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1 Math

I don't think math is that hard as people make it to be. I would say the difficulty depends on the teacher's abilities. My middle school teacher was very bad at teaching and I had to learn the concepts of pre-algebra and algebra myself which was pretty stressful, but when I got to high school my teachers were pretty more relaxed and more encouraging even if the students make mistakes which was a big relief for me. All it takes is effort, a good teacher, or alternatively a study group. Unfortunately most students miss out the latter.

Math doesn't make sense. As we get older, especially into middle school when we learn algebra, it makes absolutely no sense. The numbers, variables, and formulas don't work out as the teacher taught us how to. It's like it only works when the teacher is around, not by myself.

It is my luck that in biology I have to use King Henry which is the metric System I am praying that I did it right. Oh and worst of all I have to do greater than less than and equal to and I have not done well with that since the day that I first day I learned. I am so bad at math but I will give my best and be slower than I used to be like I was in biology class today to make sure I do it right. I used to be able to correct stuff but now I can't do it is important that I give 100% into everything. Anyhow I realize that nothing is impossible even stuff that I have not understood since elementary school. God bless you guys and I hope you all have a great 2017-2018 school year.

Going to concur to this. Algebra and beyond haver few uses outside of certain professions. I hated working with it, even though I was decent at it. Now an adult for approaching a decade and I have yet to encounter anything in everyday life that makes use of it. As I said, outside of certain hobbies and professions, there is almost no point to it. At least geometry can be useful occasionally like when you renovate or something.

Oh yeah by the way, I asked the teacher to give an example of where I would use this outside of specific professions, and they couldn't come up with a practical answer. Any answer they gave could easily be converted to simple math.

2 Physical Education

As a non-athletic child, there was no effort to keep me entertained and interested, half of the kids didn't even bother to pass the ball to me, but got yelled at for walking around.

From 1st grade I hated Physical education. I'm not athletic person and right now that I'm 7th grade they make us run sometimes close to 2km while normally I can't run 80 metres without stopping. I have to say that it's once a week for 2 periods and even when you have a broken leg, they will count it as you're absent

It baffles me how PE is disliked by many. If it's taught by an overweight teacher then I can see how that makes sense. There are tons of people who are overweight and want to shake it off by moving their bodies. Besides math I think PE is the most important subject because it teaches the importance of exercise and to stay in shape, which goes a long way since you will suffer less health problems in the future.

PE isn't actually that bad, it's just when we get told to run a really long distance is when it's really bad. It is so painful to run for so long and I get such a painful stitch every time I run plus they don't even let us walk when I was doing it

3 Algebra

Same as maths, it's terrible, and useless, and who in the world is insane enough to use letters in math? Just make it simple, keep it simple, and there's no need for it to become less simple.

I was burnt out May-end of school year (Mid-June) and this and science were the ones I was willing to give up on for my own sake. I think I just automatically hate anything that doesn't allow a creative way out of it.
Not only that, after Term tests came back, I was devastated and doubted myself for weeks.
Luckily, that was last year and they just kind of passed the point, (and those tests didn't contribute with the main grade and I still got a A-/B+)

Algebra is hell, like it so hard to understand. The most difficult algebra should only be reserved for prisoners on death row as an excuse to leave. That would be impossible.

I think the reason I hate it is because it's totally and utterly useless, and it's made into such a big deal--and for what? We will use about 2% of what we learn in algebra in real life. I can't believe home many times I've cried because I didn't understand. I wish I'd realized sooner it won't come in handy, and I'll be perfectly fine with or without it

4 History

"Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it."
Are you suggesting if I don't learn from someone who died by eating poisonous flowers, I am destined to do the same? If I don't learn from someone who became extremely rich, I am doomed to become rich too? If I don't learn from someone who got killed by a shark while swimming in the ocean, does that mean I am doomed to get killed by a shark too?
Technically, history can be everything, not just society, politics, civilization, wars... If someone drinks soda, that is history! History is the study of past events, so if a random centipede died in the year 1277, that is also history. I just don't understand why we have to learn about people murdering each other, as if I am doomed to murder someone in the future if I don't learn from history. Pfft, so if a baby with survival instincts in an island doesn't learn from the Holocaust, apparently, that baby is doomed to murder six million people someday. Besides, doesn't ...more

I don't get why this is required, I get that it's so we don't repeat mistakes, but other than that how else is it supposed to help us in the future? If you think Math is bad, oh you haven't dealt with history, all the material is boring and it's just a waste of time, I'd rather write 20 different stories about god than waste my time on history.

