Top Ten Worst Reasons to Get Detention

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1 Hugging a Friend

Isn't hugging a way of showing you like someone, and have a positive relationship with them? What if they were choking and you had to hug the thing choking them out?

What?! How stupid! What's worse? Having a fist fight with a bully in a school or hugging your friend in a sign of sympathy and/or friendship?

I never knew you could be suspended because of this. What damage comes from hugging?

2 Throwing an Imaginary Object

This happened to someone who was playing like his pencil was a gun and got sent out.

A boy, 7, was suspended for throwing an imaginary grenade while playing.

What? You make me feel like I am the best in the world!

3 Being Gay

This is a great reason to get detention! Just kidding, this isn't even a choice, it's just who you are.

4 Being Yourself

I will not abide by those rules! I'm there to learn, not to pretend to be somebody I'm not all because people I could not care about don't approve of me, so you can take that rule and shove it up your ass!

You have to be a robot and accept everything teachers say otherwise DETENTION! Which is stupid because they also say to not be afraid of being yourself

I wouldn't say this is a stupid reason, in some cases if a student is rude, disrespectful, and has I'll mannered behavior then I'd say this is a justified reason

5 Farting

An eleven year old boy got detention for farting loudly on the school bus.

Oh no, that kid has bodily functions?! Instant detention.

6 Laughing

Laughing is human nature so unless it's very repetitive and annoying we shouldn't give detention.

Why give someone detention for this? Stupid, really. My teacher is strict and uselly enjoys singling me out fro it anyway.

Because of this and other offences, a Cambridge college gave over 700 detentions in one day.

7 Being Pregnant

It's not stupid though. You shouldn't be getting pregnant as a minor student anyway, so I say this rule is perfectly understandable.

Now that is just stupid not your fault unless you planned it.

8 Buying Lunch

A girl once went outside of school premises to buy lunch. The fear of being told off sent her into cardiac arrest, and she ended up hospitalised.

9 Being Black
10 Hand Gestures

A six year old boy was given a detention for making a gun gesture with his hands and saying 'pow'. He was accused of threatening a fellow student.

This is dumb! In 2013, an 8 year old in Florida got suspended just for making a gun gesture with his hands!

I did this in like 2017 and got in trouble because it resembled a gun

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11 Swearing

In elementary school, it's understandable to an extent, but high school teachers really need to get tf over themselves. They're just words, and everybody there is either a teenager or a grown adult.

Some teachers really need to get a grip of themselves. Not everything goes your way, and the world isn't fair to everyone. It is what it is, as most people like to say it.

Well swearing in front of kids isn't really good but I still think you should at least have a second chance.

12 Refusing to Have a Haircut

An eight-year-old boy got a detention after refusing to get a haircut. One of the school's uniform rules was for no boys' hair to be below the ear.

No. Just no. I go to school to learn, not to change my physical appearances for people that I seriously couldn't care less about.

Some schools have dress codes that are rather sexist.

13 Eating an Apple

Tom Bosley, 16, breached his school's health and safety rules after he ate an apple outside of a designated area. After refusing to attend his detention, he was threatened with expulsion.

So a perfectly healthy fruit isn't allowed, but McDonald's, pizza, chips and pop are? *Facepalm*

14 Taking Your Things Back from Someone.
15 Preventing a Suicide Attempt

Oliver Adams, 16, prevented a suicide attempt after sneaking out of school to by some fries. The school said they were very proud of him, but still gave him a detention.

THIS. IS. DUMB. The sneaking out would be understandable but the kid stopped someone from killing him or herself.

Are you serious?! What are you supposed to do then? Pull a Logan Paul, record it while laughing and post it on the internet for views? Smh.

16 Wearing a Hoodie

This is real, and it's stupid. I got detention for having my hoodie on, on a cold windy day

Ya know what? I rule this school so I think I'm gonna throw anyone who wears a hoodie into deention.

I got a 4 hour Saturday detention for wearing a hoodie in P.E (gym class)

17 Playing with Your Pen
18 Burping

They should get in trouble if they're doing it on purpose to be funny, but having them arrested over it is way too extreme.

A 13 year old boy was arrested for burping in gym class.

How is burping worse than arson?

19 Accidentally Going Into the Opposite Gender Restroom

My best friend did that accidentally(and then did it again, this time on purpose), lost conduct points, and got suspended, but then again, she had also gotten suspended for kicking a guy in the nuts, falling asleep in every class, never doing homework, and wearing hoodies and hats in class, punching people and putting people in headlocks, and squishing people behind doors and forcing them to kiss. I'm top of my class. But she really is a great friend, I think she's going through something, she wears black every day, cut her hair to look like a boy, and acts like a boy.(She might be trans? Should I ask?)

20 Telling a Horrible Bully to Shut Up

Today I got a detention because a bully kept harassing me, so I told them to shut up. I got detention for 30 mins at lunch! and the worst part is that the bully didn't get detention.

For Standing up you get a detention!

21 Listening to Heavy Metal

So by that logic, I can't listen to a completely appropriate metal song, but I could listen to a rap song promoting drugs? As long as they're not blaring the music out loud, it shouldn't be that big of a deal what they're listening to.

What?!?! How is that bad if they have headphones in?

So we can't listen to music we want?

22 Drawing in Class
23 For Not Doing Homework
24 For Looking at Your Friend

Unfair right? Ask my fourth grade teacher.

25 Killing a Fellow Pupil
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