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1 Channel Chasers Part 1

The Channel Chasers episode is the best out of the whole series.

So sad when timmy learns that cosmo and wanda will eventually have to leave him when he grows up :'( - BeanBag343

I love the channel chasers episode! - MusicalPony

This episode was genius. - Goatworlds

2 Christmas Every Day

Yeah it's amazing how all the kids of the world worked together to help Timmy, and how it had the true Christmas spirit in it. Great episode by far.

Best Episode Made by the fairly odd parents. - Dreamformusic

6. They like to celebrate Christmas Every day

EGGNOG? Better be worth it.

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3 Fairly Oddbaby

Strangely this episode is my favorite out of the entire show. - cosmo

I love this one and if I was in this, I would squeeze cosmo lightly!

My Favorite too I love Poof Why do they have to replace him with an dog and a girl

Literally the best episode ever. I love poof lol

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4 The Boy Who Would Be Queen

I love how this tries to break gender stereotypes! It also makes Trixie into a better and more rounded character, which is always awesome!

I love episodes that break gender stereotypes and show different sides to a character. This does both, so it's an absolute win!

I like this episode because Cosmo, Timmy and Wanda turn the opposite gender. - cosmo

I like seeing a different side of trixie and cosmo looked great as a female

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5 The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour specials are a great example of how to do crossovers right. If only Danny Phantom wasn't cancelled, Butch Hartman could have made a crossover between The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom. After all, Hartman himself said this. Anyways, I think the second installment (the one with the Friday the 13th plot) has to be my favorite in the entire trilogy - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Just a weird crossover. I wonder if Butch Hartman and John A. Davis and Steve Oedekerk were best friends or something.

Two of my favorite Nick shows growing up in the same universe? Pure awesomeness! Now let's get a Spongebob and Danny Phantom crossover! (If Danny Phantom ever returns...) - OnyxDash

This was my childhood

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6 School's Out: The Musical

THIS is what Atlantis Squarepantis shoulda been. The songs here move the plot, are pretty nice to listen to themselves, and have some pretty intelligent lines.

I watch this every year school ends and I love the whole school's over theme. - BeanBag343

Very underrated. I didn't like channel chasers part 1. Should be much lower

This is so good, I almost want to see it made into a 1 hour musical for kids to perform.

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7 Channel Chasers Part 2

Channel chasers part 1 and 2 should be number 1!

8 Timvisible
9 The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker

This episode made Mr. Crocker my favorite character. It's so sad to learn that he had a childhood similar to Timmy's. (Ignoring parents, evil babysitters, and of course, FAIRY GODPARENTS! ) Timmy's Fairy Godparents spazzes are also hilarious. Definitely one of the best FOP episodes ever. - OnyxDash

This episode shows a side of Denzel Crocker that we hadn't seen before and shows the audience why he is so obsessed with fairies. I liked how the show took the time to show us the past basic of one of the shows main villains, and how it impacts the present.

This episode shows Timmys caring side and made me actually like Mr. Crocker. I also love the time traveling!

10 Meet the Oddparents

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11 Wishology

The best part was having kiss - 1343

The best episode from the new seasons

The second part is my favorite episode of the entire series

Besides the atrocious ending, I thought this was pretty good, and I don't even like faily odd parents.

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12 Power Mad

The 2nd episode's opening is pretty epic & amazing also a great message also a great middle a 8.7/10

So cool. I've always wanted to go inside a video game.

I wish I had that game

It's the best episode of FOP in my opinion, and along with "The Big Problem" is very good start for the series. Episode is funny, 3D graphics, and interesting plot at all.

13 Channel Chasers Part 3
14 Just Desserts
15 Crime Wave

I'm so want to see again Baby Boulevard and he's not to be crieng isotope he's pooped her diaper

Beverly Boulevard is so beudeful and glamorous lady

I'm also not vs to see Beverly Boulevard and her sister

The Baby Boulevard look so beudefol he's even buttom look so silly in sometimes full diaper

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16 No Substitute For Crazy

Miss Doombringer is so hot - KalloFox34

17 Abra-Catastrophe

A Classic, very underrated, 3 Part Movie

Most epic episode they ever had

18 Big Superhero Wish

What is this doing below The Big Fairy Share Scare, the worst episode? - 445956

19 The Crimson Chin Meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad

Any episode with the Crimson Chin, Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad, or any other superhero in the FOP universe is totally a great episode. - OnyxDash

20 Birthday Bashed
21 Love Triangle

This is my favorite FOP episode EVER. The voice acting and 3/4 of the plot and 2/3 of the jokes and the ending are the best things about the episode. 1/3 of the jokes and 1/4 of the plot is kinda bad (including when the narrator calls Foop a big stupid-head; worst joke of the entire episode)
Grade I would give it: A (91%)

22 That Old Black Magic

The first time Anti Cosmo appears. - cosmo

So many blue fairies they destroy the carnival

Anti Cosmo's first time on T.V.

23 Tiny Timmy

This is so awesome because I love science and I think it's just so awesome awesome awesome!

24 The Big Problem

My favourite episode. - PatrickStar3

When the legend born

25 Crash Nebula
26 A Wish Too Far
27 Information Stupor Highway

This episode is in my top 5 favorites

This was pretty much the first episode, and was extensive.

28 Abra-Catastrophe! Part 3

Most saddest and memorable episode in Fairy Odd Parents - DearFire

29 Smarty Pants
30 Shiny Teeth

Back when the show was at its best - Jonerman

Classic episode

31 Super Bike
32 Love Struck!

I am glad Trixie is gone she was annoying like Iris from Pokémon generation 5 anime and games.

33 Clark Laser
34 Which Witch is Which?

This is a good episodes its not pointless and timmy cracks a bunch of jokes

Timmy Turner and the two fairies went to an old town with no name

35 Farm Pit
36 Just the Two of Us
37 Frenemy Mine
38 When L.O.S.E.R.S. Attack

This episode is the best modern day Fairly OddParents episode! It's funny, interesting, and it's great to see the villains interact with each other!

This episode was so awesome and Foop Dark laser Vicky and Mr Crooker were hilarious in that episode

39 The Good Old Days

Ba doop ba doop

A fun throwback to classic style cartoons. Also Vicky getting a taste of her own medicine. I just wish Pappy came back again to babysit Timmy more.

40 The Big Scoop!

Great episode revolving Chester and AJ! We really need a spinoff with the two. They need more screen time and episode revolving around them! - OnyxDash

41 Wishology: The Big Beginning
42 Operation Dinkleberg
43 The Fairly Beginning

Very cool moment on this show.

44 Teacher's Pet
45 Hassle in the Castle

Very underrated ep

46 Mr. Right!
47 Spellementary School
48 Two and a Half Babies
49 The Big Fairy Share Scare

This episode sucks

Are you kidding me

First season 10 episode

Nuh-uh. I'm sorry, but no.

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50 One Flu Over The Crocker's Nest
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