History teachers us to hate and blame each other because of what our ancestors did in the past. Yes, I agree that it's important to acknowledge the past, but some people just make it seem as though the past is always in the present. Just learn to let it go and move on already! I watched a lot of Youtube videos about Japanese survivors experiencing tragedy and grief due to lost family members. A lot of the comments can't quit whining about the Rape of Nanking and Unit 731 blah blah blah even though they were highly irrelevant to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors. Some of the comments even say that the Japanese families deserved to suffer in the present. Apparently, people will hate on you based on your country's history even though you were not responsible for your ancestors' actions. Learning history can influence you to be stuck on the past and trash on other countries.

History is taught horribly.

They spend too much time giving homework and projects that don't help at all. History is the type of subject where all you do is memorize facts. Yet teachers force you to do unnecessary work that does nothing but weakens your understanding of the subject. Here is an example. There's no need for a teacher to assign notes on a section. Science usually assigns reading, but notes are not required. There will be a quiz or test on the material, so your funeral if you don't read. The individual can choose how to study. I actually do worse when taking notes than when not because I'm more focused in the actual material rather than filling up the paper. So I read the chapter in science and understand it. However, there really isn't homework history teachers can assign. History is almost always memorize a bunch of facts, so it is difficult to test critical thinking and application skills. Therefore, they assign notes just for the sake of assigning homework. ...more

5 Language Arts

Language arts is probably the worst subject I ever took. I always hated it since 1st grade and now I'm in 8th. All of my ELA classes are always boring and bland, and half of the articles don't even make sense for me. Like, I can spell and I know how grammar works, so what even is the point of English anyways? Especially figurative language. It basically makes the sentence "The Grass is green" have more than 100 different meanings or something. Whenever I read a book that we are all reading, I always get bored and completely forget about what happens. Almost nothing in said book makes sense for me at all, and I still don't know the purpose of English class anymore. What, am I supposed to use a bunch of random figurative language things to use in everyday life to confuse the heck out of people? Am I supposed to write an essay about why the sky is blue and that relates to the end of the world? Also what is the point of fancy vocabulary? We already have the word "big", why can't we just ...more

Ah, language arts. It gives so much pain to read, annotate and analyze the texts. It's so painful for my hands, and sometimes it is mandatory to write in cursive, and I don't even know how to write in that new foreign type language.

I hate it because I can't focus on it and I just can't understand the reason it exists. I speak right, there's no reason for something else to know because I don't care if I'm using "Enestota" or "Paratatiko" (Greek simple present end present continuous)

I got a 55% on a reading comprehension test based on a novel. Passed but I hate it. My original most hated subject used to be Social Studies but I realized it's not getting hard but seriously, what's worse than stupid history or politics? Grammar, sentence fluency, creativity for a story, essays, little details in a book, researching, figurative languages and the worst... writing quality! Math is easier for me because it's literally all about methods and sometimes, I don't have to rely on my calculator. I find it so funny many people are bashing on math because it's about numbers but compare it to making sentences. I hate summarizing so much, I can't rephrase it to words on my own and when I have to research, I have to avoid plagiarism!

