Top 10 Worst Things About P.E. Lessons

I am glad to say that P.E. is behind me. Waste of my life and made me look like an idiot. But I still have horrific memories. Let all your troubles out here.
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1 They rob you of your dignity

I am the worst in my class in PE. So every time I have PE, I try to avoid it as much as possible.. In front of the whole class, the teacher emphasized my name every time. I really felt like crying there but this one particular nice PE teacher stood up for me saying "She did well today, what are you talking about?". Instead of him reflecting on himself, he just blamed the nice teacher for being "biased". All of you PE teachers are the reason I don't want to participate in physical activities in my school. I hate you all.

When I think about the infamous letters ''pe'', horrible memories come to my mind. I felt robbed of my dignity every. signle. lessson, especially when there were 'captains' that picked their teammates. Guess what? I was always picked last, and there was this walk of shame where the other teammates would look at me disapprovingly because ethey hoped I would play with the other team. I have no idea why schools do not realize how idiotic this subject is, especially when it evidently harms students and their self-esteem. Say no to PE classes! Join me in the battle to ban them from schools. Nobody deserved this kind of humiliation.

2 They expect you to enjoy it

My July's full of panic attacks and crying because of these bastards. Met a friend (but don't talk to anymore) whilst talking about breaking a leg to escape it. P.E is despicable

I hate gym class because a bunch of kids in my grade are super athletic and I am definitely not, and I definitely can't run really far and I'm super short, so I hate the jumps and oh my god whenever I mess up, everybody besides the ones that also experience got really mad and start screaming at me. Also, just the idea of gym makes me break out in a cold sweat

Yes, running a giant lap in 100 degree weather is the most fun of all. You know what else is fun? Being mocked and judged because you're bad at the sport and for some reason everyone thinks you're the worst person to ever exist. But when someone fails a text in, say math, it's like "Pfft, stupid math. You did well, buddy."

3 P.E. teachers are always merciless tyrants

P.E. gave me some of the most horrid memories in my life. I always was and always will be the kid that just isn't capable of doing it right. I had 3 teachers in total, only one was normal. The first one used to pick on me really bad, I was hoping to have an A in P.E. at the end of the year and I was only missing that last A. She wasn't giving up and decided that a B was right for me at the last day of school. I got teased and everything I did got blown out of proprotion. It only got worse with my second teacher... Out of all the memories, I'm not sure which one caused me the most trauma, but I specifically remember doing high jumps. I ran the first time, fell and did it again, failed and fell again. Everyone but my group of friends laughed their asses off and I just began to cry. Everything just piled on, all the times I got bullied, yelled at by the teacher, made fun of... She made me run extra times after that, while I was still crying of course. Afterwards she began to put us in a line and yell at me. Kept screaming that I will grow up to be nothing, because unlike everyone else in my class I "don't listen". Yeah... She's also my neighbour, send help. Just this year and I won't have to look at her ever again.

4 A student bad at most subjects but good at PE is said to be doing well. A student good at most subjects but bad at PE is considered to be doing badly.

I can relate to this so well. For all you P.E. teachers, listen up.
You are all terrible people. Smart kids hate you. You ruined my life. Because of you, I have to resort to talking to my own head for comfort. You make me and my friends look like idiots, while jocks and cheerleaders are praised for their physical abilities. Do you know how unfair that is? Because of your class, I don't have all A's on my report cards. You're the bane of my existence. Because of you, I hate myself. I want to be someone else. Because of you, I am bullied beyond belief. Because of you, I have no real friends. You give people a reason to hate me. Therefor, I hate you.

Didn't get 100% in P.E. Why? I don't know. Even though I'm not very athletic, I try my best and complete all of my assignments. It was, to say the least, unfair. Every semester the teachers have a meeting where they talk about the students. My P.E. teacher probably attends it, and listens to what the other teachers have to say about me. I can be considered a "straight A student", and I really put all of my efforts into studying. Still, he treats me like I'm some stupid unhealthy girl. Ugh.

5 You get mocked if you do badly

One boy started screaming at me during kickball when I asked him if I was supposed to throw it to him or the kid next to him. I was paying attention to the game and trying my best, but because I didn't play the game all te time I wasnt familiar with the rules. He started yelling about how I was just some stupid girl who doesn't pay attention and doesn't want to get sweaty or get my hair messed up. He yelled so loud at me everyone in the room flinched along with the gym teacher. I was already having a stressful day because I couldn't stop thinking about my grandmother who just passed, and I got overwhelmed and just started crying. Some of my friends were concerned and in the locker room they came up to me and helped me. But the teacher didn't say a word to the boy or to me. I cried like a little baby.

