Top 10 Worst School Subjects

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1 Math

Math is the worst. All you do is look at numbers and do the same thing over and over again. And there's no way you are going to use it in life. It just takes away your time and happiness (that might've been a little dramatic).

And I don't even remember a time when I was like, "Ah. So glad I learned this in math. Saved my life!" I never found anything useful in math after elementary. It is the worst, and a lot of people agree with me. Especially my bestie, who said she wants to kill math. Like stab it with a knife and pull its intestines out. (I admit, that's going a bit too far) Math definitely deserves to be first.

2 Physical Education

I'm now in Year 9, and I'm not the biggest fan of PE because of my teachers and the content. First things first, it is very pointless because you're just moving your body around, throwing and kicking balls. I mean, how is it going to help us with handy skills like communication and problem-solving?

Moreover, the teachers are just strict. If we don't have our sports uniform on during practicals, we will get an after-school detention. And if you thought that was bad enough, think again. My PE teacher constantly, or most of the periods, keeps reminding us that we are in Year 9. For example, she said, "If you talk during the test, you will have your computer confiscated and sit a redemption. You're in Year 9, so you should be able to follow instructions." We all know that we are in Year 9.

3 Algebra

I don't get why people love this subject. It's so hard. All it has is pointless letters, codes, and more. Just a reminder that letters have nothing to do with math unless it's with problem-solving and some stuff like that.

And if people actually love this subject (no offense to those reading this), they obviously lack their own brains to brainstorm how easy it is. I've recently learned this, and it's torture. Not even going to lie.

I was burnt out by the end of the school year in May (mid-June), and this subject and science were the ones I was willing to give up on for my own sake. I think I just automatically hate anything that doesn't allow for a creative way out of it.

Not only that, after the term tests came back, I was devastated and doubted myself for weeks.

Luckily, that was last year, and they just kind of passed the point (and those tests didn't contribute to the main grade, and I still got an A-/B+).

4 History

History is taught horribly.

They spend too much time giving homework and projects that don't help at all. History is the type of subject where all you do is memorize facts. Yet, teachers force you to do unnecessary work that does nothing but weaken your understanding of the subject.

Here is an example: There's no need for a teacher to assign notes on a section. Science usually assigns reading, but notes are not required. There will be a quiz or test on the material, so it's your funeral if you don't read. The individual can choose how to study. I actually do worse when taking notes than when not because I'm more focused on the actual material rather than filling up the paper. So, I read the chapter in science and understand it. However, there really isn't homework history teachers can assign. History is almost always about memorizing a bunch of facts, so it is difficult to test critical thinking and application skills. Therefore, they assign notes just for the sake of assigning homework. This needs to change.

I honestly feel that the way they teach History is one of the worst aspects of the US education system. They need to stop making stupid, useless assignments. I once had to make Twitter posts for the founding fathers. How does that help me understand history? It really doesn't. It just wastes time and energy, and once again, teachers assign stupid projects like this in history because there isn't really any other way to assign a history project. It's assigned for the sake of assigning a project rather than for the sake of learning.

To be honest, I can't remember the last time I had a history project that wasn't cheesy, artsy, and useless. I doubt you can either.

5 Language Arts

I received a 55% on a reading comprehension test based on a novel. I passed, but I hate it. My original most hated subject used to be Social Studies until I realized it's not getting harder. But seriously, what's worse than history or politics?

Grammar, sentence fluency, creativity for a story, essays, little details in a book, researching, figurative language, and the worst... writing quality! Math is easier for me because it's all about methods, and sometimes, I don't even have to rely on my calculator. It's funny that many people bash math because it involves numbers, but compare that to making sentences. I absolutely despise summarizing. I struggle to rephrase things into my own words, and when I have to research, I need to avoid plagiarism!

6 Foreign Language

I love languages and I want to become a translator when I'm older. However, the way schools teach languages is awful. For instance, in French, why would I tell someone what's in my pencil case?

Why can't they teach us how to order, ask for directions, or use basic phrases instead of all that other irrelevant material they teach us? This is why most people forget most of it. Languages are my favorite class, but I don't want to be taught useless things.

It's pointless if you don't want to travel anywhere outside of your home country. It makes you lose brain cells just trying to pronounce the words. Taking Spanish and French every year is boring.

