Top Ten Typical Types of People at School

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1 Nerds

I'm not a nerd, but nerds basically are doing what they're supposed to do, they're educating themselves. They don't want to catch up on drama because they rather mind their own business, unlike other people who always want attention. They're pretty successful in classes, therefore, bringing the opportunity to have a high-class career.

They NEVER gossip or do something that makes others feel bad. They are kind and smart. If you don't believe in MY opinion, then I'm sorry but I HAVE to choose the nerds.

Yo, nobody can mess with the nerd... they're relatable, kind, smart, funny (wether you're laughing at or with them), and are very easily popular in many different ways. NERDS RULE

To be honest, I'm a bit of everything. I'm sort of anerd, but still sporty and a bit of a clown. I'm fairly popular but sometimes I just enjoy being quiet and staying on my own

2 Artists

As an Artist,I relate to all problems,

The Eraser is covered in led and when you try to erase it makes your paper gray.

The Pencil Led Falls Out and you don't have a sharpener.

When you are too anxious to talk and too not-okay with people looking at whatever you draw everyday and then the teacher asks to see what you drew(I draw Anime(at least that's what people call my art)).

When you crumple the paper and it looks horrible.

When somebody challenges you to an art contest and you waste your time.


It is VERY hard when you have anxiety and you are the best artist in the whole school,its hell.

There the kids who, probably don't pay attention in class, because there doodling. I know because a lot of my friends are theese people...

When I was in seventh grade, I used to draw on the backs of my old assignments. I totally relate...

In our math and textbooks, there is blank, white paper inside. I rip it out, and draw during class.

3 Star Athletes

Ironically, the person you most want to punch in the face.

They might be better than Michael Jordan.

Some are nice, some are jerks, and some just don't understand social cues

4 Populars

I'm a popular girl, and I have to agree with this one. Some popular girls are such annoying gossips! Hell, I was a popular gossip girl, and now I'm just an angry popular girl.

I was the one who commented that I was an angry popular girl. I'm no longer popular. Why? I just got bored of being with them because I wasn't really being myself like I am now.

Popular kids are like something you see on movies and T.V.. They're too spoiled.

I'm very good at identifying who's popular and who's not in my school.

5 Band Kids

WoW I have found thyself. I'm such a Band Kid, but I'm kinda both of The Quiet kid and the Band Kid. I play da flute. YEY!

That's me!
I play the alto saxophone in band and it's the best thing ever!

I don't know what to say but they might be better than Mozart or Bethoven.

Band is what gives me hope in school.

6 Quiet Kids

That's probably me. I'm called quiet and awkward often, but I'm actually really okay with that! I'd much rather be known as quiet than rude and annoying! I guess I'm pretty lucky considering that some girls are known as jerks or selfish. I feel bad for them getting called names behind their backs, but I'm glad it's not really me.

I am quiet, I am kind of like a tsundere I am cold and quiet toward others, but my friends it is different because I know them.

I'm the quiet kid in the school. I usually never talk to anybody and I sit by myself in the cafeteria

This was basically me when I went to physical school.

7 Stalkers

Some stalkers are harmless and simply have a hard time understanding social norms and want to talk to people.

Others are dangerous.

As a athlete myself I have to agree with some of these, not all of us are rude though. We don't really swear or put others down..

It's worst when they stalk you to get your info and then
Be exactly like you.

8 Thugs

Who would even want to be one of these? They always end up either in jail or on The Jeremy Kyle Show in ten years' time.

I'm a big ass thug

9 Teacher's Pets

I once had a Mean Girl Teacher's Pet in 3rd Grade. I destroyed her legacy 2 1/2 years ago, and I still have visions of her cruel, evil ways.

Always gets their way because of the special bond with the teacher

10 Mean Girls

This girl called Shaye made fun of me for being a shy girl and short. And she glared at me a lot.

If you're reading this shaye (the one who made fun of me) you know who you are, Height Hitler! Now you can't glare at me because I moved schools

I'm surprised that mean girls are the popular ones.

I am a mean girl

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11 Geeks
12 Pregos

There's a couple of 8th graders that I think are pregnant at my school. All I know is that my school has a lot of pregnant kids especially at high school. It gotten so bad all the kids in other schools sartrd to call my school "Pregoland"

Pregnant at like 16

13 Crushees
14 Bullies

The most common and the worst!

They the worst

15 Autistic Kids

I feel bad... There's an autistic kid in school who quacks at everyone like a duck and pretends to be an anime character from Naruto and pretend to blast something at the teacher... While I do somethimes laugh (not intentionally) he gets made fun of a lot and people tease him quite often... He isn't a mean person though, but our school only has several autistic kids, not a whole lot.

I might be an autist, and yes I'm still on hiatus but stop using autism as a running joke for people that are weaboos or cringy it gets old. Autistic Kids are usually loud in a school, very quiet maybe they don't talk much 'cause their anti-social. Thing is they are just as common in school now a days as any kind of kids with disabilities so doesn't really surprise me.

People need to stop being jerks to autistic kids. There's nothing wrong with them. Their brain just works differently. I mean seriously guys. You have bullies on the worst types of people list yet your being a bully to autistic kids.

Most are nice but some are jerks its nothing to do with the disability, it's about their true personality. There are the rude bossy know-it-alls who whine a lot and nitpick everything, but most of the time autisic kids are nice and are actually cool people.

16 Bookworms

I love Harry Potter. If you want a good series to read, then you should give The School for Good and Evil a try. I love those books!

I'm definitely a bookworm people literally call me that because whenever there's a single break I whip out my giant stack of books.

I personally think bookworms are cool. They're really smart!

17 Video Gamers

Been there, done that, practically run the gaming world. My uncle makes computer games!

So many of those at my high school! They don't stop talking about Fortnite.

That's the type of people my squad is!

My school is overflowing with them.

18 Tomboys

I am such a tomboy. I don't wear the slightest bit of makeup, I don't curl my hair, and I hate wearing heels. Like, I guess I am one of those girls that really don't care

Tomboys are awesome! Drama free forever!

Tomboys are cool.

That's me ya bois!

19 Outcasts

What category am I in...hmm...not nerdy enough to be nerd, not shy enough to be emo, not dark enough to be goth, not gamer cause I only play Minecraft. I'm the odd1out!

You laugh at us for being different. We laugh at you for being the same as everybody else.

Pft... depressed? I was oppressed since elementary! They are the reasons I'm becoming schizophrenic!

Have you heard? we are the weird kids? The kids who often wear trenchcoats or some other sort of fatigue? or the kids who doesn't stick around society? yea that's us.

20 Emos
21 Fangirls
22 Class Clowns

In 7th grade apparently yelling out "Harambe" or "Donald Trump" is funny

Most People would think butt jokes being funny ends in about 2nd grade well in 6th it is hilarious

23 Know It Alls

This is me in English class. I am one of the only people that knows what the heck they are doing.

I know a lot. That's it.

24 Depressed/Sad Kids

I was very depressed and still am. Mostly because of my past and how my family treats me.

I used to be very depressed but I grew kinda outta it not quite.

25 Goths

The best people

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