Top Ten Reasons High School is Better Than Middle School

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1 You get to pick classes

This wasn't the case in my middle school. In fact, my middle school electives were probably much more enjoyable and interesting than my high school ones will be. I had a really fun media/video class in middle school that I cannot pick in my high school. God im gonna miss middle...

Ok so at my middle school we got to pick classes but my gosh it was so limited they might as well just put you in a random one. I finally got so much more independence over what classes I took in high school both academically and electives. My middle school didn't even have computer classes of any sort (which is rare to see now so it gives you an idea of how poor the school was).

2 Less bullying

I wasn't really looking forward to another middle school merging with us, but the other middle school was actually way nicer than the middle school I was in.

My friend at church, Lydia, is about 15 and in the 9th grade and she said people are nice.

3 More to do

My parents say that I'll start liking school in Grade 9 or 10. I hope it's true.

4 More people to meet

There are less than 300 kids at my school, but in high school, there are many groups to choose from.

5 Better food

Really just depends where you go to. For some, you have to deal with water as a replacement for tomato sauce in spaghetti, plus raw food, but for others, you get your average lunch. Then there's those people who practically eat gourmet meals.

That includes pizza and chicken nuggets.

The food at my school is delicious and really cheap and just AMAZING

6 Easier dress code

Say that to the Middle Schools in British ones in England and Wales. Wiki it.
Fortunately they are not everywhere. I never went to one but most of them look like a Primary School with a different name with the ages.

My school has the strictest dress code EVER. Even if your pants are just a little bit too tight, you get in trouble. Luckily, this hasn't happened to me.

7 Fewer nonsense rules

My high school special ed teacher makes up incredibly dumb rules. In my middle school there was a Disney's Hercules classic storybook in the classroom and I was allowed to read it and I watched Disney's Hercules in class in 7th grade, but my high school special ed teacher wouldn't even allow me to say the word "Disney", let alone express my love for Disney's Hercules.

Yes. It's true teachers bluffer too much. Like that time when kids are loud she put check marks... Seriously a check mark.

So many rules in middle school and strict and high school is much better.

8 More common sense

True. People (usually) start to end up maturing either in late middle school or high school. The horrible years are 5th, 6th, and 7th, maybe a bit of 8th
(It honestly depends on the kids there, and the school itself)

9 Honors and AP classes
10 Better teachers

I wouldn't say Better teachers. In high school, YOU get the ability to adapt to bad teachers. That is the difference

Not true. I had 1 mean teacher in high school.

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11 More freedom

In elementary shool, everyone had such little freedom. We were stoked to go to middle school, but then I was disappointed. We're kind of "babied" and not treated like we deserveā€¦ whatsoever. Highschool, however, you can do so much more than sit in an assigned class. You have th ability to choose classes (in some cases) and lunch is more layed back!

12 You can leave school at lunch

Only for Juniors and Seniors if you had good grades and good behavior.

WHAT?! In that case, I already love high school!

I wish! This only happens if you have "Early Dismissal" as an option

13 Better sports
14 Assemblies are more fun

I'm in middle school, and this sounds like what I need. No one actually pays attention to the assemblies in my school, and this would get our intrest.

15 Less homework
16 Fewer snitches
17 More physically mature students

That doesn't mean people are more mature though.

I mean that is true, but what the hell has it to do with...

But is everyone mature? That would be a no.

18 You can get away with swearing
19 Closer to college
20 Fewer periods

For a second I thought you meant periods as in blood in the toilet kind of periods. I was confused because I thought that more people in high school got periods. I just realized that you meant classes. Kyle mistake

In middle school is 8 periods and high school you get 5 periods and its longer.

21 Is the last school you have to pass
22 No assigned seats at lunch
23 4 years left
24 No "Bathroom Pass"
25 Nicer people
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