Top Ten Reasons Kids Hate Homework

Homework is awful, isn't it! I mean, its like slavery, and we don't get our say! We lose sleep, have arguments, it hinders our learning... I could go on forever! Its like the schools don't care about the fact that it is so so SO damaging to our mental and physical health!
The Top Ten
1 Totally boring and pointless

I know right? It's just so horrible! I get homework literally every day! I never get to rest. The worst time I get homework is usually during the weekend. But I don't finish cause there i stuff I really need to do. Like look at therapy videos. And play with my dogs. But my teacher loads me with tons of homework expecting me to do this? Why do I need to know about stuff I won't use. It just eats half of my day. I can only do things at once play and unable to learn or learn and unable to do the things is love. Teachers need to know I have a life too.

It's so pointless. I always end up doing everything at 11 p.m. in Sunday, even if I begin first thing after school. Even if the homework is super-easy. I have eight hours of school. I stay up all night doing homework and arrive late to school. And in the end, the people that actually don't do their homework or study, still pass the final exams and pass on to the next grade. And I also hate it that my sister just goes and asks me, "Are you done already? " as if she can't see my pile of papers on the table. And sometimes too, my family is using the computer and I can't use it because that is the only electronic we have. Then at school, the teachers say, 'But go to the library, use your phone, bla bla bla.." What phone?!?! Sometimes, teachers think too modern, think that everyone has a phone because they see a little third grader with an iPhone 6s Plus or some big Samusng stuff.
We all stress out and all and in the end, it's totally boring and pointless.

2 It causes dangerous stress levels

I don't wanna spend 7+ hours at a desk all day, spend 2+ hours at practice for sports, and then spend the rest of my night doing a sheet of paper asking me what "x" is or how many apples Billy has after Sally stole some. Why? Homework is absolute stress and the amount of times I have legitimately cried over not knowing a problem is too much to count. Yes, teachers in our school get only an hour of lessons, so it's understandable they'd have homework. But when you do advanced EVERYTHING for your entire school career, those occasional not-finished worksheets pile up. Newsflash: Kids want to be kids. Stop shoving papers in our face and telling us it's "crucial to our education" for no other reason than to stick to standards some middle age politics guy who hasn't been to school in twenty-plus years made up.

Tell me about it. Is it any wonder why there's a spike in suicides and teens. I think the school should care more about our mental health before they start cramming a bunch of work. In American history I've learned about how they form labor unions for unfair working conditions I'm pretty sure students should get the right to form their own labor unions in demand things that would be beneficial to them since that's the way it works when you're at a job.

It's Monday at Binbirgle School.

Teacher: So your homework for today is 3 math pages, 2 worksheets, 1 essay, 15 social studies questions, and don't forget to read 30 minutes a day.

Me: Wait, that's like 8 assignments due tomorrow!

Teacher: No, actually it's 10 assignments because you have to work on your science fair report and study for your math test on wednesday.

Me: I can't do that! It's too much! I run out of school.

Yep true. Last week, my teacher who give me a whole bunch of homework. Because of the homework I got stressed and the get a headache. The next day I didn't come to school. The next day, my teacher expects me to come even if you have a headache. I was like what? She expects me to learn while having a painful headache? I'm not a robot! I'm a human! I need to relax! Also I get less sleep!

3 It steals our sleep

I am sooo tired from all the homework. I am so sleep deprived that I literally doze off during class! I really want to get good grades so I study a lot and of course... Less sleep. Does good grades mean walking zombie? Think about it, we go to school for 7 hours. Come home do 4-5 hours of homework and to top is off (for me and probably many others) extra-curricular activities 4 times a week. I haven't been to the cafeteria for lunch AT ALL this year because I stay with a teacher and you know it! Do homework due the next day! I also stay after school to do homework with teachers and I fell this. WAKE UP, SCHOOL, GO HOME, HOMEWORK, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT. I'm lucky if I sleep 6 hours a night so technically I'm working 18 hours in the day STRAIGHT. How many grown ups do that? And, the teachers have it so much easier, they're not the ones staying up all night doing homework, they carelessly assigned. I mean seriously most of the homework I do can be done DURING CLASS. So much for doctor's ...more