Why not have other languages, such as Arabic, German, Polish (which I can actually speak a little of), Portuguese, Swedish, etc.? It's pointless!

7 Religion

Why are people teaching us stuff that could be fake? Okay, according to science, even science, Jesus is real, but it's likely that the people who wrote the Bible were lying nearly all the time and the Bible is just a big lie. And Christians, sorry for insulting the Bible, but we can't know less about George Washington, a guy who lived 300 years ago, than some random guy that lived a millennium ago.

If religion didn't exist, the world would have been a better place to begin with. Imagine making kids at school waste brain cells to learn about the imaginary friends of people who lived centuries ago.

8 Writing

I'm so glad I don't have to learn this subject anymore. I've retired at fifth-sixth grade from this subject and I consider it pretty mean and unfair.

Here's what I can explain: First of all, when a student is in kindergarten, preschool, first, or second grade, they should learn this subject and then retire at third grade since third graders are already great writers. Second, I personally think it's really disrespectful to continue learning this subject at fourth grade because some students at that grade are trying their best to also succeed in calligraphy. Third, I may be wrong, but this subject doesn't even get associated with any tests, exams, etc. So what's the point of this subject? Kids can write whenever they want to and should surpass it by third grade.

9 Geometry

I am currently taking geometry, and I hate it. Not only will I not need it at all for my future career as an author, especially in fantasy, but I also have a test tomorrow. Plus, I suffer from anxiety. Combine those factors, and you can imagine what happens next.

It's not the teacher's fault. I am almost 100% sure that by the end of the school year, my brain will have purposefully erased everything that ever happened in that class. Despite this, my mom is making me attend after-school sessions. You can't make someone who detests the subject fall in love with it. That's just not how life works.

10 Science

This is supposed to be first, as it's very hard, especially with a teacher like mine. I'm in year seven, and my teacher gave us a booklet to do over the weekends.

Well, today I was trying to do it, and it was too hard. At the bottom of the booklet, there was a website link. I searched it up, and it said grade 9. Only about 2-3 people get this done correctly in my class. One is a real female nerd - I wish I had her intelligence. Another has a mom who is a science teacher, and the last one is a genius.

I despise Geology and Biology. I can't memorize everything, and it's not very helpful for a future author. My teacher says Biology would be "useful" for writing murder mysteries and stuff. Who said I'm going to write murder mysteries?! I just want to write science fiction novels because Astronomy is the only interesting kind of science so far. Maybe next year when I start Chemistry, I'll like it.

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11 Dance

We had to do stupid dances in the gym hall. Then, the teacher decided to play cringy music in class. The lesson is also embarrassing because it is just you being humiliated in front of everyone.

Oh. My. God. In my old school (I've moved to a better one now), we had a dance lesson every fortnight. Our teacher was cranky and old, and she had about three songs (really annoying ones) on her iPod. We had to do stupid dances as a warm-up, walk around, and do stupid stuff like hand gestures. Then, we had to compose a dance. Dance is so stupid! And I'm shy, so a dance lesson is like hell for me!

12 Physics

I hate physics so much. I am so bad at it, and if I don't learn a single thing, I will be bad at it forever. It's very hard and difficult. I also find it boring, but that's probably because of my teacher.

Physics is the worst subject ever. Maybe it's just my teacher, but it is boring, not interesting, and not fun to do or learn.

It was fun in elementary school. Now it's boring. Literally, who cares about the physics of a hockey puck being hit?

13 Literature

This is horrible. I had the worst time ever having to read boring Shakespeare books! I mean, I can't understand one sentence in those books! In grade 3, we were supposed to read a book during the winter break, and it was supposed to be a book that you never read before. All my books are old, so I have read them all twice. Thankfully, my birthday was in winter, so I got a book from my friend!

Most boring subject ever. I understand the importance of language, but why do I need to learn Literature? Sure, some people might want to pursue a career in Literature, but how does reading old books with exaggerated expressions help someone write better? I find it so annoying that it barely gets to the main point.

14 Typing

The fastest way to type is with two fingers, which allows me to reach 58 WPM. But no, the teachers say that's the wrong way to type. They forcefully put your hands on the standard keys, and you're just super slow like that. I mean, when I type like that, my speed is 23 WPM.

In fact, the essays and everything are timed, and you have to be faster than a certain amount of WPM. Indeed, the smartest kid I know, who makes straight A's in every other subject but typing, struggles because he's a bit slow at typing.

