Top Ten Episodes of Hamish and Andy True Story

Hamish and Andy recently had a TV show where they would have normal people come on and tell a story that happened to them.

The Top Ten

1 Episode 10

I think they were all great, but this one was a classic. - micahisthebest

Two friends start daring each other to do things but it gets out of hand.πŸ’© - Catlover2004

2 Episode 3

A man has a huge fear of needles.πŸ’‰ - Catlover2004

3 Episode 7

A rich, French couple go on holiday to Australia.🐨It doesn't go well. - Catlover2004

4 Episode 2

A boy needs to race on the beach to try and impress his crush.🚢 - Catlover2004

5 Episode 9

A boy catches a huge fish and ends up sending everyone to hospital.🐟 - Catlover2004

6 Episode 4

A new teacher is tricked by one of his students.πŸ’Έ - Catlover2004

7 Episode 5

A man plays in a music audition. It doesn't go well.οΏ½"οΏ½ - Catlover2004

8 Episode 6

A woman accidently gives a very expensive wine to the wrong guests.🍷 - Catlover2004

9 Episode 8

A woman desperately needs the toilet but never gets the chance to go.πŸ’© - Catlover2004

10 Episode 1

A woman is invited out to dinner. 🍳It doesn't go well. - Catlover2004

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