6 Foreign Language

Right now I do Greek (which is my native), English, French and Ancient greek and I will start a programming language when the holidays end and the only ones I use are Greek and English, which I don't have this much of a problem. French and Ancient greek are completely useless to me, and I also hate the teachers of those subjects

WHY ARE WE MANDATORY TO TAKE SPANISH? Even though I would be against languages in elementary and middle school, we should at least be able to choose our own languages that we are interested in, not Spanish. I'm not trying to become the next Bad Bunny or anything, I'm not flying to a Spanish-speaking country anytime soon, and I will forget it very quickly. I've already forgotten a lot of it.

UGH, back in elementary, this was a forced course (Spanish). It just sucked, and I don't plan to speak anything other than English.

It's pointless if you don't want to travel anywhere outside of your home country. It makes you lose brain cells just trying to pronounce the words. Taking Spanish and French every year is boring. Why not have other languages, such as Arabic, German, Polish (which I can actually speak a little of), Portuguese, Swedish, etc,? It's pointless!

7 Religion

I don't get why public schools would have religion. Catholic or Jewish schools maybe but not public. And to the atheists out there, don't you dare accuse Christians and Catholics of "shoving it down your throat." That is not true first of all. Second of all it is not a fact that it's a waste of time. Third of all, don't you say that it's Jesus and God are fake. Cause it's not. So please stop acting like you are always right.

How is this not No. 1? It is the most pointless subject in the history of the world. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but how is this going to help us in the future? What use could this probably do? So in my job interview, this is going to be important? "So you want to work at Pizza Hut? Well, sure, but only if you state ten religions! " Utterly pointless.

In my opinion, I think that science is the explanation to all of this. The air, earth, fire and water all have an explanation. But what do people say when they don't want to believe the truth, they say a man called god did this. Why is god a man? How sexist!

This should be No.1, its boring and useless in life unless we all want to become preachers. Plus I'm atheist so this would be really stupid for me. And we can't teach all 10,000 religions at once, so screw that class.

8 Writing

The word count is something I really hate. I can't describe a person in 250 words even if I put the same things 5 times. I can't write an essay in 30 minutes and expect from me to be happy after and also to not have doctor's letters

My hands hurt while writing, and it just gives me so much pain to think about what to write, especially in the teacher's rubric and instructions.

What's even worse? I HAD TO LEARN CURSIVE! I needed to keep on learning cursive words, then do it all over again with capitalized letters. And when we finally learned it all, my teacher said I have to write everything in cursive.

My handwriting sucks. Yet, I have to write, and write until my pencil is so worn that it writes wider and lighter. My hand would hurt a lot.

9 Geometry

I am taking it currently and I HATE IT. Not only will I not need it at all for my future career (Author more orientated to fantasy and things of that nature) but I also have a test TOMORROW. And I have anxiety, put 2 and 2 together and you know what happens next.
It's not the teachers fault, I am almost 100% sure by the end of the school year, my brain will purposefully erase everything that ever happened in that class.
And my mom is making me go to after school bull-crap for it. You can't make someone who doesn't want anything to do with the subject ever and make them love it, that's not how life works.

I can totally relate. My school is supposed to be one of the best math schools in the district, yet all the math teachers suck there. And I got stuck with the worst of them all, oh my god, I can't put up with it any longer. Now I can perfectly see the reason why some high schoolers are dropouts. Shoving all this gibberish down our throats won't pay off in the future unless you're planning on being one of these teachers. This is why I lost all respect in math teachers. They're all the same: boring, monotone robots who give lectures 24/7. Their asses should be fired

I hate this subject so damn much! We got a semester exam recently and I got a 52%. Now my parents blame me for failing instead of being it obvious that it was the teacher's fault. My geometry teacher can't teach at all. She just calls people on the phone and wait for the call back so she can continue teaching. The worst part of it is she expects us to pass the test even though the entire class is failing! Now this is risking my chances for getting a cell phone because I want one and my dad says I have to get a B to get it. If I get anything possibly lower, I'm totally blaming the teacher!

When will I ever need this? I don't want to be an engineer or construction worker, I want to be a writer. Hell, I was never that good at math to begin with, and this subject just irritated me so much last year. Honestly, if my grade was just based on tests, I would've failed, because I got an F on every test I took, except semester exams, which I got a C and D on, and those were curved up. Yeah, that's really showing that this useless subject should be taught even though no one gets it and always fails it. Jeez, math was fine before letters were involved.

