Most Important Algebra 1 Topics

The Top Ten
1 Quadratic Equations

Out of all the concepts, this is the one I am having the toughest time with. Is there a problem with my algebraic thinking, or is it really that hard? I am in 8th-grade advanced math but feel like dropping advanced math if I don't understand the concept.

I rank this number 1 because you will be taught this topic every year in math until you stop going to school. It is very important to memorize this topic now, so you will know it better.

2 Polynomials

This is one of the new topics being taught to you in Algebra 1. Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing are all easy. But when it comes to factoring them, it gets harder and harder.

I like polynomials, and there is more in it that is yet to be discovered in the next years in high school.

I don't know why, but I love polynomials. It's probably one of my quirky traits of being a nerd.

3 Factoring

I am having a big problem with factoring in my math knowledge. That, and quadratic equations.

It is one of the most difficult sections for students to learn.

Hard and annoying. Learning is a must.

4 Functions and Sequences

Like slope, this should be a review from 7th and 8th grade, but in Algebra 1, it gets a lot harder. Sequences become easy after you memorize the formulas for arithmetic and geometric sequences.

5 Exponents and Radicals

These two topics kind of go together. Most of you will not use exponents or radicals in real life, but it is a very important topic to learn. If you do not know how to solve equations involving exponents and radicals in Algebra 2, you will struggle. These topics are also a big part of Algebra 2.

6 Systems of Equations

Solving systems of equations is easy, but when it comes to word problems, it is very hard. You have to put in a lot of study time for the word problems.

7 Equations, Inequalities, and Absolute Value

This is most likely a review, except for absolute value. Absolute value is tricky at first but becomes very easy after a while.

8 Pythagorean Theorem
9 Slope

This unit should be a review from 7th and 8th grade but is really important to understand.

10 Histograms
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11 The Number System

Classifying numbers is easy. Anyone could do it. This is probably the easiest unit in Algebra 1, but it is very important to remember how to classify numbers.

12 Finding the Square
13 Statistics and Data Analysis

Not hard to do if you have a calculator, but it will show up on the Regents. You must know it.

14 Midpoint and Distance Formulas

In this unit, you are basically memorizing formulas that they give you to solve mathematical equations. They will probably give you the formulas on the EOC, but somehow this topic made the list.

15 Square Roots
16 Probability

It's hard, but if you master it, it will help you a lot.

17 Rational Expressions
18 Problem Solving
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