Top 10 Most Difficult School Grades

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1 11th grade

11th grade is the worst year of high school. Socially, it's a real hardship, and I don't know why because freshman and sophomore years seemed easy, socially wise. I only had one really hard class, but my other classes weren't too bad. I didn't enjoy math class, even though Lara was there, because of a lot of noisy and annoying people in that class. I liked the teacher, though. The hard thing about being a junior is that all the teachers put a bunch more expectations on you and say, You're a junior now, and not only that, but college is looming, which makes it extra stressful.

2 7th grade

I am currently in the seventh grade, and it is hell. I joined a new private school full of toxic and egoistic people that are so mean and have no sympathy or empathy towards others. Not to mention the bullying and the awkwardness of making friends because of puberty.

The once kind teachers become mean and expect so much more. The teachers that were already mean became even meaner. The amount of stress and homework and studying is ridiculous, as well as new things like learning how to write essays and analytical paragraphs, which are things I didn't learn in my old school.

As well as civics, French, and advanced Arabic. The mental capacity and power you need is insane, as to be the top student, you need to at least study for five hours a day just to be caught up. The worst year of school, for now, by far.

3 12th grade

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
One cannot be brave who has no fear.
And of course...
The only thing we have to fear...
Is college afterwards.

This should be number 1. I had several anxiety attacks during my senior year of high school.

I hate 12th grade. It is so hard! People used to tell us it would be so much more chill and easy. I'm pretty much already failing.

4 8th grade

My hardest grade so far. I'm in the second-to-last week of eighth grade and just finished a giant project. This year was crippling at the start because, after the pandemic, I wore my mask for an extra year (seventh grade) due to self-consciousness. I took it off this year, and it destroyed me mentally.

I haven't been directly bullied, but school has never felt as unsafe, and I have never cried as much in a month. But it's almost over, and I plan to be more mindful and open to friendships in high school. I know several teenagers face the same issues as me, and being able to help others is such a great experience.

5 10th grade

10th grader here. Starting the school year a bit rough with online school. I'm supposed to have eleven classes this year and am only taking three, with college courses on the side. Even worse, I'm one of those people who learn stuff by reading the same thing over and over again, so I'll be a bit behind this year.

I'm having constant projects, and I haven't had a single break since the beginning of the year. I just finished a group project, and so far, we've had around 4 the entire year. I have tests in almost all of my classes, and for some reason, there's a book report in health which has no reason to be there. And constant tests and vocabulary. I didn't have a fall break, and I got sick due to staying up for a straight 24 hours with no break, only doing homework. I then had an allergic reaction, and this past Thanksgiving break, I've had to read nearly 50 pages every single day of this book for health.

6 9th grade

It's really hard to transition from being the top dog at middle school to a freshman target in high school. In my opinion, after 9th, you are used to the rules of high school and how everything works.

If you mess up and slack off in this grade, you're pretty much doomed and will have to live with your mommy for the rest of your life. I slacked off, have a 2.3 GPA because of it, and there is no hope of bringing it up.

Super unforgiving. One small screw-up and it's over. Get sleep in middle school while you can because you won't get any in high school.

7 6th grade

Well, my current grade, 6th grade, is pretty hard, about 8.5 out of 10 on a hardness scale. In 5th grade, they said the stuff that we learned was important for the next year, as if 6th grade was a review of 5th (It's not!).

Teachers are a very mixed bag in this grade. Sometimes you will get a good bunch and sometimes a bad bunch. However, I think there will never be all ones you don't or do like. With the work, currently, I did some math to figure out that on average, we get 7.2 assignments a day in the later year. Earlier on in the year, we get 5 to 6. As the year progresses, the assignments get harder.

Language arts is a hard subject in 6th grade, and so is writing, because that is where the school puts most of the work for some reason. You have to be like a speedrunner to finish all the work at school, which requires a lot of practice, but it is a good investment of time. That is my honest opinion on my current year, 6th grade.