10 Science

I used to love science until 7th grade because I had a trashy teacher who would yell at the class for no reason "Mrs. O'conner was her name" She had cursed out a class and told out our class to shut up. She had also told us we were immature though she was immature her self

This isn't supposed the be first, it's very hard especially with a teacher like mine. I'm in year seven, my teacher gave you a booklet to do over the weekends, well today I was trying to do it, it was too hard, at the bottom of the booklet it had a website link I searched it up and it said grade 9. Only about 2-3 get this done correctly in my class, one is a real female nerd I wish I had her intelligence, the other has a mum which is a science teacher and last is a genius.

I despise Geology and Biology. I can't memorize everything and it's not very helpful for a future author. My teacher says Biology would be "useful" for writing murder mysteries and stuff. Who said I'm going to write murder mysteries?! I just want to write science fiction novels because Astronomy ids the only interesting kind of science so far. Maybe next year when I start Chemistry, I'll like it.

Worst to best

1. Worst: Chemistry/ what we have to memorize the whole periodic table and I barely can even memorize the compound; (sodium, cobalt, zinc etc.) Like come on man give us a break. I kept on getting C's in this class.

2. Easier(Still horrible):Physics/ Will we are on the topic wave and it is literally the worst nightmare of my school year. We have to apply sine and cosine(which I'm not good at), and also it just useless.

3. Best(Really the best): Geology/ This one I get straight A's and I think this one is quite useful compared to other. We can learn out surrounding and how it is formed. Some may disagree with me but this is my opinion. Feel free to comment.

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11 Physics

I hate physics so much, I am so bad at it and if I won't learn a single thing I will be bad at it forever. It's very hard and difficult, I also find it boring but that's probably because of my teacher

Physics is the worst subject ever, maybe its just my teacher but it is boring not interesting and not fun to do or learn.

It was fun in elementary school. Now it's boring. Literally who cares about the physics of a hockey puck being hit?

Physics is just stuff you already know, but explained using long words to make you think it's interesting.

12 Dance

So overrated, we had a mandatory gym unit called "DANCE UNIT" and it was bad. My friends and I are athletes, and we didn't want to dance to Fortnite. We made our dance to some hip-hop songs and rap and the NFL intro, but it was still terrible.

Oh. My. God. In my old school (I've moved to a better one now) we had a dance lesson every fortnight. Our teacher was cranky and old, and she had about THREE SONGS (really annoying ones) on her iPod and we had to do stupid dances as a warm-up, walk around and do stupid stuff like retarded hand gestures, and we had to compose a dance. Dance is so stupid! And I'm shy, so a dance lesson is like hell for me!

There is like nothing you can do in your future life with dance. All we do is do routines which is basically what you do in drama.

In elementary school I had to ballroom dance with a girl I didn't even know and everyone else was randomly partnered too. We all hated it and whoever spoke out was abused. One horrible experience I will NEVER forgive.

13 Biology

I'm in 8th Grade now and we had to take it last year in 7TH GRADE! I don't get why we needed to learn such a hard topic in middle school. I didn't even understand a single thing! How do they expect us to know this in middle school?! We should take biology in high school and not middle school.

Well I HATe this, except microbiology. Well because you need to know perfect definition, eutrophication is the process where... And lake chocked. Even if you write the spelling of chocked wrong, you get no marks, even if rest is correct (the... Section )

Hey guys! You will need this when you need to take care of pets when your grown up, or if you have a disease. Anyone who says that this is horrible, should go to Uganda and look how important biology there is.

Biology and Geology are the worst. At least Astronomy is interesting! I miss when my class was taught about stars, planets, and galaxies. I find outer space to be interesting.