I basically don't have time to sleep anymore. I get anywhere from 2-6 hours of sleep a night. I try really hard in school and it helps me to get anxiety. I spend so much time working on homework and studying for tests that it's so hard for me to pay attention in class because I might just be half asleep. And yet somehow I still sometimes just can't finish my homework. One of my teachers (she's really good about assigning homework and barely assigns any) asked us the other day how much time do we actually spend on homework. Everyone said that on an easy day they spend about 2 hours on homework. 2 HOURS. ON AN EASY DAY. With the amount of our day that we spend at school this is just ridiculous. I know so many kids who go home crying because they can't take the stress anymore. Sometimes I wonder if teachers saw their students face to face while they are struggling or crying if they would change their methods...

I'm in 8th grade and in Algebra which is one year math skill above my grade. My teachers believes you should gut your grade times 10 plus ten minute of homework a night. I not happy spend that much time doubled on my homework just from her. By the time I eat study for exams and do other homework it is 10 o'clock and my bus comes a little before 7 am ( real fun time... NOT). So I get
Up along with a lot of other people at my school at 5:30 or 6 and then when we are at school some teachers themselves look like there about to fall asleep. That's saying something if a teacher,
Who has no homework, about falls asleep. I literly about went crazy yesterday from being so tired. I'm just glad Christmas is coming up so two weeks of no school

We middle schoolers have to wake up early to go to school. The Ton homework that we get after school kills are sleep because we get to much of it. If you are someone like me who has misophonia. Needs their sleep because of sounds that bother me so much. That it makes me want to cry, yell, scream, break something, sometimes not want to be able to hear, all because of this problem. For some reason sleep helps a ton for me. So this homework that we get makes my sleeping shorten a lot so you can imagine what that does to me at school.

4 No time to play and have fun

Oh... it makes me and many others want to cry! Where have the carefree, blissful days without homework gone? Why did they have to give us this homework which means that we can no longer have a good time, invite friends over, play games, whatever you do for fun? Play is actually a way of learning, and it has to be a LOT more educational than homework, if we learned so much even before we went to school, how to walk, the whole human language, and we could learn a lot more if we had the time to just play!

My relatives from CA were visiting and they invited us for dinner at their house. Unfortunately, I have LOTS of homework for my 2 online classes (including studying for a quiz) and they would stay until like midnight. I could've brought my homework to do over there like my sister does but since some stuff requires the computer, I had no choice but to stay home to do homework.

I hate homework! >:(

This is true unless you get super easy homework, you're too busy stressing out and scribbling in answers to go play or have fun. I almost cried several times of how annoying the homework was, and I guess teachers always forget we have actual outside lives.

We just wanna relax once we get home from a stressful day of school. But instead, we just get a lot of homework. And it makes us procrastinate so much that we work until late night. And if you leave your homework, your teachers will get mad at you and give you a zero. And your parents will punish you. And we also get homework on non-school days. Like don't they think we have no lives?

5 We just spent time at school

When I get home from school, all I want is to just be a kid while I'm a kid. I have just spent 8 hours at school, and you really think what I want is another hour of it? Homework shows nothing about how smart you are, either! When you have homework, students who didn't pay attention in class can look up answers and receive a good grade. If you just relied off classwork, the students who payed attention and are actually good students would do well in class while the ones who didn't pay attention or ask questions would fall behind.

The teachers send us to this homework room during lunch because we were not able to do it at home. We may have been busy all night after school and didn't have time to do it before our parents said we have to go to bed.
It also doesn't help when the school gives us 4 hours of homework to do over the weekend, and we are busy everyday during the precious little time we have during the weekend because of HOMEWORK.

We spent 8-9 hours my school I don't want to spend my time suffering an extra hour doing their crap. People say it's "for review" but once we're out of school. We should be completely out from school. People have their hobbies and things that they love but we have to sacrifice it even after spending 9 hours at school. There's like no escape to school. It doesn't help us learn it just causes stress. It's the worst!