8 5th grade

I am stuck in 5th grade. We got our second semestral report cards. My mom was happier than she had ever been. There are 3 semesters (Baseline, Midterm, and Final) per school year. The final is going to be extremely hard, and I don't know how I'm supposed to pass my final exam. We have the New York State ELA and math assessments.

I had to create a huge PowerPoint about Chile, and it has to be like 15 slides and include transitions, word animations, a theme, and we have to insert a background image. If you think 5 paragraphs is too much, at the beginning of the year, I had to type a 745-word essay on MS Word to go to middle school.

My parents are going to meet my teachers in 2 days, and I'm very nervous.

9 3rd grade

I'm in 4th grade right now, but in 3rd grade, I did my worst. I had just come out of online school after the coronavirus, but I have to say, it was mostly just me. Except, my teacher yells really loud. Homework was kinda hard in the middle of the school year.

But as far as the end of the year? It is so freaking fun! We had field day, fun day, and writing celebrations. Our teacher read books to us during snack time, and if we wanted to and it had one, we could watch the movie that goes with it! At the beginning of 3rd grade 8/10, middle 3/10, end 10/10.

10 4th grade

Fourth grade was super tough for me. My best friend was really rude to me and lied about having serious medical issues multiple times just to get rid of my other BFF. We aren't friends anymore. Math was really hard, and I barely got passing grades.

I think it is hard drama-wise because if you don't hang out with someone, they go and tell the teacher, and the next thing you know, you are in the principal's office. Also, because you want to act grown-up but also play with toys.

My teacher even said that 4th grade is the hardest education-wise because you have to learn something new. In 3rd grade, you just built off of what you already learned!

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11 Kindergarten

The teachers said, "Go down this long hallway, and don't worry, you'll find your class." But of course, that was my first time in any school, let alone the building. I walked into every single class until I found mine.

I only know Kindergarten Cop. Okay, it was called Reception, and it was so hard learning to write or something, watching some random TV show for little ones. That's all I remember.

I thought it was hard because I had to do addition.

12 1st grade

1st grade was the worst for me because I had a horrible, abusive teacher who would always lock me out of the classroom. Also, why is 7th grade on here? This may be unpopular, but I'm in the 7th grade and I actually love it.

They are just learning to read. Yet, they are expected to take all the things they have learned, pull them together to read, comprehend, and then be able to write about it independently.

If the expectations and the age were taken into consideration, this would be much higher. If you don't have the foundation you get in 1st grade, you can bet middle and high school will be tough. It won't be as rigorous as what these inexperienced six-year-olds are expected to do.

13 2nd Grade

I hated my 2nd-grade teacher. It felt like she picked on me all the time. Her name was Mrs. Laws, and her name definitely fits. Me and my friend used to talk a lot, and she would constantly send me to theback to sit alone.

My friend was very sensitive, so she hardly got in trouble because whenever she did, she would start crying. I remember my teacher would make us stand up straight, and she had this red pen she used to correct us with. I seriously hated her.

My school had us learn Spanish. In 2nd grade, I knew, like, a few words in Spanish. Our teacher would, like, always talk to us in Spanish. I never had any idea of what she was talking about, and I didn't learn anything.

14 13th grade

I'm in 13th grade at my high school. My teachers call it a super senior. I'll be in 14th grade next year.

This should be higher. I mean, 13th grade is one of the highest. In my Year 6 class (I am English), they have to learn algebra. But it's funny that 13th grade is at 13th lol.

15 Preschool

Preschool was so hard! I struggled with how to pronounce dog and how to do 1 plus 1, and 2 takeaway 1. Plus, taking naps was so brutal and mentally draining. Then, we got to play with our toys all day. Why would they stress out a child like this?

I'm glad I'm out of preschool now because, golly, it was hell!

All I remember was that the teacher was evil to me and the others, mostly me, because the kids were learning to speak, and I was - it's long ago, I cannot remember anything.