14 Literature

Most boring subject ever. I understand a language's importance, but why do I need to learn Literature? Sure, SOME people might want to pursue a career in Literature, but how does reading old books with exaggerated expressions help someone write better? I find that it's so annoying that it's barely getting to the main point.

I used to always do super well or super bad (barely pass/fail). Usually super bad. So I did a summer reading program. My book was the fellowship of the rings. I got 6:8 on all of the quizzes but the last one when I did very bad but I was sick with bronchitis when I took it. Part of literature that is important is comprehending what you read and my teacher told me to read 3 times and I never did that. Looking back I probably should have done that because the more you read something the better you comprehend it. At my school that I went to you could correct stuff but most schools are not like that so it is best to take your time and maybe even check your work once done. I hope this helps.

I am a 4th grader, which is CRAZY, but on my previous grades of my school I did not have too much homework or classwork, also not a literature subject. But now, I have a BUTT TON of homework because of LITERATURE. It is also very hard for me to properly do this subject. My family says I am GOOD at literature even though I'm bad at it. I had a lot of help from my mom and brother before my literature exam. Somehow, I got pretty good marks for my exam. Now I know the reason why Literature is so hard. I saw on a google page that the reason most students HATE literature subject is because you have to put your own thoughts of a story into writing. I study novels now, which makes it WAY harder to do literature. Before my literature exam, I had to sequence a whole novel called 'Christophe's story' in the main bits.
Seriously. This is the second reason I hate literature in my school ( in a short way) You always have to discuss with a partner before you do some kind of difficult question. MY ...more

This is HORRIBLE. I had the worst time ever having to read boring Shakespeare books! I mean, I can't understand one sentence in those books! In grade 3 we were supposed to read a book during the winter break and it was supposed to be a book that you never read before. All my books are old so I have read them all twice. Thankfully my birthday was in winter so I got a book from my friend!

15 Typing

The fastest way to type is with 2 fingers which my WPM with 2 fingers is 58. But NO the teachers say that's the wrong way to type. They forcefully put your hands on the standard keys and you're just super slow like that. I mean when I type like that my speed is 23. In fact the essays and everything are timed and you have to be faster than a certain amount of WPM. Intact the smartest kid I know who makes straight A's on every other subject but typing cause he's a bit slow at typing.

I had to do this in grade 3 and I thought it would be fun but seriously. I already know how to type! Come on man! Who cares if you put your index finger on the a !?!? My hands are pretty small too so typing class made my hands hurt.

What's worse is that how they want you to put you're hands at! It's horrible! They put your fingers on the main keys an it just hurts your hands! Without doing the "best" way to type I can type up to 62wpm, but using the "best" way to use it I end up typing at 18wpm!

We literally al know how to type, I am even typing now on the damn keyboard! Even a toddler can type the word "Hi" Like that class was so damn useless!

16 Calculus

I don't even want to know what schools were thinking when they made ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics into a form of mathematics. There's no way I'd ever pass this class without cheating on everything.

Oh my god... Calculus? I would rather be counting to 1 trillion and the teacher beside me.

Absolutely pointless, extremely difficult and complicated too.

You thought Algebra was bad? Ha, welcome to calculus.

17 Computer Science

I'm in AP Computer Science A this year and I hate it! My mom forced me to take it. I'm stupid and computer science and coding is just not my thing. Not worth it unless you want to work in a job that uses it.

I used to like computer science in my past schools. It was very fun. We didn't learn coding however. When I switched schools I thought we will learn coding, one thing I really dreamed of. BUT NO. Instead of coding, all we did is to do history of computing and we learned about STOCKS. I thought we were in computer science, not business or history.

My teacher is just "no". Toilet? No. Help? No. Like bruh we were forced to click a help button which we couldn't find anything we needed..

Just incredibly useless. I could be spending time doing something useful like going outside and getting fresh air but instead I have to do some coding. What is the point of coding!?!? It's the most boring class there is.

18 Business Studies

That's for college or something!

This subject is a torture.

Accounting is fun at least.