Oh my gosh! We already spend 7 to 8 hours at school, and so we have very little time at home to spend with our family, but all of that time is spent doing homework, even on weekends we only do homework. anyway, back to the point. we are tired after school and want to calm down and relax, but we have homework to do! It's so unfair! We may as well live at school!

6 It doesn't help you with grades

Me and my dad always fight when he helps me with my homework and it kills you as a family after homework I set in my room so I don't see dad yelling at everything it tears your family apart!

Yeh homework doesn't always help, I don't understand even half of it but I just find out the answers from somewhere so the homework is done and I don't have detention.

Most of the homework they give you, they don't even mark, in fact, they don't even take it most of the time.

Homework teaches nothing to the advanced kids, not even revision.

7 We get no time to exercise or eat enough food

I try to get exercise at home every night but every night I have homework that prevents that. Yes I get exercise at school, But that's scheduled and forced upon us. Which makes everybody that has P.E. hate it because it's forced on us. And they force us to keep going and don't let us stop when we need to. In fact there was a kid that goes to my school that had a substitute teacher that made then run the whole hour for no reason at all, He had a SEIZURE! He had no history of seizures and no health problems what so ever. When you exercise on your own time then you can stop when you need to.

When we do homework, all we do is sit on our bums writing on a piece of paper! We aren't able to get out, stretch our legs, run around or play sports ( I am not very sporty, but I know must other kids are, my form of exercise is running or wading around the creek in knee high wellies). this is the reason that so many kids are unfit! And all this homework leaves little time to eat. meals are brisk, no time for second helpings when we have small bowls, we have to get on with our mountain of homework. the stress caused by homework also makes us lose most of our appetites anyway, I am so stressed out that I am put off my breakfast in the morning, I eat very little (that's really saying something, my appetite was once enormously ravenous), and I know that this is the same for many other kids, whether t's breakfast, dinner, tea or snack.

I know of a few people who mostly live on cereal bars thanks to homework and a crazy timetable at college that stops them from even getting time for a proper lunch.

I love how schools tell kids to stay active when the only "help" they're doing is give us homework and make us sit on our *ss for 5 hours writing on some piece of paper.

8 People have lives

I feel that having work after school does force students to balance their time wisely. And if kids do find a way to do so that fits their needs, that skill will carry on into adulthood. However, students are people too, so we want to have fun, relax, and do other things that are completely detached from school. I don't mind being at school. I absolutely HATE it only when the homework takes up all of my afternoon, leaving me with no time to go outside, read books, and work on myself. But what's most important before the workload is self discipline. I think one day students will realize that if we didn't spend so much time complaining we might finish all our work and make for ourselves the free time we so desire to have.

Over breaks I get loads of homework from all my teachers, so on the last day before one break I got extremely excited when my bio teacher, who is usually really hard on us, said, "I think breaks are a time meant for spending time with family."
Over half my homework over that break was bio work. I was putting in literally hours everyday, and I even had a few projects on top of that. My family members kept telling me I was being rude, and that I should spend time with them, but I couldn't.

Also, in the winter (when the sport I play is) I have practice for two to four hours a night, on top of a minimum of two hours of homework. So when I get home from school at 15:00, I go straight to practice until around 18:00, drive home, take a half-hour break to relax, and eat dinner, and that takes me until 20:00. Then I do my two hours of homework, 22:00. Then I work out, 22:30. And I love to read and write, but I only get about a half hour every day to do so, because if I fall asleep ...more

I know that a lot of kids at my school don't have extracurricular activities and are acing school... I actually feel jealousy. I am busy most of the time doing dance, piano, volleyball, basketball, and lastly, stressing out and wanting to commit suicide from the stress! I work very hard and I just want a break! I am stressed all the time and I honestly want to commit suicide. Maybe teachers should have my life for a day and they would understand why I didn't turn in that homework assignment last week...

I'm a guitar player, and I have no time to practice on week nights, because of all the stupid homework that I get. I have severe ADHD, and guitar helps me focus and get things off my mind. I sometime practice for 3-5 at a time (if I have it), and it really helps. I have 2+ hours of homework nightly, and I'm in 8th grade! Are you kidding me? I can barely focus on my guitar, let alone something that makes me want to burn something to the ground. Homework makes me depressed, stressed, and it pisses me off to high heaven.

