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21 Birthday Bashed
22 Shiny Teeth

Back when the show was at its best - Jonerman

Classic episode

23 Crime Wave
24 Super Bike
25 Tiny Timmy

This is so awesome because I love science and I think it's just so awesome awesome awesome!

26 Which Witch is Which?

This is a good episodes its not pointless and timmy cracks a bunch of jokes

Timmy Turner and the two fairies went to an old town with no name

27 The Big Fairy Share Scare

This episode sucks

Are you kidding me

First season 10 episode

This Sucks

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28 Farm Pit
29 Information Stupor Highway

This episode is in my top 5 favorites

This was pretty much the first episode, and was extensive.

30 Big Superhero Wish

What is this doing below The Big Fairy Share Scare, the worst episode? - 445956

31 Crash Nebula
32 The Big Scoop!

Great episode revolving Chester and AJ! We really need a spinoff with the two. They need more screen time and episode revolving around them! - OnyxDash

33 Love Struck!

I am glad Trixie is gone she was annoying like Iris from Pokémon generation 5 anime and games.

34 The Fairly Beginning

Very cool moment on this show.

35 Teacher's Pet
36 When L.O.S.E.R.S. Attack

This episode is the best modern day Fairly OddParents episode! It's funny, interesting, and it's great to see the villains interact with each other!

This episode was so awesome and Foop Dark laser Vicky and Mr Crooker were hilarious in that episode

37 Hassle in the Castle

Very underrated ep

38 Mr. Right!
39 Spellementary School
40 Two and a Half Babies
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