I know how to make money

19 Civics

Ugh, I can't explain the loathing I have towards this subject. I don't give a damn about the law and we aren't even going to use this in our lives, anyway.

We get tablets but it's so damn stupid.

Who cares about america anymore?

This subject is so dang stupid.

20 Social Studies

Worst subject ever. I almost fell asleep in social studies today! (Not an expression, I literally almost did! )

I found this similar to history, but I'd say that social studies is a better version than history

21 Geology

Geology was so boring and unnecessary. How is it going to help a future author in life?

Sheldon was right. Geology sucks

I loathe geology with everything in me. I'm taking a geology EXAM right now, it is misreable

22 Music

My music teacher, I'll call her Ms. Smith (Just in case she's reading this) She's an extremely strict and harsh lady who really cares about her music, but what's the point? I'm in Grade 9 and I have to sing songs probably meant for primary-aged kids. Not to mention we use broken old instruments, one time I screwed up while we were using bongos and guess what? I had to write in lined-paper over and over again "I will follow the rules" on both sides, and that's why I'm moving high schools.

One of my Music teachers was a witch. She even looked like one. Thankfully, she left. Now, I have a really pale Music teacher who is basically a vampire. He's no better than my past Music teacher.

It's pointless. Most of us aren't going to become musicians. Why are people hating on math and English when we need them? This should be higher on the list.

Music is enjoyable for me. There is only 1 music teacher at my school, and quite a bunch of people get along with her especially those in choir.

23 Economics

In my school, economy is splitted up n two parts: business administration and politic economy.
The second one is just boring.
But business administration... it's full of complicated things to apply and study, basically it's math with theory.
And you want to know the worst part? The worst part is that today for doing all the job that this subject teach us can be done with a machine tipping a button. DAMN!

It was a decent subject for me, but now this subject is utter garbage! Yes, even worse than Math!

Whats the point of it anyway?

I'm sorry, was this a pop quiz?

24 English

First everyone (because it's the national language) does from a very young age English and now some even have a certificate that says they know English, while I will get it in 3-4 years. The teacher has very higher educated students than me in the class, so I have to put way more effort to keep up with the others. And I am doing very well I get 18-19 out of 20 and the teacher still wants more. For example I got 18 on a test the others got 17 or less and the teacher says to me specifically " You don't have good vocabulary"

English is good when it's actually useful to real life like grammar and vocabulary or writing about topics you care about. I hate English when you have to do useless things like Shakespeare, what a black box symbolizes, book reports, transcendentalism etc. Those should be optional for people that want to become a writer or any job that uses those skills. Otherwise, it;s just pointless.

Some parts are actually useful, like grammar and some vocabulary. Writing is only useful when you write about things you want to write about and actually care about rather than some stupid topic assigned to you that you don't care about. Most of the other things like literature, Shakespeare, book reports etc. are not that useful unless you want to go into a job that uses them.

If you live somewhere like the UK or the USA then English is just WHY. We can speak the damn language, what's the point? Unless you're in Japan which is fair.

25 Sex Education

You either find this subject really funny or you find it really weird and disgusting. I'm the type of person who finds it weird. This subject is just really weird no explanation needed.

We had to learn this in year 6. to be honest it was really boring and weird learning about stuff. The worst thing is that teachers make us watch videos about how babies are REALLY born (srry storks fanboys) they aren't made of damn paper. They had to separate us from boy to girl and it wasn't pleasant and plus half of my class were too immature to learn this as a muslim we banned this in mosque, There's a comment about how in other places of the world they are making SE essential in most places. As they said, Kids are too young and naive they start doing weird stuff like playing with privates

Where I live, the government is thinking of obligating schools to teach this in kindergarten. I really hope it doesn't happen or that it only we're fake rumors, because that is just a messed up idea. At this age, kids are innocent and naive. After getting classes like that, they would probably start playing with each other's private parts on the playground and do other ridiculous things like that.

They taught us abstinence, you know damn well we aren't listening to that. We are horny teens what do you expect. And guess what; they didn't even teach birth control options

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