Straight up facts. I was trying my best in a game and trying to catch the ball and all that. I missed a few times and this tryhard girl would be saying things like "com'on (lets pretend my name is Bob) Bob" and acting like they rule the team. She even tries to boss me around by saying things like "Bob go block 'Rob'". It's honestly horrible. Whenever you try your best but you're still not as good as the other people, there's always that one person in your team who screams, " GOd I hate my team"... Honesly who tf says that and OUTLOUD

6 P.E. teachers act like it's the most important thing ever

I'll never understand why people say "o but it keeps u fit"

And? You can do that outside of school anyway. I think the education system itself is already massively flawed, but at least in other subjects I can understand why they teach it. You don't want to be that guy who spells "large" wrong or that person who doesn't know where Africa is. But PE? What does it do besides make you feel bad that everyone else is physically perfect and you're that one kid who's always last whenever you run a lap? Heck, if they want to make you fit, why don't they let the individual decide what they want to do instead of making them do 100 pushups?

Well, it is important to be active and healthy though, for those who don't think it is essential. There are some people who won't play after school sports, so they do sports during school time. Education for a career is also important, but so is your health. You can die from being overweight and have a lot of health problems for not being active.

7 You have to do it

I've had to suffer through grades and grades of P. E. While I had one merciful teacher who allowed me to decide whether I could or could not do an activity, my other teachers are quite forceful about me having to participate. It's unfortunate that P.E. is a "core subject", despite the fact most people do not plan on being athletic. I understand if it's just simple running, but we have to learn about professional techniques and run as though we were child athletes. It's unreasonable, as it's compulsory even for those with health problems, but it's necessary to even pass the grade with mediocre scores.

Until about junior year in high school, I had to take this course, and I benefited zilch from it. There's people that are good enough in sports, for scholarships and all that jazz, but I'm not one of those. I could care less how they would live their lives. But not me. Not everyone has to stay fit physically to survive, and it can be worse if you over-exert it, then you're weaker than everyone else. Having to have a PE course as a requirement just to go up the grade levels is a horrible thing for those who don't want to do it, yet at the same time failing isn't an option either.

8 Exhaustion is no excuse

Why would coaches treat us like this? We run a million laps non-stop for the whole period for failing a mile run, one sensitive girl fell down crying in pain and my teacher called her a 5 year old cry baby and was sent to the office automatically after arguing. JUST WHY!? as she cried while arguing with my pe teacher, I continued to run faster away from my teacher as fast as I can. The time when we change, my teacher gave me this weird look on my face deep into my soul, I had shivers down to my spine afterwards. I was very angry that I wished I could burn down my school.

Everyone want to show how good they are, it's the same in PE classes. A class is like a big family, but everyone compete with each other. For me as an example, in swimming lessons, I always feel so tired but others are still not tired. So I have to swim with exhaustion, because you really can get mocked by the classmates and the teachers always think that everyone can do it so you can doit too. It's unfair and it makes students fear to tell the teacher if they cannot do things anymore and it can hurt the student a lot.

9 Injuries

What's worse is when they think you're faking it.
Oh, look, there's blood on my face! No, I never hurt myself, I was running around for half an hour with ketchup on my tongue!

I got hit in the face by a ball several times. I had glasses on. I was so lucky that the glass didn't shatter. I would've been blind by now if it happened.

When I was in middle school we had a rock climbing wall in gym. Once I saw a kid fell off of it and he was bleeding.

10 It's dull and boring

No, being fit isn't that boring since it's actually important to your health. If you still think it's boring, maybe obstacle courses would excite you more in PEL

I agree completely. I would much rather be doing something interesting like studying nuclear fusion.

Too boring that you spelled social studies incorrectly.

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11 The Beep Test

This thing is literally torture, but somehow I managed to score 102 laps on my last test. Also, my average running speed is 21 mph. And no, I'm not messing with you.

I hate the beep tests. They are just torture that PE teachers put us through. What is the point? Who cares who can run the longest and fastest- PE teachers are just giving the jocks and the athletes bragging rights and making the people who are not the fastest or the people best at running long distance feel bad about themselves. There is no point!

I hate the PACER test. It feels like I'm going to pass out whenever I do it.

12 Being forced to run a mile

In my school you have to run a mile once a week. I am athletic but I suck at running. When I'm running I can't catch my breath and literally feel that I am about to pass out then the PE teacher says "run faster! " "try harder" but what he does not understand is that I'm like half way dead. Once a kid stopped because he felt he was about to barf but the teacher just says "well do you have Asthma? " and he said no so the teacher made him run 2 more laps. He got sent home for eventually throwing up which lead to him not being able to finish the rest of school so because of the mile he missed any lessons that might actually be important in his lifetime.

Not a huge deal for me. I have 7:08 as my highest score. But I understand some people cannot be that fast due to health issues or other problems. There some people that try and that's okay. But there are some people that all they do is walk and talk on the track and don't even try. Like I said, there are some people who are not fast, but not doing anything?

13 It's embarrassing when you do poorly

I try my best but I still suck at PE and everyone else in my class is amazing! Its really embarrasing when I can't catch, kick, throw a ball. 5 year olds are probably better than me. I'd do anything just to be good at one sport, I would not care which sport. I feel so bad in teams because I wish I was helpful and could actually help the team win, most of the time I'm the reason why we lose. I freak out before every PE lesson and worry myself so much the night before I lose sleep.

