Top Ten Elaborate Thoughts Which Are Most Likely to Be Going Through Michael Bay's Mind


The Top Ten

1 Boom! Now wasn't that awesome?!

If Michael Bay is reading this list, he's probably gone ice cold right about now... - Britgirl

2 Hang on...what movie am I doing now? Is it Transformers 5 or Wrath of the Titanic?
3 I love ruining childhoods. My way of knowing mine was the best.

He keeps ruining the movies I like back in my childhood like Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nightmare on Elm Street (Whatever) And more!

#StopMichaelBay - Mumbizz01

4 Special thanks, to me, me and the almighty me, for renting the classic action thriller which inspired this billion-dollar crap.
5 I didn't think that character was doing anything, but hey, awesome idea for a death scene!
6 A Gandhi sequel with zombies, and of course, nukes, sounds like easy cash.
7 This action sequence will have loads of slow-mo shots. Or is that how slowly time seems to run when watching it?
8 I didn't have fun growing up. Everyone just seemed to enjoy Transformers, and I wasn't really on top of them.
9 This actor has a soul which really shows in his acting. Just like Gordon Brown!
10 You can act? No? Welcome aboard.

The Contenders

11 So anyone know a way to make the next Transformers worse

Yep, that's no problem for him. - PositronWildhawk

12 Hmmmm... I wonder how many sexual references I can put in my movies?
13 Elements for the next Transformers movie: explosions, explosions and more explosions
14 Instead of focusing on the actual Transformers, I'll make the plot based on boring people instead!
15 If it wasn't for Megan Fox, my films would've been ignored completely!
16 many explosion do we need in my next movie? I know! 396838283828!
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