9 Teachers don't give full explanations

Teachers sometimes give homework on things that they haven't even taught. My math teacher just uses homework that another math teacher gives to his students, so my math teacher doesn't actually know what's on the homework. This makes half of the things on our homework stuff that he hasn't even taught us yet. He doesn't even have specific lesson plans like teachers SHOULD have and just kind of improvises as he goes. He's always behind in teaching us because of this.

It's probably just that you guys don't pay attention. If you listened to the teacher's instructions, you should be able to do it, but you just giggle and play. And I got a 16+ (16 is like an A) on my missions project and my teacher thinks I'm a great writer. See? I'm living up to my full potential as a 4th grade student. Plus I have a social life and friends. You guys should use your talents and learn interesting facts by doing homework.

I have asked most of my teachers before "Why do we have homework in the first place" and I have never in my life ever gotten the full explanation I expect from an adult. They always see "Because you do" and "You need it" This isn't fair. If we want to know why we have homework then we at least deserve a full and logical explanation expected from KIDS that we can't even get from a teacher.

First it's review in school then repeat in homework. If they put the all the advanced kids in one class and got organized teachers that made us take USEFUL notes we wouldn't have to relearn everything at home.

10 Us kids can't have our say

We have no opinion. I'm sick of being treated like I am a baby! It's like saying, "Okay, be good and quiet, sit around for 6-8 hours every day, do homework, cry, be perfect, do more homework, get lectured on a 80% (which is really good! ), and do more homework. We should be kids while we can! It's also annoying, since we will have to do math and writing assignments based on what grade we are in, not our performance. What is a noun? They ask. They're treating us like we're 2 years old, and as if we have no rights! Shouldn't we have a say (or at least get homework at our level that isn't ridonkulously long. Good job to the schools for draining the fun out of our childhood.

The teachers and principals and basically all school authority try to force homework on us and we can't do anything about it without getting in trouble for it. This country was founded on freedom and school takes about 90% of those freedoms away, For example, Dress codes which isn't fair because it practically gives teachers the right to criticize our clothes, Forced homework which we don't get a say in which isn't fair in any way, They take away out freedom of speech in many ways, school and homework is ruining this generation and homework must come to an end. And an interesting fact about homework, Did you know that homework was invented in Italy by a teacher as a form of punishment for his students. So we're being punished for no logical reason.

Like, ikr? I'm so not looking up to high school because I know I'll have tons of homework, I have a feeling teachers think we have no lives, that we can just work, work, work. Homework pushes my sanity almost off the damn cliff! I'm only in 7th grade and we're going algebra that we'll never use in life! We have no say in this because parents love school so much. After all that homework, I have very little to no free time. Then it's time for bed. I am stressed in life because of so much school. PARENTS DON'T EVEN LISTEN!
They seriously think that we kids and teens can just work, eat, and sleep our whole childhood! Talk about stupidity. I even once cried because I got so stressed about homework. I understand we need an education, but 7 hours of school, 5 days a week, very little holidays, 2 day weekends, 2 months of summer, and 12 - 18 years? AND A TON OF HOMEWORK?! Give us a damn break! To the teachers and parents reading this, I hope you think this through!

I wrote the freedoms one too. And I have more to say about it. More about the dress codes. It basically means that they get to be judges who think they can criticize what we and our parents spend hard earned money on! It's ridiculous and unfair. I'm in seventh grade (supposed to be in 8th but I was held back last year). What makes them think they can take away the freedoms we've had for 222 years. The freedom of speech. Plus when someone bullies another person. And they finally make us snap. Or they beat us up the. We defend ourselves we get in trouble for basically not getting hurt. Plus my friend recently got sent to jail for 4 days for violating his probation from getting in a fight. And he said that being in jail is better than school. He said that the food is way better. And that he enjoyed being there more than he enjoyed being at school. And when he told me about it it literally sounded appealing compared to school. Homework and school must STOP! I understand that school is ...more

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11 It causes arguments and therefore damages our mental health

Lack of sleep, added to not eating enough food makes us kids grouchy, and so when a parent comes along and they don't understand the homework system, the kid gets easily frustrated, thus a fiery and furious argument erupts. from experience, I know how bad these arguments are, they almost always end in tears. This arguments happen almost every night for most of us. all of this is DEFINITELY NOT at all good for both our parents' and our own mental health. I also have a very big feeling that they also are playing a major negative part in fractured families.