I had to do this in grade 3, and I thought it would be fun, but seriously. I already know how to type! Come on, man! Who cares if you put your index finger on the 'a'? My hands are pretty small too, so the typing class made my hands hurt.

15 Calculus

I don't even want to know what schools were thinking when they turned ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics into a form of mathematics. There's no way I'd ever pass this class without cheating on everything.

Oh my god... Calculus? I would rather be counting to 1 trillion with the teacher beside me.

Absolutely pointless, extremely difficult, and complicated too.

16 Biology

I'm in 8th Grade now, and we had to take it last year in 7th Grade! I don't get why we needed to learn such a hard topic in middle school. I didn't even understand a single thing! How do they expect us to know this in middle school?! We should take biology in high school, not middle school.

Biology and Geology are the worst. At least Astronomy is interesting! I miss when my class was taught about stars, planets, and galaxies. I find outer space to be interesting.

I'm never going to be a biologist, so I don't see the point of learning biology. It's hard as hell, memorizing all the amoebas and euglenas and whatnot.

17 Computer Science

I used to like computer science in my past schools. It was very fun. We didn't learn coding, however. When I switched schools, I thought we would learn coding, one thing I really dreamed of. But no. Instead of coding, all we did was study the history of computing and we learned about stocks. I thought we were in computer science, not business or history.

Just incredibly useless. I could be spending time doing something useful like going outside and getting fresh air, but instead, I have to do some coding. What is the point of coding?! It's the most boring class there is.

18 Business Studies

That's for college or something!

19 Civics

Ugh, I can't explain the loathing I have towards this subject. I don't give a damn about the law, and we aren't even going to use this in our lives, anyway.

We get tablets, but it's so damn stupid.

Who cares about America anymore?

20 Geology

Geology was so boring and unnecessary. How is it going to help a future author in life?

Sheldon was right. Geology sucks.

I loathe geology with everything in me. I'm taking a geology exam right now, and it is miserable.

21 Social Studies

Who needs to know where the Red Sea is or which country has the most earthquakes from a boring lesson if Guinness World Records or National Geographic Kids can tell us in a more amusing way?

Worst subject ever. I almost fell asleep in social studies today! (Not an expression, I literally almost did!)

22 Music

My music teacher, whom I'll call Ms. Smith, is an extremely strict and harsh lady who is passionate about her music. But what's the point? I'm in Grade 9, yet we have to sing songs probably meant for primary-aged children. Not to mention, we use broken old instruments.

One time I made a mistake while we were using bongos, and guess what happened? I had to write "I will follow the rules" on lined paper, covering both sides. That's why I'm transferring to another high school.

It's pointless. Most of us aren't going to become musicians. Why are people hating on math and English when we need them? This should be higher on the list.

23 English

First, because it's the national language, everyone learns English from a very young age. Some even have certificates that say they know English, while I will receive mine in three to four years. The teacher has students who are more highly educated than me, so I have to work much harder to keep up with the others.

I am doing very well, though. I score 18-19 out of 20, yet the teacher still demands more. For example, I scored an 18 on a test where others scored 17 or less, and the teacher specifically told me, "You don't have a good vocabulary."

Some parts are actually useful, like grammar and some vocabulary. Writing is only useful when you write about things you want to write about and actually care about, rather than some stupid topic assigned to you that you don't care about.

Most of the other things like literature, Shakespeare, book reports, etc., are not that useful unless you want to go into a job that uses them.

24 Economics

In my school, economics is split into two parts: business administration and political economy. The second one is just boring. But business administration... it's full of complicated things to apply and study, basically math with theory.

And you want to know the worst part? The worst part is that today, for doing all the job that this subject teaches us, can be done with a machine at the push of a button. Damn!

It was a decent subject for me, but now this subject is utter garbage! Yes, even worse than math!

25 Sex Education

We had to learn this in Year 6. To be honest, it was really boring and weird learning about such stuff. The worst part is that teachers make us watch videos about how babies are really born (sorry, storks fanboys), and they aren't made of paper.

They had to separate us by boys and girls, and it wasn't pleasant. Plus, half of my class were too immature to learn this. As a Muslim, we banned this in mosque. There's a comment about how in other parts of the world, they are making sex education essential in most places.

As they said, kids are too young and naive. They start doing weird stuff like playing with privates.

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