! Good luck doing anything extracurricular and keeping good grades

That is also a reason students hate school, so great job on being a troll.

18 School is where you become civilized

School teaches you morals and various basic stuff you will need. Math helps you to do trades and run business, language helps you to communicate, and science to understand the world. How can you become a civilized person without these?

I swear most school haters end up uncivilized, if you like school, ypu grow up as a nice, understanding person

19 Teachers have to work too.
20 Because many people can't enjoy the privilege of education

My mom's favourite thing to say when I complain about school.

Or how many poor kids in america go to very underfunded schools

21 School will teach you how to deal with obnoxious people

The best way is to be as obnoxious as possible, and if you can't do that learn the art of invisibility.( see you can't say school never taught you anything cool. Invisibility, that's pretty rad! )
Unfortunately students who don't learn one of these arts tend to arrive at school with guns and attempt to kill everyone. Damon you side affects!

Sarcasm people, it does wonders

You mean by suspending them or having them sit in the office for an hour? Yeah, that's how to deal with bullies outside of school.

22 They make your life depressing
23 You get holidays that you don't get in work.
24 Failing exams challenge you

In school your worth is measured by your grades. If you aren't a straight A student, you're paid little to no mind. If I get a bad grade on a quiz or assignment it destroys me, not challenges me. It's horrifically stressful -- your entire future seems to rest on that very transcript you're building, and it feels like if you don't get an A your life is over and you'll never get into college. I've known people, including myself, who are only happy when they are not at school.
School doesn't teach, it's not about learning -- it's in human nature to be curious and learn. School is about memorization and preparing for a test, only to let you forget the information you "learned" just a week later. It's not and never has been about learning.

25 You get exercise

For you sporty ones there and those one who aren't
No matter lesson or no You play with friends

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