Top Ten Reasons Why Math is the Best

We love math so much, but what makes it the best for us? Could it be numbers? Algebra? Calculus? Multiplication? Learning money? Money in jobs? What else is there? Math will always remain the best in the powerhouse.
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1 Algebra

Algebra, probably one of the best things about math. It's so fun, so easy, and has good learning skills. Algebra will always remain in the house of things that make math the best. And also, Algebra will remain a powerhouse and best thing ever like Numbers. You don't really learn Algebra until you get into about 7th or 8th grade, and that's when you start to learn Algebra. Then when you get into high school, Algebra would probably be the second main thing in high school Math, after Numbers. If you did not learn or not payed attention to Algebra, your DEFINITELY in trouble. You probably won't be able to go to college, or even not get a job. That's why you have to learn everything before you can get a job in your life. Don't expect to record videos on YouTube or play Minecraft all the time, you would still have to learn numbers EVEN on GAMES. Games have numbers in it, so if you did not know anything else about numbers, you could get in trouble and would probably have to stay in that certain grade again in school or homeschool. Everyone likes Algebra, but Numbers will always the number 1 thing in the powerhouse.

2 Calculus

Calculus will always be in the top 5 best things about Math. And that's because it's easy to learn, not that tricky, you would finish it quickly, and then you could easily become an excellent master at it. But how would you learn calculus? Probably would start it in middle or high school. Calculus is sort of like money or money in jobs but something that you can take taxes or bills in. If you did not learn Calculus, then you may not graduate high school. You would have to be so good at Calculus to graduate high school or college, so then you can no longer worry about the hard in Math. Just pay attention in school or homeschool next time so you could finish school and become a free man or woman.

3 Learning Money

Money is on anything, prices, games, prices on games, bills, and taxes. Money is important so you can just give the customer of a restaurant or store the change he or she wants so he or she can get that game. Chores is a great way to earn money. If you had enough money, you could go and get anything you want at a store. You would just have to make sure you would have enough money to get that certain game, movie, toy, food, or anything else you want.

4 Numbers

Pretty much the main thing about Math. You just learn numbers when you are in preschool and once you get into third grade you start learning multiplication and then when you get into fourth or fifth grade, you start to become an expert at Math. Also, Math is the most important because if you did not learn numbers at all, you would be on the not smartest people in the world list. See that's another thing, you would have to pay attention in school or homeschool so you can be on the smartest people list. But numbers are pretty much the heart or main thing about Math that makes it so fun, cool, easy, and awesome. If there were no numbers at all, how would we learn Math at all? Multiplication and Algebra are the best because because they are both tricky, fun, and awesome. If there were no multiplication or algebra, how would we become experts or even masters at Math. Then calculus or division would then be the best part of Math. Math will always remain the best ever because of numbers. If there were no numbers, we wouldn't like Math anymore. THAT would REALLY stink. But what else makes Math amazing?

5 Multiplication

Multiplying may be easy, but it's also important to learn. If you did not learn this, you could be bankrupt or even lose all of your money, then you would have to move back to your mom and dad. Multiplication is great because it's when you multiply a certain number like 5, then multiply it by any other number to get that answer. But multiplication is fun on other things, and that's when you would no longer have to worry about adding a certain number like 14, just by adding it 6 times to get it. But a quicker way is to just multiply 14 x 6.

6 Pi

Pi is really cool, that's when you learn all the thing in Math and shapes or fractions. It's also important in jobs so you can get so good at it you may be on the smartest people at Pi list.

Pi is literally the only thing I've ever cared about in math.

7 Puzzles
8 Money In Jobs

In jobs, money could lead to taxes, bills, and employment. You would have to work so hard that you could get enough money every week to pay for your cars gas, your house bills, and all the other things in jobs. In school, money could help you learn better so you can be better at a job, and pay your manager a bill and give taxes to customers of a store.

9 Division

Division would be a little tricky to learn because if you learn more about division, you could be good at taxes or jobs or even bills of a certain store or restaurant you are working at. If you weren't good at division, you could probably get fired from your job.

10 Adding
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11 Decimals
12 Pie Charts

For taxes or money, this is the main thing. You could figure out how much percent you are losing at your profits or making. It's really important to learn this, so that if you were a manager, you would have to show your employees this.

13 Triple Integration

This is one of the best things in Math. It's fun, easy, and sort of like fractions. When you are working, it's always important to learn this if you are doing your job at a certain store, restaurant, or any other thing.

14 Induction Proof
15 Trigonometry
16 Statistics
17 Shapes
18 Percents
19 Fractions
20 Subtracting
21 Abstract Thinking

Mathematics is pure logic applied to an abstract and beautiful form. If science and art combined, that would be mathematics.

22 Geometry
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