I can not tell you how many times I have had insane arguments with my parents over a homework assignment. It has come to the point where I leave my house and don't come back for hours, usually around midnight to one in the morning. My family has become very unhealthy and arguments seem to happen hourly. I have some pretty bad anxiety, and all this arguing over something like homework just makes me hate life and my family. It may seem kind of stupid for me to say this, but homework is tearing my family apart.

For certain, this is #1. All of the other ones are true, but this is by far #1 in my opinion. I have firsthand experience with these fights, mostly to do homework. There is one comment saying "...that they also are playing a major negative part in fractured families." Due to various fights about homework in the past, my family has had to fall the POLICE and at one point I was forced to move with my other parent (my parents are divorced).

It isn't fair that we are forced to do endless amounts of homework and just have to deal with the effects it has on our mental health and mental state. When I do homework I lash out on everybody over them just simply talking to me. I yell at them because of the stress of homework.

12 People will copy your hard work

There is this person in my class and I mean seriously, she doesn't do ANY homework. When we are takeing our homework assignments out, it turns out she did nothing, EMPTY packet, then she looks off our papers or gets someone else to help her "so she doesn't get in trouble". Even when I was in my group, she didn't follow directions so she just copied EVERYTHING I wrote.

You do all of the work to finish a homework assignment and then there's that one student at school who doesn't do there homework at home, copy yours, and then they get a better mark on it and it is just so frustrating.

Yes this is so true even though I'm usually fine with it, it's starting to get very frustrating because everyday at least 2 people ask me if they can copy of my work.

You rack your brain trying to get it done and someone just rips you off and copies you, This has never happened to me but I can see from another's perspective.

13 It takes too long

Math teacher : This year you'll have 30mins of homework each class, that's nice to have such a little time, isn't it?
Me : I'm slow in my work...
So guess what...
Every day my math homework takes at least 2 hours to complete, and most of the time it takes 3 and a half hours! So annoying!

It takes like 2 hours a day! I almost have no time to do sport! I need to skip some swimming training because otherwise, I'll go to bed at midnight!

Homework not only takes too long, but too much of it is very stressful and unhealthy.

Sometimes it does take way too long and when your home you just want to be home.

14 We don't even learn anything!

I'm in eighth grade and I have a brother who is in sixth grade, and I am "learning" the same EXACT stuff he's learning! The homework is exactly what we "learned" in school. I'm one of the smarter people in my school (That's being humble), and I've always wondered why, and now I realize it's because while the teachers are repeating exactly what we learned last year I'm reading ahead in my textbook because I already know everything they are saying. It's so boring I read the textbook for enjoyment. Our school then doesn't give us new homework, they give us stuff we already know.
Now that my rant is over, my point is the school should do something for the more advanced kids and not keep the pace of learning at that of a retard's. ( By advanced I mean people who remember stuff more easily. )

Homework is just another way for teachers to mark our grades down that we work hard for. The whole time kids like me and every kid I know are imagining themselves having fun. But while those students are wishing they could be having fun with their friends and family, we're working our brains harder than we should and that causes our brains to get overwhelmed and crack under pressure, That causing our grades to go down. I have experienced this myself. In fact I recently got held back and I went looking through my grades and noticed that homework pages were the ones with the worst grades.

Homework is always the same: either (for people in my school and many other schools) endless uncreative worksheets of things we learnt years ago that we find ridiculously easy and don't teach us one tiny little thing, or so extremely hard that we don't even know what to do, don't complete it and don't learn anything. oh come on schools, you can do better than this one lousy attempt to stick a thing or two into our heads! Have interesting topics, interesting lessons, interesting teachers, and NO MORE HOMEWORK!

