Top Ten Worst Things That Can Happen to You In High School

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1 Get Pantsed

I got pantsed more than once in high school, my first HS pantsing happened about 5 minutes into my first day of freshman year, and my boxers went down too...right in front of a couple of cheerleaders

It would be even worse if you were pantsed down to your behind and they see your junk.

Happened to me in 10th grade. Luckily my Johnson was facing in the right direction

2 Pee Yourself in Front of the Popular Kids

They will absolutely bully you if that happens to you! Well, most popular kids are bullies, but not all, of course. They will also tell the teacher and you're doomed.

I'd pee on the popular kids and embarrass them. They're way to popular most likely.

Peeing on the popular kid if he bullied you then apologizing.

3 Get Slapped by Your Mom in Front of Everyone

My mom... She gets so pissed off at everything. I hate walking in the school with her. She looks mean the whole way and threatens me telling me that she'll hit me right in front of everyone. She gets louder and louder with every word.

It wouldn't be that bad at my school for the people I know. Everyone would forget about it after a day.

Hispanic mom's don't care where you are. They will slap you in front of the whole world.

4 Cry in Front of the Football Team

They'd probably beat you up.

That would be the worst if I was in front of my high school football team and I was crying

5 Sit at the Wrong Lunch Table

I am in second grade. And a weird kid in my class did that.

I think this would be bad because everyone would be staring at you

6 Get Your Head Shoved Into a Toilet

I won't force myself to shove my head Into a Toilet because that would be gross

7 Get Rejected by a Girl

"Girls don't have to say yes all the time. If you're ugly you might wanna blame yourself."

You might want to blame yourself for being.. Ugly!? What kind of horrible logic is that? Ugliness isn't something you can control. It's something you're born with! (Without the help of plastic surgery of course)

If she doesn't like you its best to move on. Someone wouldn't leave me alone because of this and now I avoid them because they are hella creepy.

That would suck if I got rejected by my crush, I would of been upset

8 Get Shoved Into a Locker

That happened to me in my freshman year. A random sophomore guy shoved me in a locker. I was shouting "Let me out!" for a long time. A friend of mine tried to get me out, and I told him my combination. Then, the principal came in and she said, "There are no telling locker combinations in this school!" and then I was like, "But I WAS STUCK IN THE LOCKER. NOW DO YOU KNOW WHY I DID THAT?" She was like, "Yes, but why didn't you call me?" and then I was like, "Isn't that breaking the 'No Phones in School' rule?" and she was like, "That time it would be okay." Then I was like, "Oh," and long story short, I was suspended for a week.

Okay this has happened to me once but the locker was really big and some jok had shoved me in then closed the door. I called the school and told them while I was in the locker, I sat in there for about an hour before someone was able to open it.

9 Trip at Graduation

This would completely suck because keep in mind that your in front of hundreds of families and usually graduations are in big places like my sisters was in the dallas stars hockey arena. That would suck tripping in front of everyone!

I almost tripped at my middle school graduation. It was at the Golden State Warriors Stadium!

This would be so embarrassing.

10 Get Your Period in the Middle of Class

I hate when that happens. I didn't ask for the monthly subscription for a bloody waterfall and these organic milk bags.

Don't wear light pants when you know, it's around that time. I got made fun of so many times.

This has happened, isn't that bad, would not recommend though.

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11 Fart in the Library

Happened in class, which it was a test time. I tried to hold it in and ended up farting and burping.

I do all my farting at home.

That would be the worst if I farted in the library during my spare or something

12 Walk in to the Wrong Class

That happens often so I wouldn't say its that bad.

That would be the worst if I walked into the wrong class, it never happened to me

13 Get Expelled

I would be dead.

14 Cry at Graduation

I don't know how this is embarrassing. Think about it, all of your friends will be going away.

I never cry, I would hate this.

15 Get Pushed Out of the Locker Room Naked

I refuse to be naked in the locker room. If it happened someone would be getting a beating.

This happened to me an astonishing and sad three times in high school, once my freshman year (my very first time in a high school locker room, and twice my sophomore year, I don't thinks its too common, but still it can happen

16 Graduation Gets Cancelled

That would suck.

17 Stutter While Trying to Make an Excuse
18 Get Hit by a Ball in P.E.

This happened to me once. It was so embarrassing

How is this embarrassing?

It's happened to me many times and I was fine, it never embarrassed me

19 Forced to Dance in Front of the Class

I do that all the time in high school! The teacher wasn't in the classroom

Yes, it's just annoying.

20 Someone Looks Under the Bathroom Stall Door
21 Teacher Gets Arrested for Being a Pedophile

True story that happened to a former teacher at middle school years before I started going there.

22 Get an Erection In Class
23 Accidentally Burp in Front of the Class
24 Forget All the Words on Stage
25 Get Told Off by a Teacher for Your Trainers
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