Others yell at you, and some laugh. Either way you will end up being embarrassed. I am still in middle school so I still am going through this. I made the mile run, but only behind everyone else. Why can't we choose whether we want P.E in our lives or not?

One time, my class was playing volleyball and yk I am NOT a sporty person so I wasn't able to catch the ball a few times so the teacher was yelling at me throughout the whole game. Next day, my whole arm was purple and red/bruised. He saw it and just shrugged. I hate PE so much, I'd rather do math for 3 hours.

14 It is extremely useless

I am a teenage girl and in my opinion, gym class is the worst subject ever. In my school, the teacher tells us every useless rule for every sport. Since I am not athletic, these rules will not help me in life. I'm not going to sign a million-dollar contract to my favorite team or join the US Olympic team. Plus, my school makes us take TESTS in gym on all those lame rules! You are amazing if you agree with me.

I understand why math, science, and language arts are taught consistently in schools - they give you knowledge you can use in the future. All PE does is force you turn run in circles and talk to F- losers for an hour.

No, it's useful, though it depends on your teacher and the curriculum. It's best to be sort of well rounded both academically and physically.

15 Fat teachers that sit in a chair eating Big Macs while making you run miles

This is a stereotype. I had a lot of gym teachers throughout the years, and NONE OF THEM were fat or constantly eat Big Macs (or any other McDonald's burger) while teaching class. They also said that McDonald's is BAD FOR YOU (which is true! )

I have had 2 of those kinds... I almost threw up afterwards from the running and than a fat chubby face cheing on a big mac ugh.

I have never had one of those, but I certainly don't WANT one!

16 Your coach is sexist

As a male I am constantly depressed to do PE because I enjoy classwork way more, I get mocked and also my coach is sexist. The females do athletics and running, things that I am moderately good at and all we have to do is football. Football and basketball, my 2 least favourite sports.

Yeah, the boys can play football or basketball. Girls? You can go crawl through each others legs and lie on each other. Periods? Don't be stupid. You're only 16.

Girls, you can do the easy stuff, boys you can do a million mile lap around the field and then lift 15-ton weights.

17 Kids get too competitive

I cannot stand people discouraging others because they are not as good. The teachers never discourage, but the students do. Not everyone is good at making shots or skills in basketball.

People on my team yelled at me and tired to kick me off of being goalie in Gator Ball because I accidentally let in one goal. the thing is, my team won anyway, so I don't know what they got so upset about.

So true. There was this one kid in my PE class who got scolded by his partner and 2 other kids because he was doing bad in badminton.

18 P.E. teachers only say nice things about the popular kids

My P.E. teachers say nice things about everyone, not just popular kids. But maybe those are other mean teachers.

They also only give good grades to the popular kids, even though everyone is participating except them.

This should be in top 3 this is also very true.

19 Teacher is out of shape

Had this overweight P.E teacher that didn't even do the P.E himself but acted all high and mighty.

20 You don't know how to play, and the teacher yells at you

My teacher does not yell at us at all.

21 You are the only one who's bad in class

Every boy in my school is obsessed with sports, and every girl is either good at sports, or they suck. But I personally, suck. I am a little chubby so they take that as an advantage to beat me. They choose me last for every sport, no matter what it's for. "Oh, she can't throw, she's too fat! "
"Oh, she can't catch, she's too fat! "

We are doing gymnastics. Everyone else can do it but me. I try my best but just can't do it. Afterwards people In my class say things to me, making me hate pe even more. There is something wrong with my leg, but I can't get out of pe so I try but am horrible at it.

Everyone at my school is a size 2 anorexic girl or a boy too obsessed in sports to have gotten anything done in life. I, on the other hand, am the only obese girl in our entire grade.

22 If you are bad, it puts pressure on you

And that means more motivation for you! I'm actually thankful that PE exists because this is the only time I get to practice with certain sports!

23 P.E. teachers expect you to remember every single rule of the sport, and if you accidentally forget one rule, they yell.

Precisely. I'm holding the hockey stick wrong, and suddenly, I'm the worst excuse for a student in the history of education. Isn't that overstatement quite a big one? Considering that I do so brilliantly in maths and the sciences?!?!

Teachers sometimes come up with absurd rules. In floor hockey I got yelled at for clearing the puck out of my own goalie's crease.

It's true. I once did a mistake in basketball and I got told of!

24 P.E. teachers act like math teachers while teaching in P.E.

P.E. teachers are not real teachers. They're extremely stupid. Go get a life.
I hope my P.E. teacher is reading this. I hope he cries! Muahaha
Okay, that's a little too much. But I hate P.E.

That's good so you can learn and get better in math if you need help

25 P.E. teachers don't let you take breaks when you're hot and sweaty

Really In Soccer, Football, baseball, and more have running. They make you hot and sweaty. The PE Teachers don't care if your hot and sweaty. Their goal is to rob people's life when their not sporty. So Positron Wildhawk I agree o n this 100 percent. I feel your pain.

We are allowed to take little breaks in between sometimes.

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