Ok. I'm a straight E student. Or now I am. In second grade (not to brag) I was officially the smartest kid in my year. I could even compare to some seventh graders! Then as soon as my school introduced complex algebra (in the same year) no one but me had any clue what half the crap they were talking about! I hardly even understood that! And then next year, they bring up... Ok. The more decimals of pi you name the better your grade. Seems legit! I never cared a bit about pi because it's the same as infinity! (uncountable) I was totally confused and got a E... And then they make me do a calculus? What?! I DIDN'T LEARN ANYTHING FOR 2 YEARS UNTIL I MOVED TO Australia!

15 It makes people want to commit suicide

The six week summer holiday is the only time of the year I feel I can forget about my mental health issues, but on the last week or so, my mum shouts at me if I have forgotten to do the homework due when I go back. I deliberately forget it so I can be happy. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I did nothing useful over the holidays; I practised Swedish, practised the flute, excercised, read.

But now I am entering the dark days again, where I feel my whole life and brain is out of my control and under the power of the school. I think that this year, I just won't conform, not tell my parents about any of my homework, and skip detentions. And I am usually the kid that does all the homework on the night it's set, but I want my brain and my happiness back. I want some freedom and control.

It is a fact that homework can cause mental health problems & stress. People may want to commit suicide to make the pressure go away.

This is so me to be honest! Homework is the bane of my existence. I like school, but I HATE homework. Detest it, actually. Loathe. I am already depressed enough already, no need to add to it!

I used to always get my homework in on time until one day I forgot to do it. The next day, there was this another assignment that was worth a large peecent of our grade...but I "accidentally" left it at home. All because homework is a stressor!

Homework often makes me want to commit suicide, truth be told. And I'm in 6th Grade! It's been making me feel like this since 4th, I still have a lot of school and homework in front of me, and it makes me feel like no matter what, I'll always be held down by this.

The school killed a lot of students and nobody cares. This is a huge problem.

16 It's not fun

So, we have 8 hours of school then we walk out of school and feel like we want to shout "FREEDOM"! But while we go seemed to grow legs and jump into a piece of paper then multiply enough to give to every student at my school...including me! and each bit of paper (now called HOMEWORK) flys over to every students home to make them stressed when they see the extra work poured out...I bet a lot of students have taken back the "FREEDOM"! thing now...honestly you just can't hide from homework, I'd rather accidentally walk into the girls bathroom without noticing! I don't know why teachers don't think we have lives, we could learn a lot more if we just had the time to play!

I once got homework to build a Greek temple in Minecraft. Those days are over, now I don't go to bed until 1 am. I can't have time to even upload a YouTube video anymore. On weekends I can't even Skype my friends.

They say to be kids and enjoy it while you can. But that is prevented because of homework. that prevents us from being outside and getting the fresh air we really need

True. When I don't get it I don't know who to ask. Sometimes I have 4 hours each night. Help my soul, school is actual hell.

17 It uses up valuable learning time

All these long hours spent correcting and doing homework could be spent ACTUALLY LEARNING (see more in reason 8), as well as relaxing and being happy! The fact that homework isn't teaching us anything means that all the time we spend doing homework may as well be spent walking in circles with our fingers in our ears screaming "CHEESE, CHEESE CHESE! "! And even doing that may be more productive, because it'll make us laugh, which is good for our mental health! We could use the time spent correcting homework in the classroom for a new and interesting topic, maybe even something optional for each student! If kids who aren't even in secondary school can find better ways to spend learning time, then the adults can open up their ears and eyes and realise the nonsense that is going on and make a difference!

I learn more from top ten lists than from homework, and that's no lie. There are top ten lists ten lists about thing school lied to us about, so are we even learning the truth?

I don't like it at all and you do all of this work and it's not even like you love it so you spend all this very hard work for nothing.

I have learned all countries locations, the world wars and politics on the computer and in games.
I have learned how to kill myself in homework

18 Not enough time to spend with family and friends

I'm in a band, so my schedule isn't always open. We can barely practice because our drummer got grounded because he had a D in math. On top of that, we play sports, go to parties, and play instruments, we don't have time for homework.

I once had to stay home and do homework (I can't remember what it was specifically, just some useless math and English.) instead of going out to dinner with my parents and a friend whom I hadn't seen in a long time. I was so distraught. Dear teachers, WE HAVE LIVES.

Yeah, that sucks so bad

On weekends sometimes we have to leave parties early because my sister has homework

19 Waste of time

Every single teacher is saying 'do this homework, do that homework and memorise it' when they literally just made us learn it off by heart! 0-0 for example, in maths we learn about angles. Everyone in my class learnt it, memorized it and wouldn't forget it. 3 minutes later...

"Here is your homework. This assignment is on angles."

Sometimes I wonder if there doing it for a joke.

That's the thing with some teachers, they give me six pages of homework and a booklet for only a 1 week holiday and then when I come back, they look at it and can't be bothered to mark it. what is the point of all that hard work...?! Teachers think they can just slack off while the students do more work. the students should paid to, it's like child labor!

"When we go off to live a life of our own, we most likely aren't going to get a job that uses a lot of math. If you decide to be an artist, X= MC Squared or whatever isn't gonna help much. Coming from a 6th grader, I get a full night of homework from just MATH. I need sleep. And even with the massive amount of Math HW, I get Cs and Ds on tests. Its just worthless

Just like one of the other comments, I stare at my piece of paper until I'm yelled at.

Actually that kind of exaggeration. I stare at it for half an hour until I actually bother to look something up.

20 Parents want homework to be assigned, not teachers

Ok back in Grade 4, I had this teacher (I didn't get homework so thankful for the teacher) but she said, "Your parents are e-mailing me saying they want more homework." And I was sitting there like 😦 wow and then I asked my mom if that was her and she said no. I was like yeah right. But I'm disappointed in those parents who want to give their kids torture.they need to learn if they want their kid to like them then DON'T ASK FOR HOMEWORK!

Most my teachers say they wouldn't give out homework if it was there choice,98% of parents are responsible for homework being given out

21 Parents join up with teachers

Our parents are lied to by the teachers. They are tricked into believing that homework is good for us when it's the opposite. They don't know that it affects our sleep and health. I speak for the kids of America.

Thank god my parents ain't like that. Basically, if you haven't done your homework, they'll brainwash parents into think homework is good for us and make parents ground their kids just because of that.

My mum is a teacher and she says that homework is good and she sometimes ayes me more homework! Whereas my dad doesn't like it. Parents shouldn't join with teachers! Or be one in my case!

If you didn't do this homework the teacher would phone mum and do you know what my mum used to do? She used to ground me, yeah, I used to get grounded because of that teacher.

22 We already have 8 hours of school

My reaction to my alarm clock at 4 am: SHUT UP *picks up clock, goes outside, throws it right into the neighbors trash can! SCOREEE* Going to school! * gets on broken ass bike, rides up, all of the breaks are broken. Goes into bin, finds alarm clock and takes it back out. Puts in bag* last minutes of daily school! Out loud (occasionally) only 5 more minutes of torture *gets detention*

Plus 802 hours of homework a week and teenagers need to work and I'm in a band so I have NO time.

Yup that is right

23 Because our teachers want to make us do stuff we just learned

No, it's because the teachers don't want us to enjoy our childhoods.

24 We learn enough at school

At school we learn math, language, religon, french, art, drama, history etc. You get the point. Teachers "congrats" you made my life terrible. We learn so much at school that homework seems pointless. in the end we wonder why did we just do 16 hours of school. It is just like being at school for 10 days a week insted of just 5 days a week! STOP GIVING OUT HOMEWORK!

25 They're whiny

You probably mistake our pleas for help with whining, when in reality, we work harder than adults in most situations. I do believe that you would reevaluate your statement, if you were working your crummy office job (if you have even that) for eight hours, and then having to work more when you return to your home, amidst distractions, family, friends, and the fight against hunger and fatigue. Get your facts straight.

I'm imagining my textbook crying because I don't like it.

What? Present your hypothesis. Who are whiny?

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